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Romney and Obama - Two Sides of theSame Piece of Counterfeit Currency
May 21, 2012 | GoldenEagles

Posted on 05/21/2012 6:48:04 AM PDT by GoldenEagles

Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the
Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency. - (Part 1 of 6)


The first truth represents the clam shall. The second Truth represents the grit in the eye of the Beast that will produce the Pearl of Victory:

Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the
Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency.

Gingrich/Santorum - Two Sides of the
Same Gold Coin of Traditional Values.

This is the vision of Victory. When Gingrich and Santorum finally wake up to the MAGNITUDE of the disaster that the official nomination of Willard as the Republican Nominee for President of the United States, will heap upon, not just the Republican Party, but a disaster heaped upon the whole of America, it will be like the princess kissing the frog, out of which will rise the prince of our salvation, which is to say, the very personification of divine wisdom.

Every time they find themselves speaking up for Willard , they feel that their souls have died just a little bit more. How long can they take this inner pain? When they finally can't take it anymore, they will rise out of this poisonous stupor of self-destruction into which Willard has corralled them, yes, corralled them inside a fence of prevarications and outright lies, and realize, that a UNITED ticket, uniting their original followers under one banner, is the only way, and the sure way, to defeat a Willard nomination. They must set aside their differences, and hold up the torch of victory together. Let's make history! All original Gingirch and Santorum followers will return to their First Love, like so many salmon jumping waterfalls to find the place of their birth.

I know this for sure, that somewhere in the heart of Newt Gingrich, somewhere in the heart of Rick Santorum, after they met with Willard, they had a very similar reaction to the one experienced by George Bailey when he shook the hand of Mr. Potter, in It's a Wonderful Life, where Potter tries to bribe him with Power and Riches, and he almost falls for it, until he shakes Mr. Potter's hand. Is Jimmy Stewart a good actor or what? This is just superb. When he shakes Mr. Potter's hand, all the illusions are washed away, and he knows he has touched the essence of a spider in the process of spinning a web to trap his soul. It is worth stopping here for a moment to nourish your soul by watching this video clip.

(Click here to watch the video clip at
YouTube - a new window will open.

Please take notice of the skull sitting on Potter's desk, with a chain attached to it. If you did not see that the first time around, please go back and check it out. Skulls will play an important role in some of the pictorial elements below.

Now, my fellow Free Republicans, I would encourage all of you to remember the most important ingredients in the chemistry of true victory. These are the alchemical keys - A) The Promise of the Lord Christ that with God All Things are Possible. B) The Promise of the Lord Christ that if we ask, ye shall receive. As he said, "Whatsoever ye ask, in my name, believing, the Father will give it to thee!"

Now is the time to make the national motto "In God We Trust" come alive! Now is the time.

Have you ever heard Randy Travis perform Baptism?
This will surely help anyone get in the proper mood
to think straight. I recommend it highly.

This is the question that will determine the destiny of America. How many conservatives believe? How many conservatives have that grain of faith? And how many of them will get down on their knees every day and pray for this victory? If the members of Free Republic won't provide a spark for a larger conflagration in this regard, then I am afraid, it will not happen.

Every conflagration requires a small fire to be stirred up first. That's the way of nature. Moreover, as God is practical, He will not bother to wake Gingrich and Santorum up from their defeatist stupor until there is an army raised up they can lead.

Are there not 1,000 true conservatives out of a population of 300 million souls who have the humility to get down on their knees before God and pray for the saving of the Republican Party and Our Nation? 1,000 in the vanguard, who will draw the 10,000 into the fiery vortex of their devotion to God, Country, the unborn, and to the whole range of our most cherished values?

I would recommend as a beginning drum roll to this expanding revolution, that we all commit ourselves to give this prayer, A Prayer for our Free Nation Under God, a touchstone of American unity given by God our Father in Heaven, in a rush of inspiration, to Jim Robinson, every day, without fail, unto the August Convention.

Cast aside forever the swarming gnats of delusion. If nominated, Willard is going to lose. A dark side candidate has to be darker (i.e. more evil in the heart and soul) than Obama, but Willard isn't quite there quite yet. No. Notwithstanding the fact that God spewed this rebellious soul out of his mouth a long time ago, he is not the candidate of choice of the dark side, only the pawn of choice to lead the opposition into a box canyon. God our Father won't lift a finger to help Romney get elected, not one Angel in Heaven will be assigned to help him. Not one. But all the demons of hell are behind Obama. In this equation, Obama wins hands down. Is that good for America? I don't think so.

The Republican Party needs to come to terms with the abomination of desolation Willard M. Romney represents to the purposes of God, they need to focus on this, and come to understand that Divine Providence will play no role in an attempt to get him elected to any office. That means he will lose, and that means we will have another four years of Obama for sure. And what exactly that means for America, I am afraid, is not clearly understood.

It is my prayer, therefore, that the following in-depth study, in three dimensions, of this truth, "Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency" will help to bring forward a deeper understanding of what this means. Indeed a disaster the likes of which no one in America would want to contemplate rushes, at this very moment, in our direction.

Our only hope is to do an about face, and get out of this RomneyZombie box canyon, and get our forces back out onto the battlefield where the war is really raging, for the very Soul of America. Only the Power of Light can accomplish this.

The Resurrection of the Gingrich/Santorum campaign, by the power of prayer, by the Power of God, this is our only hope of dodging the bullet of a terrorist detonated nuclear weapon in one or more major American cities in the near future. Only the Hand off Divine Providence can save us from this, and that hand will remain off the table during another Obama administration.


First, the Main Point in 3D ...


Notice the divergent directions, as never the twain shall meet. Failure or Victory - there is no in between.

People will tend to grab onto counterfeit currency because it looks real and appears to have value. And they are thirsty to have something of value in their hands. But it is always an empty fraud which inflicts loss upon those whose wallets have become so stuffed.

This poster tells the truth. This poster rips asunder the illusion that there is a real difference between Romney and Obama. There is no difference in the areas that really matter. Everyone who has a conscience (which is still operational) knows this to be true.

