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To: true believer forever

No thanks. The “examiner” blog is a cesspool of viruses and trojans. Hell with them.

Next time if you want to post from that blog, just post the entire content and spare us the all the malware please. Yes, it’s that bad.

10 posted on 03/21/2012 9:24:47 PM PDT by Larry Lucido (My doctor told me to curtail my Walpoling activities.)
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To: Larry Lucido

Even though I have seen many threads from The Examiner, and not one comment like yours, here is the post in full... I am sure you will want to openmindedly read and consider its contents :)


Most of us do not yet know who Santorum really is and yet he is the leading conservative candidate in this primary.
How can that be? Precisely for the very reason stated above. We don’t know who he is, we haven’t examined his record thoroughly, we blindly believe in faith the statements he as a Christian family man uses to make a quick point, and he is the last one standing to experience the negative carpet bombing from Mitt Romney. Not to worry, though, as he assures us,

“Ha! You look at my record. I’ve been as much of a reformer, and someone who has been able to shake things up both from the inside and the outside better than anybody else.”

Source: about grandiose.

The media is smearing Gingrich right and left while going relatively light on Santorum.

1. For example, because of the media, many buy into the idea that Gingrich was for the TARP bailout and Santorum was not. Let’s look at that idea.

On Hannity and Colmes, Gingrich said in regard to TARP:
“I think this is an appallingly bad plan. I think it will be an engine of corruption....I believe this is about as bad as anything I’ve seen in economic policy.....Socialism at its worst.”

Alan Colmes tells him his words are some of the most strident comments he’s heard against this plan and then asks what should be done. Newt amazes with his clear understanding of the problem and with his ability to give forth a solution.

Hannity and Colmes

2. As another example, in one of the GOP debates, Santorum joined the band wagon to say that Gingrich, whom he admitted just a few days before to be his mentor, was thrown out of Congress and that he was disastrous as a Speaker.

Somehow he skips over the fact that Congress with Gingrich enjoyed an unmatched 60% approval rating (unmatched unless you count after 9/11). Santorum hopes with expectation we won’t remember that Gingrich actually passed The Personal Responsibility Act (welfare reform), most of his Contract with America, and balanced the budget four times in a row.

Furthermore, Rick Santorum had the audacity to claim he wrote the welfare reform.

“I wrote the welfare reform bill in the Contract with America. I was the ranking member on that subcommittee. And when I came to the Senate, through a quirk, I ended up managing the bill on the floor of the United States Senate and working with President Clinton and getting a bill signed after he vetoed it twice to end welfare. We bloc-granted the program, got rid of the federal entitlement — the only one in the history of the country that’s ever been done. And I was the principal author of it in the United States Senate, managed the bill on the floor.”

Remarks from January NH debate:

His statement is easily refuted by the facts:

“The Personal Responsibility Act had many contributing authors, but none of them were then Representative Rick Santorum. Rep. Clay Shaw, FL is widely credited with spearheading the authorship of the bill with help from the Conservative Heritage Foundation and others.,_Jr.
After being vetoed twice by President Clinton the bill that ultimately became law was the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Act. The bill, H.R. 3734, was introduced by Rep. John Kasich in the House. The companion bill, S. 1956, was introduced by then Budget Committee Chairman Sen. Pete Domenici.” Justin Gray, Feb. 28

H.R. 3734

S. 1956

Welfare reform was one of the proposals within the Newt’s 1994 Contract With America, which was mostly written by Gingrich before the election in November of 1994, before Santorum took office. It was Gingrich who put Santorum on the committee to help draft the legislation but then he had to give him direction when the conservative faction saw Santorum getting confused and actually trying to expand welfare.

“But to the surprise of Santorum and his allies, their own proposal soon became an object of ridicule in one faction of the Republican Party. Led by Representative James Talent of Missouri, this faction argued that a $20 billion work program was not the end of welfare but the extension of it; the real goal in their view was not to put single mothers to work but to discourage them from becoming single mothers in the first place.” Source:

3. His loss in 2006 is explained away by him as a bad year for Republicans; but if one digs a little deeper, we’ll find his particular loss had something to do with too much spending. He said he was a conservative but he showed himself to the voters as otherwise. See video, Statist Santorum:

4. Santorum claims to be “tea party before there was a Tea Party.” That has yet to be objectively verified especially when you consider he supported RINO Trey Grayson over Rand Paul.

In the case of Gingrich, it is easy to verify. Before it was cool, he attended the very first Tea Party and asked people to join in 2009.


See also Gingrich endorsed by tea party nation founder

K Street project

The K Street Project, launched in 1995 by Grover Norquist and Tom DeLay, was a plan for lobbying firms in DC to hire Republicans for plum positions. Those firms would then have special access to officials which could conceivably lead to having the ability to influence any regulations which affected them.

Santorum denies ( ) that there even was such a project, “We don’t have a K Street Project,” but previously in November 2005 he said,

“The K Street Project is purely to make sure we have qualified applicants for positions that are in town. From my perspective, it’s a good government thing.”

Also see “A Peek Inside Santorum’s K-Street Past”

He claimed in 2006:

“I had absolutely nothing to do — never met, never talked, never coordinated, never did anything — with Grover Norquist and the, quote, K Street Project.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A fact check, however, shows otherwise:

The following may also be of interest:

Major pro-life donor hits Santorum over The One Campaign/Global Fund connections.... the Clapham Group (Planned Parenthood affiliated group) provided $125,000 out of $900,000 he earned during the year before he filed to run for President. He refused to abandon support for it.

Rick Santorum on Iran

Santorum claimed he never voted for a steel industry bailout

Chuck Norris: Why I chose Newt over Santorum

The Real Dirt on Slick Rick Santorum

29 posted on 03/21/2012 10:03:05 PM PDT by true believer forever (If Newt is good enough for Sarah, he's good enough for me!)
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