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Move America Forward ^ | November 5, 2012 | Sal Russo

Posted on 11/05/2012 1:46:17 PM PST by Syncro


Only one day left to make a difference in this pivotal election that will massively impact our troops, our National Security, and the War on Terror for the next 4 years or longer! Now that we're on the home stretch, the mass media is running interference for Obama by ignoring the story that threatens to hurt him the most: Benghazi-gate.

It's now been 55 days since the tragic terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed 4 Americans including two former Navy SEALs and our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. And yet 55 days later, the American people still have no answers. 

Why were the requests for more security ignored? Why were the intelligence reports not taken into account? What did the President know, when did he know it, and why didn't he act on it?

The White House has been silent, and the reporters have stopped asking questions. Only with your help can we stop this from being a media-blackout. Help us, and we can get the information out to the undecided voters who need to see it!

This is exactly why the Romney/Ryan campaign is relying on us to make sure that voters in critical swing-states are very aware of the issues surrounding Benghazi-gate and how President Obama has failed us. Help us keep our ad running in key states - we are making a difference!



Several days ago we brought you  the amazing news that over 300 retired high-ranking Generals and Admirals had signed on to support Mitt Romney for President.

By comparison, President Obama has been endorsed by 5.

Five against three hundred was a pretty wide margin, but how about 500? The group of military Generals and Admirals has grown to over 500 now, and beyond that, they decided to further help out the Romney campaign by purchasing a full page ad in the Washington-Times print and paying for it with their own money!

That means for every 1 General who supports Obama, Romney has 100 supporting him! Who do you think is going to be a better Commander-in-Chief for our troops?

Five hundred retired generals and admirals are running an ad in Monday's editions of The Washington Times calling on the country to elect Republican Mitt Romney on Tuesday.

In plain terms the officers, who paid for the ad themselves, said they support Mr. Romney: "We, the undersigned, proudly support Governor Mitt Romney as our nation's next president and commander-in-chief."

The ad then goes on to list all of the officers, in alphabetical order, in four columns of print.

Read more: Retired top military brass push for Romney - Washington Times


TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Crime/Corruption; Extended News; Front Page News; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections
KEYWORDS: benghazi; murder; navyseals; obama; scandal; threatmatrix; threatmatrixbenghazi

We Need to Get Eyes on This Ad!

Now that our extremely important and hard-hitting ad is complete, we must take the most important step in our campaign - getting it out to the people who NEED to see this! 

We're talking about undecided voters or voters who might be leaning towards Obama in swing states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida, Virginia and others. They need to see why National Security is so vitally important and how badly Obama has failed in the last 4 years.

Voters who were polled after that last 3 debates all agreed that on the economy, taxes, and creating jobs, Romney had the upper hand over Obama. The only issue that Obama polled strongly on was national security - people simply don't realize how horrible Obama has been - bowing to the leaders of our enemies, allowing Iran to pursue nuclear weapons uninhibited, and apologizing to the terrorists excercising our right to our own self-defense against radical Islam. It's shameful!

1 posted on 11/05/2012 1:46:23 PM PST by Syncro
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To: Syncro
It's now been 55 days two years since the tragic terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed 4 Americans including two former Navy SEALs and our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens border attack that killed Agent Brian Terry. And yet 55 days two years later, the American people still have no answers.

Just sayin'...

2 posted on 11/05/2012 2:04:17 PM PST by Carry_Okie (The Slave Party: advancing indenture since 1787.)
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To: Carry_Okie

Oh yea that too thanks!

Obama, your sins are legion.

3 posted on 11/05/2012 2:14:57 PM PST by Syncro (The Tea Party is Dead-->MSM/Dems/GOP-e -- LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!)
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To: All
More from Move America:
Mitt Romney needs our help to deliver the message in swing-states

Any time that the Romney/Ryan campaign brings up the issue of President Obama's mishandling of Benghazi-gate, which is a perfectly legitimate question that we should be asking of someone that wants to continue to be our Commander in Chief, the media jumps all over Romney and Ryan for 'playing politics' with the issue.   Although it is not fair, the Romney/Ryan campaign has to steer clear of this issue.