The only candidates in the current field that have the (moral and professional) qualifications to be President are Newt Gingrich and/or Rick Santorum. Yet Romney destroyed their reputation in the eyes of much of the Republican electorate with lies.

How can a person who rises on a wave of lies ever be good for America? It is impossible. Those principles which God recommends to our hearts, tells us this is impossible, that any monument, to wealth, or power, built upon a lie must fall. No amount of wishful thinking can make this truth go away.

I have provided a link, below, to a Hi-Resolution JPEG image for the printing of this poster on a large format printer which will produce a high quality printout up to 17 inches wide, and 24 inches tall at 600 DPI (dots per inch), giving you good color, and good detail.

Download: Counterfeit_Currency_Poster_Hi_Res.jpg

Once downloaded, this file can be transferred to a USB drive and taken over to any good copy shop, and they can print it with their large format printers. It doesn't have to be printed at 17x24. Any smaller size would have great detail as well. You could do letter sized sheets with your own color ink jet printer if you like.

Good People want to know what they can do to save the day. You can print as many of these posters as your resources allow, no copyright restrictions, and post them up on every available surface in your community. Very simple, very straightforward. Only elbow grease required.

Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the
Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency. - (Part 2 of 6)


Second, a step back shows the larger scene:


Where do these roads lead? The heart knows. And our eyes and ears bear witness, even as the culture continues to crumble. Romney is a facilitator of the crumbling culture, in the same manner as Obama, as their hearts both support abortion, the abortion of the physical unborn child, and God's purpose and plan for that child, and the abortion of the soul (enslaved to homosexuality), and the abortion of freedom in government mandated health care, of which Romney carries this dubious distinction of being the founding father.

Nature itself testifies to the Truth: After a long and fruitful morning walk in the local national park, I drove over to the local Del Taco to get some breakfast. They have a great sausage, egg, and cheese muffin sandwich that competes with, is better than, and less expensive than McDonald's breakfast McMuffin. On the way there, I had to stop at an intersection for a red light, and I was behind several cars already. When the light changed to green, the traffic began to move forward slowly, and this gave me an opportunity to notice a little squirrel, of the bushy tailed copper brown variety, laying in the road, just off to the left of the traffic lane. In this Southern California coastal valley, we see them all the time in their flamboyant and highly flourished romps across the landscape. Are they not one of nature's greatest adornments? I think so. But this squirrel could not have been ok, as he was not moving very much, only a little bit. He was face down, but I didn't see any blood on the road. He acted like he had been stunned by a car encounter, rather than actually run over. My heart went out to this little creature. I wanted him to wake up, and get off the road, so he would not get hurt worse. Just as I thought that, a big black crow landed near the squirrel. And the crow stabbed the squirrel with a sharp quick poke of its thick and sturdy beak. The very instant I saw that, I thought of Mitt Romney. Really. The squirrel had life in him yet and he lifted his head, and that was enough to make the crow jump away. But the crow attacked again, cruelly, with another stab of its thick pointed beak. But again, the little guy reacted and that drove the crow to back away. But I think that was all he had in him. He did not move much after that, as he was triple stunned at that point. If the crow had left him alone he might have made it to safety if had the time to gather his senses. But the Mitt Romney's of this world are always there to make sure that the easy meat will adorn their own dinner table. That is when the traffic got moving and I had to pass him by. On the way back, I looked for the squirrel, there he was, and we surely dead now. I am so sorry. But honest to God that is how I see Mitt Romney's business career.

Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the
Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency. - (Part 3 of 6)


Third, there are any number of scriptural passages
that properly characterize these two roads. This is
one example:


Indeed, who is the father of lies? And who are his followers who use lies to gain wealth and power?

For the Left Handed Path, I have chosen, "For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" (MT 16:26)

(This fits Romney like a glove. Those who follow him, will follow him down that path, like the leadership of NRLC, which knows Romney is NOT pro-life, but who will tell the lie that he is pro-life thinking they will advance their cause thereby. Check out the veritable parade they are creating of those who are so willing to throw truth to the wind thinking they can somehow make progress in God's work thereby. I do not judge them. If they had a bright light to lead them, I am sure they would prefer that. As it stands, if this Romney candidacy persists much longer all those who are pro-life will require nasal surgery to reopen their nostrils.)

For the Right Handed Path, I have chosen, "Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, in earth, as it is in heaven." (MT 16:26)

This is the path of truth.

Ronald Reagan's belief of America as the Shining City on the Hill was based in large part on the hope and promise of the fulfillment of this prayer. The American heart used to have faith, and more than anything else, Ronald Reagan gave voice to this faith.

In Part 4, I will give these two divergent paths further dimensionality.

Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the
Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency. - (Part 4 of 6)


Fourth, here are another pair of passages
which properly characterize these two roads:


Here I have chosen the two passages from the episode wherein the Lord Jesus Christ is being tempted by the Devil.

The Devil says to Romney and Obama, and to all of us in this hour, "All these things will I give thee if thou wilt fall down and worship me." (MT 4:9)

To worship the devil means to raise falsehood upon a pedestal to worship and serve. Republicans are doing that when they swallow the lies the Romney machine has told about Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. Moreover, if anyone thinks Romney can win, that is certainly an example of worshiping a falsehood. If people merely hope Romney can win, that is even worse, in hoping the purveyor of lies can be crowned with power and glory.

But the Lord Christ speaks to our hearts, "Thou Shalt Worship the Lord thy God and Him Only Shalt Thou Serve" (MT 4:10)

To worship God means to reject falsehood, and to raise truth upon a pedestal to worship and to serve.

