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Ryan Rises (He is now a serious Vice-Presidential contender)
National Review ^ | 08/08/2012 | Robert Costa

Posted on 08/08/2012 4:44:01 AM PDT by SeekAndFind

These days, you hear it everywhere — from Republican donors and veteran operatives, and at Capitol Hill watering holes. A few weeks ago, it was a wishful rumor floating in the Beltway ether. Now, sources close to the Romney campaign say it’s for real, that the taciturn former Massachusetts governor is quietly warming to the idea.

Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the budget king of the GOP, may be Mitt Romney’s veep.

“Ryan is very highly respected not only by the candidate, but by Romney’s policy shop,” says Tom Rath, a Romney adviser. “Beyond the political relationship, he has a good personal relationship with Romney, and he has been a strong and reliable surrogate since the primary.”

For months, Ryan has been considered a dark horse for the number-two spot. At age 42, he has accomplished much, such as winning seven straight congressional races and authoring his party’s blueprint for entitlement reform. But his lack of executive experience, and his criticism of the Bay State’s health-care program, made his chances look relatively remote.

Yet behind the scenes, Ryan’s stock has been steadily rising. Romney, a former Bain Capital consultant who relishes data and metrics, has clicked with the youthful Badger State wonk. They have campaigned together and speak frequently on the phone, comparing notes on policy and strategy. And earlier this year, with Ryan’s blessing, Romney hired three of Ryan’s Budget Committee advisers to help him in Boston.

“Romney has spoken out about how we can’t let ourselves evolve into an entitlement society, so you can see why Ryan is attracted to Romney,” says former Mississippi governor Haley Barbour. “You can also see why Romney likes Ryan: He’s bright, articulate, and courageous. He’s willing to tell the truth to the American people, and he understands entrepreneurship. He’s also from Wisconsin, which is an important state.”

In late June, National Review Online reported that the Romney campaign was seriously vetting Ryan — and that Ryan had shared paperwork detailing his financial and personal records with a handful of Romney’s Boston-based counselors.

Since then, sources say, Ryan has slowly floated to the top of Romney’s vice-presidential shortlist. In conversations with senior advisers and donors — at the campaign’s summer retreat in Park City, Utah, and at his lakefront home in New Hampshire — Romney has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the Wisconsin lawmaker.

“Having observed Romney and Ryan together at some events, it’s clear they have very good chemistry,” says Charlie Black, an outside adviser to the Romney campaign. “They are philosophically in tune, especially on economic and fiscal policy.”

The Romney-Ryan alliance actually began during the early days of the primary, months before Ryan formally endorsed. Romney was struggling against Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, and Ryan offered candid, private advice on numerous occasions, which Romney reportedly appreciated.

Speaking with NRO in late March, a week before Ryan endorsed him, Romney highlighted their political kinship. “We chat on a regular basis,” he said. And on policy, “we’re very much inclined in the same direction.”

Publicly, Ryan has consistently been a loyal soldier — championing Romney’s positions, especially to skeptical conservatives. “He doesn’t need to lay out new policies,” Ryan told NRO last week, when asked about Romney’s specificity. “It’s simply about getting up there and offering a vision, emphasizing the choice between two futures. It’s a counter-narrative, a myth of sorts, that [Romney] hasn’t been specific enough.”

Romney is a low-key, non-ideological nominee who has found Ryan’s support invaluable in maintaining friendly relations with the base. If he were tapped, Ryan would continue to generate conservative enthusiasm for the ticket, and he’d further reinforce Romney’s aura of number-crunching competency.

“We are big fans of Ryan,” says Sal Russo, a strategist for the Tea Party Express. “Ryan learned a lot from the great Jack Kemp,” the late fiscal hawk and the GOP’s 1996 vice-presidential nominee. “And anyone who shares Kemp’s ideas gets an A from me.”

Ryan worked as a speechwriter for Kemp and former Reagan cabinet member Bill Bennett before becoming a top Republican staffer to a couple of senators during the Clinton years. Born and raised into a large, Irish-Catholic family in Janesville, Wis., he returned there in 1998, after his stint as an aide, to run for the House.

Of course, a Ryan pick would come with some potential problems. National Journal recently dubbed him Romney’s “riskiest running mate,” owing to the Democrats’ eagerness to blast Ryan’s entitlement proposals. Conservative leaders also have some reservations about potentially sending one of the House’s leading reformers to the Naval Observatory.