This is exactly why the Romney/Ryan campaign is relying on us to make sure that voters in critical swing-states are very aware of the issues surrounding Benghazi-gate and how President Obama has failed us. 

The Obama campaign is stonewalling any and all media questions about Benghazi-gate. The administration has come to the conclusion that Libya is just too damaging to the President's re-election efforts after it was revealed that the Obama Administration was warned well ahead of time how vulnerable the team in Benghazi was, and how imminent the threat of Al Qaeda attack was.   Further details are emerging that show that Ambassador Stevens and the Americans that were under siege repeatedly requested help and were denied any assistance. 

Help us assist the Romney/Ryan campaign and spread the word about what a disaster President Obama has been when it comers to national security, foreign policy and our military!

Since the news of the attack broke, Obama and his administration misled the American people time and time again. First they blamed the ridiculous YouTube video, then they blamed the intelligence community and said they didn't know about requests for extra security.

Now we know without a doubt that the administration was notified about the dangers. The administration knew Al Qaeda was operating in the same city and they knew that Ambassador Stevens and the rest of the diplomatic team feared for their lives, and their security security was inadequate. And yet no action was taken.

This evidence shows as never before, how much of a failure Obama has been on national security! We need a change! November 6th is our chance to fix it! We must do everything we can between now and Tuesday to keep our ad running in swing states so that we elect a new commander-in-chief! We can't risk 4 more years of security failures under Obama!
4 posted on 11/05/2012 2:21:13 PM PST by Syncro (The Tea Party is Dead-->MSM/Dems/GOP-e -- LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!)
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To: Syncro


And don’t expect the MSM to touch the subject with a 10-foot pole.

Watergate was a way for the MSM to destroy a Republican administration.

Benghazi could be the death blow for the Demokrats, and that, the MSM will prevent to happen at all cost.

5 posted on 11/05/2012 2:22:51 PM PST by 353FMG (The US Constitution is only as effective as those who enforce it.)
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To: Syncro

Tuesday’s vote affects America for the next 40-50yrs. The next 2-3 SCOTUS appointees will re-make this Nation. If 0bummer gets to appoint 2-3 of them, this country’s toast. Burnt toast.

6 posted on 11/05/2012 2:24:41 PM PST by carriage_hill ("0bummer's a towering figure" - even a Garden Gnome casts a long shadow at sunset.)
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To: Everybody

With only 3 days left until the most important election of our lifetimes, we're pulling out all the stops to run our ad in the key battleground states that will decide the outcome of this election. The next few days will have an immense impact on our troops and the war on terror to keep America safe for the next four years.

Today, the Mitt Romney campaign announced that a group of 150 former Prisoners of War (POWs) from various wars and conflicts have come together to announce their support for Mitt Romney. The list includes some of the most famous POWs in history, like Senator John McCain who spent over five years as a POW in the hands of the Communist North Vietnamese.