The skulls embedded in the left-hand gate, represent the death of allegiance to founding principles, the death of understanding, the death of appreciation, even the death of appreciation for truth itself, as Romney so clearly exemplifies, as well as a new found allegiance to the actuality of death, even as a national virtue, in the slaughter of the unborn. After all, the bodies of 55 million defenseless children murdered by the abortionists in this nation since 1973, are piled in a large heap outside the gates of this "Shining City on the Hill." And thousands more are thrown on the top of that heap every day. Thousands. The gates swing open, the bodies are piled on, and the gates swing closed, and everyone within the walled city, well they are fat, happy, and self-satisfied with their attainment of virtue, though they complain a lot about gas prices.

Thomas Jefferson, speaking of slavery, revealed himself to be prophet when he said, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever." This principle is as relevant today, in relationship to the abortion holocaust, as it was relevant to the injustice of slavery in Jefferson's time. Jefferson's soul could smell the storm coming, as we can smell that storm coming today.

Romney is as pro-abortion as Obama. The only difference being that he must hide his full enthusiasm for the dead babies of the unwashed masses to get the vote of (the most gullible of the) pro-life conservatives in the Republican Party. His love for firing people at the drop of a hat, is an outer expression for his support for abortion, for his deep respect for the "convenience" factor that legal abortion represents.

Look at the statements that the NRLC has compiled to try to convince us that Romney is pro-life. There is not a single statement there that comes close to affirming the right of the child to life. Why? Because he doesn't believe it. If he believed it, he would have said it by now. Where is that statement from the 2008 presidential campaign? He's had numerous opportunities to tell us how deeply he feels about the child's right to life. Where is that statement? It does not exist. Where is that statement in this campaign? It does not exist.

No one with a pro-life heart could have said the things he said during his Massachusetts' campaign. The pro-life conscience could never allow it.

What Romney said about his support for abortion rights during his campaign for the Massachusetts Senate seat, and his campaign for the Massachusetts Governor's Seat represents the truth about who Romney is. The heart of Mitt Romney is to be found within that classic domain of secular selfishness that does not recognize that the child is Created by God, as the Declaration of Independence makes clear, and therefore has an inalienable right to life. According to the elite liberal crowd that has surrounded Romney his whole life, the woman has the right to do with her body what she wills. She's the "boss". He really relates to that. That's what he expressed, and that is the story of his life. It is a totally selfish life that was devoted only to the acquisition of personal wealth (by preying upon sick and injured businesses) that would allow him to acquire, in the footsteps of his father, personal political power. He has never lived outside of that particular circle.

(Legal abortion has always been, and continues to be the most direct and cold-hearted attack on the Creator principle in the Declaration of Independence. A nation that denies freedom to tens of millions of real people, will have freedom denied to them. That is the Justice of God that no longer sleeps, but is stirring awake as we speak.)

To vote for a heart devoted to the death of the unborn, thinking that one will gain there-by the prize of political power for your party, is certainly to follow Romney down that left-handed path, to fall for the temptation of the devil, who plays upon the lusts of this world to entice the people to turn their back on God. In that way do Republicans accelerate the nation's movement in the direction of national suicide. Indeed, abortion is the 800LB Gorilla in the room that the nation ignores at its imminent peril.

Make no mistake. To vote for Romney would be the most blatant betrayal of God that a Republican soul could ever conceive of, and the Party (and the country) would pay the price for that betrayal in the long run. As more and more souls are corrupted in this manner, how can the hope of the American Dream ever be revived?

In Part 5, we will take a look through the doorway to the right to see where it leads.

Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the
Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency. - (Part 5 of 6)



(Click here for a 30% Larger Image in New Window)


Make no mistake about it.  The nation is not on this road today. By the time Ronald Reagan was elected, we had already veered away from this path to a substantial degree. For a time, Reagan helped to nudge us back in the right direction. But that influence for good did not last. Today, a nearly complete U-Turn has been engineered, wherein, the scenario above is mostly in the rear view mirror, with the left-handed roadway, depicted below, before us.  But before we go there, let us take the time to review this path, the path to the victory of freedom.

The words you see on the yellow brick road, they say, "The Victory of Freedom."  Freedom to murder the defenseless and innocent? The power that gave freedom to man as an inalienable right, did not give freedom for this purpose.  Notice that the material is reflective.  In these words you see the reflection of the Statue of Liberty in the distance.  The Victory of Freedom, which is really the victory of virtue, that is the great gift that God would give to his Children, freedoms that would be secure by His Power. Not by man's power, but by His Power. Norman Rockwell's the Four Freedoms come to mind. Yet, as we shall see, as the underlying foundation continues to crumble, our freedoms become less and less secure.  Who would have thought there would be a time in America that to travel on an airline, one would have to forfeit the basic right to privacy, not to have your naked body goggled at by a faceless government employee?  Or as an alternative, to have your private parts groped?  If the government can intrude there, and we allow it, what level of intrusion is next?

What is written on the tablet held in the left hand of the Statue of Liberty?  It says, JULY 4, 1776. This is the only inscription on the entire monument.

July 4, 1776, is the day the members of the Continental Congress put their signatures onto the Declaration of Independence, beginning the adventure in democracy and freedom that went well for nearly two centuries, but is quickly coming to a close for the United States of America as the people fall deeper and deeper into a state of sleepy forgetfulness regarding the structure of, and the relevance of, our founding principles.

What is the central principle of the Declaration of Independence, a principle around which all patriots rallied for the victory of the American revolution?  Why of course, it says this, "All men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights ..."  

Endowments given by God come with a set of responsibilities. Adherence to the divine law is a primary responsibility, one which this nation is abandoning in a manner that could be accurately described as "fast and furious".  For the first time in American History, as far as I know, the National Legislature has actually adopted legislation that has directly rejected the Law of God, given through the Prophet Moses on the subject of sexual relations.  This teaching has stood for 3,000 years as a matter of both law and wisdom.  It has now been swept away by the people themselves.  To reject the word of the Creator, is to reject the Creator.  To reject the Creator, is to reject the foundation upon which liberty itself stands.

