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To: Miss Marple
Well, thank you for posting that extremely long and condescending reply.

Fine if you want to take it that way. I just find people who take this mantle of moral superiority on the issue of immigration to be uninformed and insulting. They are the ones who are truly condescending.

But regardless of whether Michelle Malkin is an expert or not (and you REALLY want to bring up Pat Buchanan?)

Have you read their books on the immigration issue? Pat Buchanan has been particularly prescient going back over many years. Demography is destiny. Immigration is part of the Dems electoral strategy to make they the permanent majority party. They are well on their way. California has the demographics that the US will have in 2050. States like Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, NM, and eventually Texas will turn purple and then blue. I could provide links to various studies by Jim Gimple of the University of Maryland on the issue of the electoral consequences of immigration, but I doubt you would read them.

So basically, your advice is to have a DIALOGUE. Wow. That’s some solution! Let’s all just TALK about it for another 10 years.

Perhaps you didn't see my plan on how to deal with the immigration issue point by point. I addressed it to you and altura. It is far more than DIALOGUE. And it can be implemented immediately if we had someone receptive in the WH.

Adios, amigo! (That there is Spanish, or “Hispanic” talk.)

LOL. Actually groups like La Raza want to be known now as Latino. These ethnic groups have decided to change their name just as we went from Negroes, to blacks, to African-Americans. 53% of Latinos/Hispanics self-describe themselves as white. The Census Bureau set up the category of non-Hispanic whites to capture data. Hence we know have folks like George Zimmerman who the NYT describes as a white Hispanic. We are becoming like South Africa during apartheid. Theyad four main groups with a number of sub-groups and even “honorary whites.”

178 posted on 05/06/2012 3:47:35 PM PDT by kabar
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To: kabar

You are passionate on this issue ... almost to the point of hysteria, and I agree with some of your ideas ... but is anybody in either party working for your goals?

And really long posts filled with charts and stuff are interesting but ... well, okay, I lie.

They are not interesting.

180 posted on 05/06/2012 3:55:37 PM PDT by altura (Looking for sanity in all the wrong places.)
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To: kabar; Miss Marple; altura; Fishtalk

From my perspective, it appears you are all basically on the same track!

I don’t think ANYONE here is in favor of unbridled immigration, and everyone is opposed to ILLEGAL immigration.

The fact is, as was pointed out while 2/3rds of illegals are from Latin America, a significant 3rd is from China and India.

I spend many years overseas representing our country’s military. I encountered people who hated Americans, and me for being there. Still, I tried to be good representative. I learned the local language (as best I could), tried not to dress to obstrusively (many Americans where easy to spot in their baseball caps, blue jeans and white sneakers) and be polite and accepting.

There’s no doubt in my mind that if we all refused to do the above the locals would not be happy. Why should we let Latin Americans do so here? If you’re going to settle in the United States, I believe you have a duty to:

1. Do it legally. No excuse, EVER, for illegal immigration.

2. Learn the language. No one’s asking you to become William F. Buckley, but at least learn some English.

3. Learn the history. The United States of America is UNIQUE in the world! We are not English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Italian, Irish, etc, etc. We are Americans, united through our political system of freedom and liberty. Our Constitution DOESN’T care where you come from; we are a nation of immigrants.

181 posted on 05/06/2012 4:04:01 PM PDT by Alas Babylon!
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To: kabar; Fishtalk

kabar, I am not trying to argue policy. I don’t have all of the information and statistics.

All I was saying is that whatever her expertise, Michelle Malkin’s venom on this issue may play well with parts of the population, but it does encourage anti-Hispanic rhetoric from a chunk of the population. She needs to get consultation on how to present her argument.

Fishtalk, I apologize because I conflated “anti-immigrant” with “anti-Hispanic.” I was intending to talk about the latter. And there is zero doubt that at least in Indianapolis this anti-Hispanic vein has been ramped up. Sorry for confusing the two terms.

Of course we support LEGAL immigration and oppose ILLEGAL immigration. I agree 100% on that. My beef is with how this is presented.

188 posted on 05/06/2012 5:10:54 PM PDT by Miss Marple
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