“If I had my druthers, I would hope Romney would pick one of the other options,” says Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform and a Ryan supporter. “The most important thing in the first year of a Romney administration would be a U-turn on the road to serfdom, and the way to do that is by passing the Ryan budget, which requires a major mover not just at the White House, but in Congress. It’d be easier to do that with Ryan in the House, since he has walked through it already with every Republican.”

Romney, however, may want Ryan to walk through his plan with the country. It would be a bold pick, but if you have been reading the tea leaves, it wouldn’t be a surprise.

— Robert Costa is a political reporter for National Review.

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To: wayoverontheright
This election is about the economy

Not if you follow FreeRepublic. It is about homosexuality. And a lot of people are falling for the diversion.

21 posted on 08/08/2012 5:47:36 AM PDT by johniegrad
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To: chickadee

Rubio isn’t eligible.

22 posted on 08/08/2012 5:49:49 AM PDT by ROCKLOBSTER (Celebrate Republicans Freed the Slaves Month.)
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To: SteveAustin
Ryan also isn’t phased by debating Obama, Katie Couric, etc.

The first time I saw Rep. Ryan was during the WH Summit with the GOP on Healthcare. Rep. Ryan made a impression on The One:

23 posted on 08/08/2012 6:04:37 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: johniegrad
And a lot of people are falling for the diversion.

I just posted this caution in another thread [re: Obama Smear Campaign]:

24 posted on 08/08/2012 6:08:07 AM PDT by TomGuy
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To: TomGuy
Rep. Ryan made a impression on The One

Obama is deathly afraid of this one. He knows that any discussion with Ryan about economic facts quickly turns into a major embarrassment for Obama.

25 posted on 08/08/2012 6:11:09 AM PDT by johniegrad
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To: SeekAndFind
Just over a year ago, I wrote the following to Congressman Ryan:

Dear Congressman Ryan:

Regarding the article in today’s National Review Online urging you to run for President of the United States, please give this serious consideration, sir. I am 73 years old, and I have never been so fearful for my country and my grandchildren and their collective future. In order to work our way out of the mess we are in, we need leadership that, rather than playing to the crowd, can understand and articulate the severity of our current situation, and the steps needed to correct our current course. I understand and even admire your hesitancy to leave your role in Congress. You have made, and continue to make, important contributions there, and the personal demands of the Presidency are fearful. But the nation now needs your gifts and skills on the larger stage.

I take the liberty of writing you not as one of your constituents but as one of your countrymen. In these very troubled days, we need our very best.

Thank you for your time, and for all your past work on our nation’s behalf.

Well, that didn't work out, but he could still play a key role as VP. He can frame the issues clearly, with humor and a smile, just the way the great RR could. He'd be a GREAT pick!

26 posted on 08/08/2012 6:15:44 AM PDT by Reo (the 4th Estate is a 5th Column)
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To: andy58-in-nh

I agree Ryan is tempting, but I still support Palin.

27 posted on 08/08/2012 6:17:15 AM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network (America doesn't need any new laws. America needs freedom!)
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To: SeekAndFind

Romney - Ryan......kinda rolls off the tongue............

28 posted on 08/08/2012 6:28:37 AM PDT by Red Badger (Think logically. Act normally.................)
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To: SeekAndFind

I can see the Obozobots using this as an anti-Romney-Ryan campaign prop............DON'T BE RAILROADED BY THE WHITE GUYS!

29 posted on 08/08/2012 6:31:17 AM PDT by Red Badger (Think logically. Act normally.................)
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To: SeekAndFind

Also, Ryan is not afraid of Obama at all, and read him the riot act about obamacare.

I think he would be a good pick. I don’t know how much RINO he has in him, but he knows the budget and articulates it well.

30 posted on 08/08/2012 6:32:52 AM PDT by FrankR (They will become our ultimate masters the day we surrender the 2nd Amendment.)
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To: SeekAndFind

At least we would have one conservative on the ticket.

Pray for America

31 posted on 08/08/2012 6:36:51 AM PDT by bray (If you vote for a Communist, what's that make you?)
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To: tsowellfan

RE: I was hoping he would replace John Boehner.

Well if he becomes the VP, he’s probably going to be less than useful compared to where he is now. As VP, he’ll sorta be just waiting for the following things to happen:

1) Something serious (God forbid) happens to Mitt Romney

2) He needs to break a tie in Congress.