The placement of the Creator principle in the document, and the signature of the people's representatives upon that document, was required for the release of the resources of Divine Providence into the revolutionary war effort itself, which made possible the American victory over British forces, the world's superpower of that day.  By signing the document, we were saying to God, "we are committing ourselves to your truth."  And God responded, "I Am committing myself therefore, to your freedom."  The document remains a contract in this respect, between Almighty God and the American people.  As long as the people remain loyal to the Creator principle, they will continue to receive the benefits of Divine Providence.  If they abandon that principle, the resources of Divine Providence will be withdrawn, if for no other reason than breach of contract.

(As I already noted, legal abortion is a total abandonment of the Creator principle. Moreover, the rejection, by the people's representatives in their national legislature, of the Law given through Moses, is also a direct rejection of the Creator principle.  Again, to reject the word of the Creator, is to reject the Creator. I mention these things only to indicate the extent to which the nation has already turned its back on the path that leads to the victory of freedom, and the substantial distance, the nation has already traveled, down the road that leads to national suicide.)

An interlocking keystone design is incorporated into the top of the tablet indicating that this tablet of the law is meant to interlock with the tablet of the Law that God has already written into our hearts.

As the Statue of Liberty holds the tablet of the law in one hand, she raises her torch with the other. See the above graphic.

What is the meaning of, what is the significance of, the torch held in the right hand of the Statue of Liberty?  This is the torch of Illumination. And the Light that emanates from such a torch can only have a divine origin.  In that regard, I don't think you will find many takers for the proposition that the mind of man can emanate light, without Almighty God, through Christ, providing the ignition system.  The torch can only signify divine enlightenment, the mind filled with the Light of understanding of the principles anchored in the Declaration of Independence upon which the institutions of freedom must rest, and be secured, if the condition of liberty itself is to be the reality of the people over the long term.

The multi-colored geometric structure which you see sitting on the glass shelves in the two windows of this gate structure, and which you see within the lamp post spheres that line the yellow brick road, are Deep Thinker 3D Mind Illuminators, which are physical representations of a geometric progression of fundamental principles which have guided our nation, from its founding, more or less, up through the 1960's. 

And as you might expect, the Creator Principle in the Declaration of Independence has its own level in this progression of principle.  (It is the level assigned the color purple).  America rose to super power status on the basis of these principles, indeed a great force of good in the world, with the wealth and power necessary  to help spread that good across the face of the earth. Yet, we are falling away from this station of responsibility by the abandonment of these founding principles. 

Look closely (you can see this more clearly in the larger image) and you will see that these lampposts stop at a particular point, there are only eight sets, representing the point where the nation began to turn around, before it arrived at the destination of victory, and began to walk away from the victory of freedom, indeed, the victory of virtue, and in the other direction, in the direction of national suicide, embracing all manner of error and falsehood that will certainly deliver us all to that destination that will described by everyone as the death of the American Dream. 

Romney and Obama - Two Sides of the
Same Piece of Counterfeit Currency. - (Part 6 of 6)



(Click for a 30% Larger Image to Open in a New Window)


There is more than one 800LB gorilla in the room.

One 800LB gorilla I have already spoken about, the huge mountain of dead bodies piled up outside the gates of this shining city on the hill, the bodies of 55 million unborn children destroyed in a state of utter innocence, and utter defenselessness, with thousands of new bodies thrown on the heap every day, with that reeking and stinking mountain of injustice juxtaposed to Jefferson's prophecy, "I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever."

The skull lampposts represent "lights" of error, which masquerade as wisdom, which if followed lead the people to destruction and death.  The death of virtue, followed quickly by the death of freedom, and the death of a nation committed to freedom. In America, the pathway to this ultimate end is brightly lit now by the mockery of the Christian religion and the contempt for our founding principles, and an ever increasing shadow of doubt regarding the relevance of God, that of Divine Providence, to the health and well being of our culture and nation. 

These skull lampposts occupy the exact positional counterpoints to the Deep Thinker 3D Mind Illuminator lampposts.  And yet, if you look closely, you will see that here too there are only eight sets, that they stop at a particular point on this path,  signifying the hope that there will be this point, where the nation is finally alerted to its folly, and makes a U-Turn before arriving at the dramatic end which is so clearly illustrated by the intent and growing capabilities of our newest enemies.

And so, the other 800LB gorilla is what is new universally held to be the INEVITABLE prospect of Al Qaeda terrorists eventually succeeding in their all-consuming quest to detonate a nuclear weapon in one more major American cities. The national security establishment has reached a consensus on this.  The terrorists will use such a weapon if they acquire them.  They are trying every day to acquire them.  Indeed they lust after the prospect of delivering such a blow to what they erroneously believe to be the Great Satan.  And as you know, where there is the will, there is a way.  This is axiomatic. Eventually they will acquire such weapons, if they have not already.   Our border security will never be sufficient to stop the transport of such a weapon over our borders, illustrated by the fact that we cannot stop any more than one percent of the illicit drug traffic, even if they simply need to hire a private freight aircraft, and simply crash it into the Manhattan financial district, or the White house, or the Capital.

Yes, the nation's abandonment of fundamental principles has led us to this situation where we are open and vulnerable to terrorist nuclear attacks in our major American cities.  Consider this truth, that our freedom to be free from fear itself, has totally evaporated. 

I should not have to explain this.  But I will briefly point out that we live in a world where deterrent factors no longer apply.  Terrorist delivered nuclear weapons obfuscate origins to the degree where retaliation is far from certain.  Who exactly do you retaliate against?   Which city of tens of thousands of utterly innocent individuals will America wipe off the face of the map in response to a terrorist nuclear attack upon one of its major cities?  And thereby destroy America's reputation for goodness in the eyes of the world for the next 1,000 years?  Even so, we confront an enemy whose philosophy embraces suicide as the highest virtue.  They don't care if we retaliate.  Their only interest is in drawing blood.  And lots of it.  And the world of high technology in which we live today, gives them the opportunity to make their evil dreams come true.  We live in a totally new security environment.  The events of 9/11 told us that our world was now very different than the familiar world of bi-polar stability that was our experience in the preceding decades.