Senator John McCain
Rep. Sam Johnson
Captain Ray Alcorn, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Everett Alvarez, USN, (Ret.)
CWO Frank Anton, USA, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Tim Ayers, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Elmo Baker, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Ted Ballard, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Robert Barnett, USAF, (Ret.)
Major Richard Bates, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain James Bell, USN, (Ret.)
Major General John Borling, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Ron Byrne, USAF, (Ret.)
Major Peter Camerota, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain David Carey, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Al Carpenter, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel/Chaplain Robert Certain, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Harlan Chapman, USMC, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Larry Chesley, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander George Coker, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel James Collins, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Thomas Collins, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel James Condon, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Ken Cordier, USAF, (Ret.)
Major Joe Crecca, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Tom Curtis, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Samuel B. Cusimano, USAF, (Ret.)
Major J. D. Cutter, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel George "Bud" Day, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Rob Doremus, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Dale Doss, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Dan Doughty, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Jerry D. Driscoll, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Dave Drummond, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel John Dunn, USA, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Jeff Ellis, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Jack Ensch, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Robert Fant, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel John Fer, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Ken Fisher, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Fredrick Flom, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Dave Ford, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Bill Franke, USN, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert B. Fuller, USN, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Norm Gaddis, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander  Ralph Gaither, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Paul Galanti, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel William A Gauntt, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Terry Geloneck, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Wayne Goodermote, USN, (Ret.)
Captain Paul Granger, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Dave Grant, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Lawrence Guarino, USAF, (Ret.)
Staff Sergeant Gary Guggenberger, USA, (Ret.)
Captain Collins Haines, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Porter Halyburton, USN, (Ret.)
Captain Gregg Hanson, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Tom Hanton, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Carlyle Harris, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Jay Hess, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain James Hickerson, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel James Hivner, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain David Hoffman, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Ed Hubbard, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Robert Hudson, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Gobel James, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Robert Jeffrey, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Harry Johnson, USAF , (Ret.)
Colonel Murphy Neal Jones, USAF, (Ret.)
Sergeant Everett King, USA, (Ret.)
Colonel Joe Kittinger, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Rod Knutson, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel James Kula, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Hal Kushner, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Jim Lamar, USAF, (Ret.)
  Colonel Mike Lane, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Gordon Larson, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Tom Latendresse, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Laurie Lengyel, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Edward Leonard, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Henry Lesesne, USN, (Ret.)
Major Stephen Long, USAF, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Ed Martin, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Ron Mastin, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Norm McDaniel, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Eugene McDaniel, USN, (Ret.)
Major Fred McMurray, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Tom McNish, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Read MecLeary, USNR, (Ret.)
Captain James Mehl, USN, (Ret.)
Captain Bill Metzger, USN, (Ret.)
Vice Admiral Joe Mobley, USN, (Ret.)
Captain Ernest Melvin Moore, USN, (Ret.)
Major John S. Murphy, USAF, (Ret.)
Lewis Meyer
Major Spike Nasmyth, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Martin Neuens, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander Aubrey Allen Nichols, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Tom Norris, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander Dale Osborne, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Gordon Paige, USN, (Ret.)
Lieutenant Mike Penn, USN, (Ret.)
Captain Joseph C. Plumb, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Ben Pollard, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Thomas Pyle, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Dale Raebel, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel James E. Ray, USAF, (Ret.)
Brigadier General Jon Reynolds, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Paul K. Robinson, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain William A Robinson, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander David J. Rollins, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel George Alan Rose, USAF, (Ret.)
CWO  Joseph Rose, III, USA, (Ret.)
Major Wesley D. Schierman, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Pete Schoeffel, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Bill Schwertfeger, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Bruce Seeber, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Brian Seek, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander Bill Shankel, USN MC, (Ret.)
Colonel Lew Shattuck, USAF, (Ret.)
Rear Admiral Robert Shumaker, USN, (Ret.)
Major Theodore S. Sienicki, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Gary Sigler, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Gene Smith, USAF, (Ret.)
Major Mark A. Smith, USA, (Ret.)
Commander  J. B. Souder, USN, (Ret.)
Captain  Charles Southwick, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel William Spencer, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Tom Storey, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Richard Stratton, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Leroy Stutz, USAF, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel Orson Swindle, USMC, (Ret.)
Colonel Bernard Talley, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Richard Tangeman, USN, (Ret.)
Commander Gary Thornton, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Leo Thorsness, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander Bill Tschudy, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Jack Van Loan, USAF, (Ret.)
Major Samuel R. Vaughan, USAF, (Ret.)
Colonel Dick Vogel, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Raymond Vohden, USN, (Ret.)
Colonel Wayne Waddell, USAF , (Ret.)
Captain Jim Warner, USMC, (Ret.)
Colonel Ronald Webb, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander Dave Wheat, USN, (Ret.)
Captain Irv Williams, USN, (Ret.)
Captain Bill Wilson, USAF, (Ret.)
Captain Brian Woods, USN, (Ret.)
Lt. Colonel John Yuill, USAF, (Ret.)
Commander Charlie Zuhoski, USN, (Ret.

