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To: pieceofthepuzzle

Yes, they have families. So do we.”””

Let’s cut to the chase here:

IF you are working at WalMart & you have a ‘family’, you need either a permanent time out from having kids or you need some serious education in order to make more income.

WAL MART is NOT a CAREER, people!!!

It is a place for young people to learn how to work with people, show up on time, problem solve without a 24/7/365 nanny on your heels, and how to keep your personal hygiene & demeanor up to standards which are acceptable for your employer. It is aplace for such young people to learn how having a gppd work ethic & initiative will lead to better things.

It is a place for a retired person to supplement their Social Security benefits up to, but not to exceed, the amount that would trigger them losing some of their SS benefits. For a retired widow or widower, this also gives them a reason to get up every day, keep up their grooming, and have pleasant interaction with others—some the same age & some lots younger in a safe atmosphere. No seedy bars & dangerous locations & bar fights.

Some of the ‘20 somethings’ we see at Wal-Mart are literally doing their internship’ for a career in marketing. They will not be in that store for the rest of their lives.

But—stocking shelves with diapers & Pine-Sol & baked beans is not a CAREER for a person who wishs to have or already has a family.

IF you MUST do this job for now—spend every waking moment you can finding a vocation you would like to do instead & get the education that will allow you to do that. Keep your spending to a minimum so that you can keep getting more education.

You really don’t ‘need’ those $100 tickets to a concert or to the Oakland Raiders game. You need to focus and get yourself a leg up from where you are. You don’t ‘need’ a new car every 3 years with a 100 watt stereo system & $5000 worth of 20” wheels. A car is TRANSPORTAION!!! Nothing else. I have put over 405,000 miles myself on the 2 vehicles I own, which I bought used. They still run just fine.

If your entire personality is demonstrated by your car, your stereo, your 3000 CD’s, your tattoos & your newest Cell phone—you are a poor candidate for a good job, anyway.

It is NOT the responsibility of ANY EMPLOYER to keep handing you more and more hourly pay just because you don’t think you are ‘being paid enough’. There is no such thing as ‘enough’. A ‘Living Wage’ for Donald Trump or a ‘living wage’ for a 22 year old who already has 4 kids because of her bad choices are 2 entirely different things.

I don’t care one little bit about your 4 kids & your prior poor choices. I will hire a person for the opening I have, based upon the competition in my area for that same job. I won’t pay 2 or 3 or 6 or 8 dollars an hour more just because YOU think YOU need a ‘living wage’.

Wages or Salaries are paid based upon the skills involved, the energy the employee puts into the job & the value the employer gets out of each individual employee. I can keep explaining this——but I CANNOT UNDERSTAND IT FOR YOU. You have to step up and understand how the world works for yourself. If you have been handed everything by over-indulgent parents or a government that thinks you need to be kept in financial slavery—then you are about to have some really harsh lessons. Those lessons you will try to escape, but they will attach themselves to you & someday- perhaps at age 55 or so, you might just get a clue.

If this week had been Social Security day for me, I would have gone to Wal Mart today, just to argue with the fools who are trying to raise havoc at the door of the only job they now have & what is most likely, the only job they are qualified to have. You would think that watching a union shut down Hostess bakeries would give some of them a clue—but they seem to have doubled-down with their demands. Their behavior will not set well with those who shop happily at Wal-Mart.

I am just one of many people my age who didn’t like the dead end jobs I was qualified to do with a very good high school education. ( I didn’t skip classes & was on the honor roll—contrary to most students today.) I went back to college with night classes at age 29, while I was working at least 40 hours a week, and some weeks, 48 hours. I took accounting classes—5 hours in the classroom a week with a ratio of 5 to 1, homework to classroom hours facing me. I went to my job, went to school, went home & did homework for 4 years. I didn’t have a social life. I ended up with a grade point average of 4.0. For those of you in Rio Linda (thanks, Rush), that means I had the best grades available. No One can ever take that away from me. When I am asked about my qualifications to do the work I do now, I can tell them what classes I took and what grades I got. That is permanent. Not even Obama can take that away from me!!!!

45 posted on 11/23/2012 5:33:57 PM PST by ridesthemiles
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To: ridesthemiles

Anyone here on FR who has that ne’er do well family member or neighborhood kid who needs to read/hear what I wrote—feel free to pass it on. Maybe someone will get the picture.

52 posted on 11/23/2012 5:48:49 PM PST by ridesthemiles
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