We must never lose sight of these two important points.  First, our National security agencies failed us on 9/11.  Blindness in our national security agencies was already well entrenched then. Second, today, we are, as a nation, far less worthy of the intercession of Divine Providence, than were in the 1990's. We are now in a unique place in America history where America does not qualify to receive any assistance in the national security area. None. That means that our national security agencies are effectively blind.  They no longer have access to the key resource of intuition which is provided by Divine Providence only. They will go through the motions of doing their jobs, but they will be dramatically less effective in doing those jobs because of this increased level of blindness.

(Sidebar - Given these immutable principles, how, then, is it possible that the Obama-led military establishment, which stumbles around in a deep shadow, successfully found and eliminated Osama Bin Laden?  As a cleverly planned and executed Al Qaeda disinformation operation, Bin Laden was positioned in a manner where he could be given up to the enemy, at the right time, to provide these already blind (U.S.) security agencies with hundreds of pieces of new intelligence information which would direct them down paths which would lead nowhere and waste their time, having no intuitive way (now) to discern a false lead from a real lead. Beyond the fact that it is in Al Qaeda's interest to promote a second term for Obama --- because it is in their interest to promote the greatest level of ineptitude in U.S. Military circles ---  that's why they waited to give bin Laden up to the Obama administration.  Here is a prize these most foolish of all American's especially will grab onto in the most unthinking manner. Knowing full well all cell phone communications are monitored, a trusted aid of many years refers to bin Laden in a manner clear enough that no one could miss it.  And bin Laden, taking his daily walks in full sunlight, knowing full well the capability of U.S. spy satellites, of him it is reasonable to assume that he would want to provide this last service to the cause, which  would enable him moreover to die as a martyr according to his dreams, increasing the desire for revenge in his followers. He is now an immortal hero.  What Obama touts as a victory for U.S. intelligence services, history will reveal, if it ever makes it into the light of  day, that this will turn out to be the biggest fiasco in U.S. Intelligence history as Obama administration officials allocate substantial resources in the most exaggerated manner to following all of the false leads harvested from Bin Laden's computers, while all of the real attack vectors are overlooked.)

You need people with operative intuition in our intelligence agencies.  Operative intuition is in the domain of Divine Providence only.  Because of the state of rebellion into which the national government has fallen, Divine Providence is not providing this resource to any element of the U.S. National Security apparatus at this time.  You can take this to the bank.

And so it will be, as in the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as this is the signature characteristic of all terrorists attacks generally, that they don't announce their time of arrival, the unfolding thrust of death and destruction will remain hidden, until it hits us. 

Our only hope to dodge this nuclear bullet is to take steps that will restore the protection of Divine Providence to our nation. Unfortunately, as things stand today, the nation has been, and is now accelerating its efforts, fast and furiously, to cause God our Father to wash his hands of this nation.  This trend must be reversed in a dramatic manner.

Given this looming danger of a terrorist detonated nuclear weapon, a danger our national security apparatus cannot deal with, i.e. without the intuitive guidance that can only come from the intercession of Divine Providence, the greatest task before our nation at this time, is to take the steps that will restore America's access to the resources of Divine Providence.

Again I would ask everyone to make a concerted effort to cast aside forever the swarming gnats of delusion. If nominated, Willard is going to lose. His backers, the Dark Side Forces, never intended him to win. They back him only to serve as their operative on the right, to slay any meaningful opposition from the inside, and then to lead the forces of Light into a box canyon. A classic diversion tactic.

We fell for this with McCain in 2008, and we are falling for it again in 2012.

The goal of the dark side forces is to destroy America. Why? First because they Hate God, and Second, they Hate America because America is a God-Project designed to bring both physical and spiritual freedom to the planet. It is their intent to take American down.

Who are "they", who are these "dark forces"? These are the demonic forces, which the Master Jesus Christ made clear to us, exist, and which work for the destruction of God's Purposes at every opportunity. These forces can only be countered by the Forces of Light, the Angelic Legions, who march to our rescue, to our assistance, only when requested, through prayer requests for their assistance.

How is it possible that such a great nation as America, has slid into an abyss of such moral depravity, the depths of which, if you would have asked anyone in Jimmy Stewart's day, 1940, if it were possible, they would have looked at you as if your were out of your mind? How is it possible that we have slid downhill so far? And there are now so many voices opposed to "turning the clock back."?

These forces of darkness have gone unchallenged by Christians, for nearly 50 years, who alone have access to the Power of Christ that can defeat them. As their belief systems have become an object of mockery (by the darkside), Christians themselves have come to be ashamed of the Teaching of Christ on this subject. There is no determination left to counter the downhill slide, as their is no spine left to endure the mockery of their (darkside aligned) peers.

If you want to save America, you will have to start taking the Teaching of Jesus Christ on the subject of the demonic world seriously. This is why prayer is required for the saving of our nation. Human beings by themselves have no power to resist the dark side forces, which use all manner of negative energy projections, which we cannot see or deflect, to manipulate people, to get brother fighting against brother at every opportunity.

And you will get a quick education on the power of the Dark side forces in your own life, when you pick up Jim Robinson's prayer, and determine to give it once a day, and knowing that this is the most important thing you could do in any single day, I can guarantee you, that you will not feel like doing it. Where does that counter inspiration come from? Where does that power come from that directly opposes the doing of God's Will?

Any individual who determines to step up and to do God's Will in a conscious manner, will be double teamed by the demonic forces, who will use every possible device to demoralize you, to stop you.

On the other hand, this is the same force that drives the terrorists forward relentlessly, a strong hatred hatred projected through from the demonic side. They do not resist it. They believe it is the outpicturing of god's will in their life, indeed the god of the underworld.

This is an essential concept to grasp. The demonic forces push our enemies forward through powerful waves of hatred. At the same time, the demonic forces work to divide us internally, to get us to drop our shields.