7 posted on 11/05/2012 2:24:57 PM PST by Syncro (The Tea Party is Dead-->MSM/Dems/GOP-e -- LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!)
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To: Syncro; Carry_Okie


8 posted on 11/05/2012 2:40:33 PM PST by PGalt
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To: Syncro
Pat Caddell called it. Do you believe it yet?

Pat Caddell slams the media: They have become an “enemy of the people” Sept. 29, 2012(video 26:00)

Emotional Pat Caddell on the MSM ignoring Benghazi: “These people have no honor!” Oct. 27, 2012 (video at link 4:06)

The Media will not report the truth!

9 posted on 11/05/2012 2:54:26 PM PST by TigersEye ( - OPSEC (give them support))
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To: Syncro

I will never forget... and I am still trying to figure out what I am putting on my Headstone ... I will condemn Obama for as long as my Headstone exists


10 posted on 11/05/2012 3:22:27 PM PST by TexasTransplant (Radical islam is islam. Moderate islam is the Trojan Horse.)
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To: Syncro

...and to further diminish the importance of this (or anything else that’s important) let’s just throw an obligatory and tiresome G-D DAMNED
“-gate” onto the end of it.

11 posted on 11/05/2012 3:22:35 PM PST by LittleBillyInfidel (This tagline has been formatted to fit the screen. Some content has been edited.)
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To: TexasTransplant; All
More from The Tea Party Express, sister site to Move America Forward
Tea Party Express
View Online   Forward to a friend

We are doing all that we can to make sure conservatives vote tomorrow

The election is tomorrow - hard to believe!

The importance to finish a campaign strong has never been more important than it is this year. Now is not the time to become complacent and rest on our gains, now is the time to step it up and finish strong!

That is why our Tea Party Express 'Mobile Call Center' is running on all cylinders and we are despoerately making calls to undecided voters and also making sure that conservatives get out and vote.

Volunteers taking time out of their busy lives and waiting to get on the 'Mobile Call Center' bus to make calls in Ft. Myers, Florida

We need to reach the undecided voters that will determine the outcome of the election.

The battle for the White House is being waged in a handful of critical swing-states and that is where we are focusing all our resources up until election day. 

A group of our dedicated voluteers and Tea Party supporters making calls

America Deserves Better

We have gotten an amazing response from our 'America Deserves Better' anti-Obama ad campaign that we are running in swing-states.  Thank you all for your amazing support.  We are proving again that the Tea Party is a major force and Obama and the Democrats can't compete with people that have true passion in their beliefs and are motivated by the right reasons. 
We are going to continue to raise money all day today and every dollar that comes in, we will be putting into last minute internet ad buys.  The technology of the internet allows us to place ad buys that run on popular websites almost instantly.  This enables us to reach undecided voters right up until election day !

With your support, we think that we can catch President Obama in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan and that is where our ad is running along with a nation wide ad buy on CNN. 

President Obama and the Democrats are grossly out-of-touch with Americans and the economic struggles of our nation. However, we have a chance to correct our path in November. This bus tour will focus on states and districts we need in order to gain control of Congress and the White House. We want to engage and educate voters on the conservative solutions that will return our nation to a path towards prosperity.

Americans know there is another way. Conservative policies are succeeding in states across the nation, while Obama and his big-government ideas are failing in Washington DC.

12 posted on 11/05/2012 3:47:04 PM PST by Syncro (The Tea Party is Dead-->MSM/Dems/GOP-e -- LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!)
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Comment #13 Removed by Moderator

To: American Constitutionalist

If it’s that important to screw up this thread with such giant font, it should at least have a link.

14 posted on 11/05/2012 4:14:36 PM PST by Syncro (The Tea Party is Dead-->MSM/Dems/GOP-e -- LONG LIVE THE TEA PARTY!)
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