Otherwise, he’ll just be sitting there as a ceremonial figure... just saying.

32 posted on 08/08/2012 6:43:00 AM PDT by SeekAndFind (bOTRT)
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To: SeekAndFind; Hunton Peck; Diana in Wisconsin; P from Sheb; Shady; DonkeyBonker; Wisconsinlady; ...

Paul Ryan ping

FReep Mail me if you want on, or off, this Wisconsin interest ping list.

33 posted on 08/08/2012 6:50:18 AM PDT by afraidfortherepublic (ABO)
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To: SeekAndFind

I believe that the idea is that if Rep. Ryan is picked as the vice presidential nominee, his job will be to go out and aggressively explain budgetary matters in the countryside. I think the idea is to permit Gov. Romney to rise above the fray and look presidential while Rep. Ryan slams the anti-Christ regime for wishing to destroy Medicare through neglect, and the country through overspending.

Vice presidential candidates often play a surrogate role in campaigns. Ryan versus Biden would be the perfect match-up for each candidate. Rep. Ryan would appeal to those with brains. Biden would appeal to the scum and filth of the earth.

34 posted on 08/08/2012 6:57:30 AM PDT by sitetest (If Roe is not overturned, no unborn child will ever be protected in law.)
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To: sitetest

Not to take (anything) from your analysis. It is good.

However how does that change, if Hillary is the Dem’s VP nominee?

Just asking. Still prefer Sarah Palin.

35 posted on 08/08/2012 7:02:24 AM PDT by Cringing Negativism Network (America doesn't need any new laws. America needs freedom!)
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To: SeekAndFind

If Gov. Romney wants to nail his victory shut, he should select Paul Ryan as his running mate and announce that VP Ryan will have a direct role in supervising the Office of Management and Budget in Romney’s first term.

This would be a check mate, winner for Romney/Ryan and for the country. This would cause an absolute meltdown for the Democrats.

36 posted on 08/08/2012 7:04:00 AM PDT by untwist
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To: sitetest

Yes - plus Ryan will then be the GOP nominee in eight years. We could do (and have often done) a lot worse.

37 posted on 08/08/2012 7:06:47 AM PDT by M. Thatcher
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To: Cringing Negativism Network
Dear Cringing Negativism Network,


Certainly it changes things if they replace the gutter snipe Biden with Mrs. Clinton.

A match-up of Rep. Ryan against Biden truly borders on the immoral abuse of the mentally retarded. I can picture the vice presidential debates where Rep. Ryan calmly explains that to do nothing with Medicare is to destroy it, that the Obama regime's plan for Medicare is essentially to leave it unchanged in its essential form, and that therefore, the Obama/Biden plan is to destroy it. Or bankrupt the country to avoid doing so.

And then the slithering creature Biden will huff and puff and lie and bluster, foam at the mouth, tell folks that you have to be Indian to own a 7-11, go off on a tangent on why it's reasonable that the Secret Service is paying him $12,000 per year rent to guard him on his own property, and will look like the idiot he is.

But against Mrs. Clinton, in that she can actually read, write, and add and subtract without the use of fingers and toes, Rep. Ryan will have to work a little harder.

Nonetheless, she has a long record of “more of the same,” and I think that folks can be made to understand that “more of the same” isn't what's going to fix the American economy, health care, or anything.

Disclaimer: I'm not promoting Rep. Ryan above other potential candidates. I think Rep. Ryan is a great, great guy, and would be a great vice presidential candidate. But I think strong cases can be made for other candidates, too, and Rep. Ryan is not without possible weaknesses as a candidate. I'm merely repeating what I've heard from sources somewhat closer to the action than I am.


38 posted on 08/08/2012 7:12:27 AM PDT by sitetest (If Roe is not overturned, no unborn child will ever be protected in law.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Check this out:

How to Spot Romney’s Vice President Pick in Advance

39 posted on 08/08/2012 7:12:42 AM PDT by SumProVita (Cogito, ergo...Sum Pro Vita. - Modified Descartes)
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To: SeekAndFind


Same general pedigree.

More squishy/establishment. Bonus, backhand to conservatives.


More to Romney’s style.

40 posted on 08/08/2012 7:18:56 AM PDT by ziravan (Are you better off now than you were $9.4 Trillion dollars ago?)
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