The polarization of America is the result of allowing these forces to have free reign in the lives of the people, where these divisions have causes us to drop our shields, where these divisions block us from taking the necessary steps in our defense, while promoting steps that further alienate us from God.

Romney is only the pawn of choice to lead the only opposition there is into a box canyon. God our Father won't lift a finger to help Romney get elected, not one Angel in Heaven will be assigned to help him. Not one. But all the demons of hell are behind Obama. In this equation, Obama wins hands down.

Of course, all the demons of hell are behind Romney when it comes to completing his mission successfully. His mission is to organize the Republican Party in a grand parade behind a sure loser. But when it comes to actually challenging Obama, the demonic side will turn him into a kitten. We see this happening right in front of our very eyes. Even as we saw with McCain. Both candidates of the darkside, went after the true conservatives with slash and burn character assasination tactics. But when they come up to confront Obama, all of sudden, the slash and burn tactic are not seen anymore. Now you know why. Though Romney will continue to be inspired to do cruel and nasty things to demoralize the base, like this appointment of an open homosexual activist to be his foreign policy and national security spokesman, talk about a knife to the heart, and like this recent fundraiser held with the manufacturer of an abortion pill.

The rank and file members of the Republican Party need to come to terms with the abomination of desolation Willard M. Romney represents to the purposes of God, they need to focus on this, and come to understand that Divine Providence will play no role in an attempt to get him elected to any office. That means he will lose, and that means we will have another four years of Obama for sure. And that means that this juggarnaut of destruction will continue to advance in our direction without any meaningful opposition.

Romney is a well-orchestrated DarkSide diversion, no more.

When compared to the equation of Divine Providence economic issues have even less importance than rearranging the deck chairs on the deck of the Titanic, or perhaps fighting over who will sit in the captain's chair, even as the ship is sinking.

It is no coincidence that the 100th Anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, a ship that was considered unsinkable, comes to us in the year 2012.  O America, there is nothing that is unsinkable.

When the terrorists succeed in detonating one nuclear weapon --- the first one will go off in New York City --- that will mean instant marshal law throughout the whole nation, as all major cities go into a lock down mode. This event will be so catastrophic, not simply in terms of the physical destruction that we will experience in our homeland, but in terms of the deep shock waves that will shake the American psychology to its very foundations, the people will cry out, "Lock us down!". This level of marshal law will not be lifted, as the terrorists will not detonate one, unless they have additional weapons positioned.  Al Qaeda is known for going back to finish the job. They have unfinished work to do in New York City, and they have unfinished work to do in Washington D.C.  And I believe as an important economic target, they will target Chicago, which is a commercial hub for the heartland. After taking these hits, Life in America will never be the same. The terrorists know it. And moreover, they see our weakness, it is writ large on the world stage today, which is a door of opportunity for them, and they are rushing to take advantage of it.

Read the levels of hatred in the events of 9/11, and you can see and know what is coming. This is just a tiny expression of the gigantic reservoir of hatred that the demonic forces want to pour out on America, a gigantic reservoir of hatred that has ancient origins, and has been building, and building, and building over the millenia. Know your enemy.

The hand of God can stop the flow of that hatred. And thus substantially blunt any amount of damage such individuals could do, as their determination to destroy is only a strong as their link to the dark side. When God blocks their link to the dark side, they are not a substantial danger. However, when a nation rebels against God, the resources of Divine Providence are withdrawn, and there is nothing to block the flow of that hatred. In the nuclear age, this hatred can have unimaginable destructive consequences for us, thousands of times more painful than the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

Learn about the equation of Divine Providence, come to understand what Americans have done to cause this equation to shut off our access to these divine resources.

In the 1950's America had substantial access to the resources of Divine Providence. We were still a reverent nation then. And we had just made a huge sacrifice in the saving of the world from a dark shadow of global tyranny. The Christian religion was held in high regard by the great majority of the population.

Using that as a reference point, when the traditional practice of school prayer was outlawed by the U.S. Supreme court in 1962, that flow dropped to just 10% of the previous flow. The promotion of the slaughter of the innocent children in the womb as a national virtue, beginning in 1973, and continuing inexorably, caused the Divine Providence flow gauge to drop from 10% to 1%. Making Homosexuality into a national virtue by an act of the national legislature in 2010-2011, dropped the flow from 1% to ZERO.

Today, there is nothing standing in the way of dark side manipulation of the leadership of this nation and the people generally. This is why Gingrich and Santorum were taken down so easily.

Who could possibly argue with me, that the forces of insanity itself have take a hold of large part of the Republican Party, they have become totally blind to the principle of Divine Providence, and they look to a REBEL AGAINST GOD as their savior. And can you reason with them? No. It is this dark side influence into which their minds have become absorbed, and which does not budge. You might liken it to a very strong magnetic field to which they have surrendered their thought processes. And reason does not budge that magnetic field. Only the Angels of God can cut through that imprisoning energy.

If we do not pray for their assistance, the dark side agenda will play itself out. Romney will be nominated, the most infamous day in the history of the Republican Party that will be, a day that will demoralize the conservative base for decades. Romney of course will lose. Obama will be elected to another four more years. The terrorist goal of detonating a nuclear weapon in one or more major American cities will be fulfilled, the nation will be locked down under Obama marshall law, by military forces who are allied to the darkside, as the currents of the darkside run through their minds in their obedience to Obama's homosexual agenda. Dark days for America are ahead.

The difference between an America with God's sponsorship and intercession, and an America without God's sponsorship and intercession, is the difference between day and night. We are on the very verge of getting this lesson, full in the face. Right on the verge of it.

And a large section of the population appears to require this lesson to shake them back into a state of sanity.

But do we need this lesson? Do Free Republicans need this lesson? No. If we do not want to be part of this experience, we have one option, and that is to pray for God to turn things around now, and pray that prayer every day.

Again, using Jim Robinson's prayer, a jewel like touchstone of American unity as it is, this would be the best place to start. A Prayer for our Free Nation Under God. Let us use that prayer each day, unto the August Convention, BELIEVING that God our Father, can give to us the very miracle that we are asking for, or a even a better one of his choosing.

