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To: Las Vegas Ron

Salafists - ultraconservatives who won some seats in Egypts parliament

Muslim Brotherhood came from Saudi Arabia - moderates.

Revolution the liberals joined with Muslim Brotherhood.

The oddity is the Muslim Brotherhood and the liberals want the government to be the sole authority. Morsi wants himself to be the arbitratary of laws - Totalarianism (Secularists)

Salafists (waahbaists also came from Saudi Arabia - but they are ultraconservative - the Mosque, Muslim Clerics are at the realm of authority - spiritual authority is granted by the Muslim Clerics whom rule over the people. One word can sum this Theocracy or better known as a Muslim Caliphate

Iran ‘s involvement Secularist Caliphate (government rule which the muslim clerics secondary to governemnt.
Morsi wants this power

the problem is that the liberals are angry that their freedoms will be taken away with the realm that Morsi has complete control.

Note Morsi wants an autogolpe ( a coupe whereby the Constitution, Supreme Court and parliament are ineffective.

relation to Odumbo in the USA - Odumbo will work to utilize the AutoGolpe concept that achieved coupes in Russia, (Boris Yeltsin - september 21, 1993 dissolved Parliament, Supreme Court and called for early elections, Yeltsin was relected in 1996 new parliament Federal assembly and a State Duma) and latin America - see Peru Alberto Fujimori april5, 1992 suspended the constitution, fored the top judges and emergenmcy rule declared Special Fujimori was later convicted of wrongdoing sentenced to prison), Guatemela Jorge Serrano on May 25, 1993, el Presidente Serrano dissolved Congress, suspended the Constitution declared emeergency elections , but he was removed in one week and fled into exile)

there is a paper “Presidential Coups D”tat and regime Change in Latin America and Soviet Successor State: lessons for Democratic Theory Maxwell Cameron Working Paper #249 - February 1998.

Note this is based on democratic Theory - Oddly enough Odumbo is utilize the democratic theory to destroy the Us. Morsi and all the others are striving to do the same thing in the Mid East.

Iran is supporting this, but so also is Russia.

just a thought that I have been formulatring for years.

Autogolpe defined “as a temporary suspension of constitutional guarantees and closure of Congress by the Executive, which rules by decree and uses referda and new legislative elections to ratify a regime with broader executive powers Cameron 1994. Look up Deliberative Democracy, (1996 - Academia) Liberal Democracy see Linz 1975 - liberal political rights and electoral democracy -
see Robert Pohl’s polyarchy (1971)

Just for information for others to read and think about what is happening in the Middle East - and what may happen in the USA - Odumbo’s theory being practiced and perfected with killing opposition.

38 posted on 11/24/2012 7:13:17 PM PST by hondact200 (Candor dat viribos alas (sincerity gives wings to strength) and Nil desperandum (never despair))
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To: hondact200
NOt to be argumentative, but I found some conflicting info to your post:

Muslim Brotherhood came from Saudi Arabia - moderates.

The Muslim Brotherhood - also called Muslim Brethren or The Society of the Muslim Brothers (Arabic: جمعية الأخوان المسلمون Jamiat al-Ikhwan al-muslimun) - is an Islamic organization with a political approach to Islam. It was founded in Egypt in 1928 by cleric Hassan al-Banna after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Though many claim the organization decries violence, the Brotherhood is often viewed as the root source of Islamic terrorism.

Ideology & Methodology

According to founder al-Banna, “It is the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.” Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood opposes secular tendencies of Islamic nations and wants a return to the precepts of the Qur'an. The Brotherhood firmly rejects all notions of Western influences in addition to rejecting extreme Sufism as well. Brotherhood members organize events from prayer meetings to sport clubs for socializing.

The organization's motto: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Salafists (waahbaists also came from Saudi Arabia)

A Salafi (Arabic: سلفي‎) is a Muslim who emphasises the Salaf ("predecessors" or "ancestors"), the earliest Muslims, as model examples of Islamic practice.[1] The term has been in use since the Middle Ages but today refers especially to a follower of a modern Sunni Islamic movement known as Salafiyyah or Salafism.[2][3] It has been noted that the Western association of Salafi ideology with violence stems from writings done "through the prism of security studies" that were published in the late 20th century, having persisted well into contemporary literature.[4] More recent attempts have been made by academics and scholars who challenge these major assumptions. Academics and historians use the term to denote "a school of thought which surfaced in the second half of the 19th century as a reaction to the spread of European ideas," and "sought to expose the roots of modernity within Muslim civilization."

Just wanted to offer a few corrections so you could continue your formulations....which I agree with, btw.

41 posted on 11/25/2012 8:12:31 AM PST by Las Vegas Ron (Medicine is the keystone in the arch of socialism)
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