Only God can turn this around. But if God is not asked to intercede by a sufficient number of American's he cannot intercede, as the freewill of the people must be respected.

However, a majority is not required, as a great number of Republicans will return to their right minds when the Angels of God dissolve the Dark Side forces which lay upon them like so many chains today. It is an act of setting people free, even in the tradition of the Master Jesus Christ who made it a point to show us how people can be returned to their right minds once the influence of the demonic forces which had heretofore enslaved them, are removed. As more and more people pray for this freedom, an ever increasing number of Angels of God can be dispatched to answer these prayers.

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To: moonhawk
RE :”delusional.

That's 'say anything that serves me at the moment' Newt!

Didn't he say he couldn't lose the primary to Romney, a few times?? And that manned Moon base without any taxpayer money?

21 posted on 05/21/2012 8:23:57 AM PDT by sickoflibs (Romney is a liberal. Just watch him closely try to screw us.)
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To: GoldenEagles
Two points:

1) Make yourself feel better and just stay home on election night...that’ll show ‘em.

2) Do you seriously think folks are going to read this ridiculously long post? Hmmm, I guess the longer the post, the more it helps your position?

22 posted on 05/21/2012 8:31:14 AM PDT by Artcore
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To: Jack Hydrazine

No, that is the way YOU define Progressive. However, Obama is none of this.

Definition of PROGRESSIVE
a : one that is progressive b : one believing in moderate political change and especially social improvement by governmental action
capitalized : a member of any of various United States political parties: as a : a member of a predominantly agrarian minor party that around 1912 split off from the Republicans; specifically : bull moose b : a follower of Robert M. La Follette in the presidential campaign of 1924 c : a follower of Henry A. Wallace in the presidential campaign of 1948

23 posted on 05/21/2012 8:35:15 AM PDT by netmilsmom (Romney scares me. Obama is the freaking nightmare that is so bad you are afraid to go back to sleep)
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To: JCBreckenridge; moonhawk; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; DoughtyOne; Gilbo_3; Impy; ...
RE :”One thing I like about this site, is that I never have to post because someone’s already posted what I was going to post. So thank you sir! As it is we do have a choice - we can choose the Goode over the lesser of the two evils.

As you can tell from my tagline I have no love for Romney but that didn't mean that I would accept Newt's ‘whatever suit's me at the moment’ socialist ploys.

MSNBC has been playing Newt clips as well as his King of Bain movie the past couple of weeks as their own. They like it better than Obama’s version.

What is so stupid is that while Newt was critical of Romney ‘getting rich by vulture capitalism’ at the same time he was proposing cutting the federal taxes for this same activity he said was so destructive to zero. He was not even consistent with himself on this.

He says he cuts taxes to create jobs at the same time he claims this activity he claims kills jobs should not be taxed at all. Jeeze!

24 posted on 05/21/2012 8:36:36 AM PDT by sickoflibs (Romney is a liberal. Just watch him closely try to screw us.)
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To: sickoflibs

You mean you aren’t for the moonbases, either? I guess you aren’t a ‘visionary’. ;)

25 posted on 05/21/2012 8:45:32 AM PDT by JCBreckenridge
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To: JCBreckenridge; Gilbo_3; stephenjohnbanker
RE :”You mean you aren’t for the moonbases, either? I guess you aren’t a ‘visionary’. ;)

We were supposed to put Newt's history a-side and make believe he was the uber-conservative just because he was going to whip both Romney and Obama in debates with one hand behind his back.

Then after getting whipped in a debate he announces that he can't beat Romney in a debate because Romney lies (I guess he figured that Obama would never lie LOL), and furthermore he said wouldn't debate Obama at all if there is a MSM debate moderator, which pretty much killed the whole point of him.

26 posted on 05/21/2012 9:19:40 AM PDT by sickoflibs (Romney is a liberal. Just watch him closely try to screw us.)
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To: sickoflibs

SOL 2012!

27 posted on 05/21/2012 9:57:27 AM PDT by stephenjohnbanker (God, family, country, mom, apple pie, the girl next door and a Ford F250 to pull my boat.)
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To: stephenjohnbanker; ding_dong_daddy_from_dumas; DoughtyOne; Gilbo_3; Impy; NFHale; Pan_Yans Wife
RE :”SOL 2012!”

I know exactly how to run

I have the secret to lower your taxes, cut the deficit, create jobs, health insure all Americans while making it cheaper for the rest, plus I will produce cheap clean energy that will last forever making us independent. Lastly I will reform Social Security and Medicare making it last forever without cutting anyone’s benefits and build a manned base on Mars that will pay for itself.

How will I do all this? Easy.

All the others have been corrupt which is why they never delivered on this stuff. They were bought off by the ‘special interests", but not me as I am honest. This is all a piece of cake for someone honest like me. I am a Reagan conservative and a Roosevelt liberal all rolled in one.

Still not buying it??? Then vote for me or my opponent will kill you. He is evil and will force you to work as a slave in a mine before he kills you. Anything is better than that.

28 posted on 05/21/2012 10:19:16 AM PDT by sickoflibs (Romney is a liberal. Just watch him closely try to screw us.)
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To: sickoflibs

” I have the secret to lower your taxes, cut the deficit, create jobs, health insure all Americans while making it cheaper for the rest, plus I will produce cheap clean energy that will last forever making us independent. Lastly I will reform Social Security and Medicare making it last forever without cutting anyone’s benefits and build a manned base on Mars that will pay for itself.”

Sounds like Obama : )

29 posted on 05/21/2012 10:22:43 AM PDT by stephenjohnbanker (God, family, country, mom, apple pie, the girl next door and a Ford F250 to pull my boat.)
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To: stephenjohnbanker; Gilbo_3
RE :”Sounds like Obama : )

He never promised us a Mars base.

If Romney get's elected then next year he will have to tell us that all his promises to create jobs and cut spending at the same time were based on a number of assumptions that did not work out, like the Red Seas were going to part.
Wow, that sounds like Obama again.

30 posted on 05/21/2012 10:28:49 AM PDT by sickoflibs (Romney is a liberal. Just watch him closely try to screw us.)
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To: netmilsmom

Ever heard of RomneyCare? Did you know that ObamaCare was modeled after it?

Progressive healthcare is collectivist healthcare.

If you look at the Progressive platform you’ll see it is collectivist.

31 posted on 05/21/2012 10:45:26 AM PDT by Jack Hydrazine (It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!)
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To: Jack Hydrazine

I gave you an actual dictionary definition of Progressive.

You WANT to make it what you want, however, Progressive as defined is NOT what Obama is.

Some people define themselves as conservatives eventhough they are Pro-Choice or Pro-illegal immigration. They can call themselves what they like, it doesn’t mean that they are, by definition, what they say they are.

Obama is a Marxist. He can say progressive and fool the average American Idol watcher. We here in FR are a whole lot smarter.

32 posted on 05/21/2012 11:23:44 AM PDT by netmilsmom (Romney scares me. Obama is the freaking nightmare that is so bad you are afraid to go back to sleep)
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To: netmilsmom

Dictionaries can be wrong or incomplete.

Go look at the Progressive Party and learn their platform. You’ll see it has many parallels to Communism, Socialism and all of the other forms of collectivism. Progressivism is another form.

Is collectivist healthcare Communist or Progressive?

33 posted on 05/21/2012 11:28:04 AM PDT by Jack Hydrazine (It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!)
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To: Jack Hydrazine

You can be wrong or incomplete too.

34 posted on 05/21/2012 12:58:29 PM PDT by netmilsmom (Romney scares me. Obama is the freaking nightmare that is so bad you are afraid to go back to sleep)
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To: netmilsmom

Yes, of course! But you still haven’t answered my question.

Is collectivist healthcare (aka RomneyCare, aka ObamaCare) Socialist, Marxist, Progressive, or Fascist in nature?

35 posted on 05/21/2012 1:06:04 PM PDT by Jack Hydrazine (It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!)
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To: Jack Hydrazine

Understanding that

1. you’re attempting to guide the conversation to get in your talking points
2. I’m not being paid to converse with you

I have no need to answer your question.

I already made my point and was amused by your redirection.
But just in case you (as it seems) missed (or ignored) all but the first couple words....

I said, “Obama is not “progressive” in the way that libs define it.
He is a Marxist, Communist trained, Muslim Brotherhood Jihad loving, Israeli hating, raised in Indonesia “progressive” who has been quoted as saying he wants to fundamentally change the United States.”

See all that other stuff that you conveniently ignored? Well here’s the point, it doesn’t matter at all what YOU say a progressive is, it matters what Obama says a progressive is. Cause no one else in the top two love the Muslim Brotherhood and hate Israel nor have been quoted as saying he wants to “fundamentally change the United States.”

36 posted on 05/21/2012 2:48:03 PM PDT by netmilsmom (Romney scares me. Obama is the freaking nightmare that is so bad you are afraid to go back to sleep)
[ Post Reply | Private Reply | To 35 | View Replies]

To: netmilsmom

Based on your answers I have a tendency to believe you are a Leftist troll.

37 posted on 05/21/2012 3:09:33 PM PDT by Jack Hydrazine (It's the end of the world as we know it and I feel fine!)
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To: fishtank
fishtank says, "It’s either “none of the above”, or a 3rd party or a write-in ... NOOOO to Obama-Romney 2012."

The other option, the nation-saving option, as I pointed out above, is to invoke the Power of God through prayer to block the "ascension" of Willard M. Romney to the throne of Republican Power. With God all things are possible.

We must think outside the box the elites have given us. Instead of running their defeatist mantras through our brains, we need to train our mind to think, With God All Things are Possible, With God All Things are Possible, With God All Things are Possible.

To get your feet wet in this prayer process, please join the daily vigil in giving Jim Robinson's prayer very day unto the August 27, 2012 convention.

38 posted on 05/21/2012 3:19:26 PM PDT by GoldenEagles
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To: sickoflibs
sickoflibs says, "Labeling Newt as a Gold Coin of morality is not helping your case. He is a unprincipled opportunist who will do or say anything to further his personal cause; His King of Bain OWS/Obama line of attack was a perfect example, as is his personal life history. Alternatively, Santurum strikes me as considerably more principled."

If we are going to pull through this crisis in the Soul of the Republican Party, and that of the nation, we need to put aside these character assasinating labels that have been seeded into our minds by the dark side for the purpose of dividing the real opposition.

Read Newt's Book, Rediscovering God in America. That will change your mind. That will give you enough confidence in the goodness of his heart, to consider the plausibility of a Gingrich/Santorum unity ticket.

Come convention time, when the majority of delegates are choking on the poisonous fumes of a Willard M. Romney candidacy, they will cry out for an alternative. This Gingrich/Santorum unity ticket will be the first option they will consider. I believe it is a good option.

To make this happen I would invite you, sickoflibs, to please join the daily vigil in giving Jim Robinson's prayer every day unto the August 27, 2012 convention.

Let's make history. Let's bring our national motto to life.

39 posted on 05/21/2012 3:38:33 PM PDT by GoldenEagles
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To: greyfoxx39
greyfoxx39 says, "BTTT"

Thanks ...

In regards to this, "The epitome of stupidity is a member of a proven racist sect running against a black man."

I would certainly agree.

Would you please give me a summary of this point to have on the record in this thread? Exactly what about Mormonism is racist? If this is true, it is truth that needs to come forth front and center in the minds of the Republican Electorate.

To help make this happen I would invite you, greyfoxx39, to please join the daily vigil in giving Jim Robinson's prayer every day unto the August 27, 2012 convention.

If the truth wins, Romney loses.

40 posted on 05/21/2012 3:55:03 PM PDT by GoldenEagles
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