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Barack Obama: Born in Hawaii
Hawai'i Free Press ^ | 11-06-08 | Andrew Walden

Posted on 03/17/2009 11:50:28 AM PDT by AndrewWalden

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To: OafOfOffice

CERTIFICATION OF LIVE BIRTH is neither of the two you just placed.


OK, I get it we are going to take Obama out of office with the discrepancy between “CATE” and “CATION”.

The sad thing is that some people on THIS BOARD actually believe this.

As for me, I will stay focused on taxes, the economy, appointments, leftist associations, and all the various and sundry things Obama is doing to empower domestic and international anti-Americanism.

BTW: In the time since this thread beagan, Obama has proposed billing combat vets for their medical care and then just as quickly dropped the idea. Meassage: Just another opportunity to slap Americans in the face.

521 posted on 03/19/2009 11:17:44 AM PDT by AndrewWalden (America is the greatest force for human progress in the world today.)
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To: AndrewWalden
They believe it because they are smart enough to look things up and NOT accept obama's word when he is obviously hiding something. Look up information in vital statistics on different birth certificates. The certification is the short form of the original. Obama is being requested to show the long form with details. One because if he had a late birth certificate or one of the many others with amendments, it could mean he was not born on US land and is not natural born.

Also the long form could simply mean he has lied and does not want to be caught and lose his license to practice law. Or maybe something such as both parents are foreign born. The certification would leave out any amendments. But let's say the part of Soetoro is on the amendment. Then he changed it back to Obama. He lied on his license to practice law and could be disbarred. Purjury is a felony.

If executed within the United States, its territories, possessions, or commonwealths: “I declare (or certify, verify, or state) under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on (date). (Signature)”.

Maybe he was truly born in Hawaii but the original has amendments he does not want anyone to see. There is no reasonable explanation, including anything you placed here or the many who say, he doesn't have to show it, that obama would not show his BC so everyone would move on and he would not have to send attorneys to hide his past in the courts.

Did you happen to see obama's anti military article he wrote while at Columbia? It is a hint of his militancy in college and why he refuses to have those documents released.

You state other things obama has done since this thread started. I was involved in the VA threads too. In the time of this thread oBama and Dodd were found to be lying about AIG bonus in the stimulus. In the time of this thread Obama has spent a billion a hour of taxpayers money with no results except more job losses and more greedy communist thugs.

I am sure behind the scenes obama has done more than we will ever know since this thread started. Those things do not mean his legitimacy is not as important to go after. The fact is if oBama is not eligible we can possibly roll back everything he has done. Biden would have to do it again and I doubt he would get the support. Do I think that will happen? No. I think obama has people behind him that will stop any action cold no matter what obama does or what is found out. People who have always wanted America to fall are behind obama.

To suggest that because obama is doing other things this must be dropped is not going to happen. We will fight it all. Once the truth comes out obama's residency will go down the slippery slope. His own party will treat him like the plague.

522 posted on 03/19/2009 12:18:07 PM PDT by OafOfOffice (We don't see victims. We don't see people we want to exploit. What we see is potential,Rush Limbaugh)
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To: curiosity
Meaning, until obama tells the truth and shows documents, the stories will continue because no one knows the truth.

Of course there are internet rumors as well as RL gossip mongers. Intelligent people ask for answers to the person the rumor is about. When that person refuses to answer then even in RL, you think it must be true.

For that matter, obama has never once said anything is a rumor on his BC. In fact the only person to ever speak to the lawsuits was axelturf. So maybe all of the rumors are true. obama's website may have had something but I can't remember. Dailykos and mediamatters answered on their website. obama is silent. You would never know he had 20 plus lawsuits against him. He did joke about everyone thinking he was born in a manger. Maybe we need to look for farm animal documents.

Thank you for your comments.

523 posted on 03/19/2009 12:26:52 PM PDT by OafOfOffice (We don't see victims. We don't see people we want to exploit. What we see is potential,Rush Limbaugh)
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To: OafOfOffice

There are no real birth records because his mother and father were Teleprompters from the Planet Krypton.

524 posted on 03/19/2009 12:30:52 PM PDT by Palladin (AIG: American Insurance Gangsters)
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To: ml/nj
Not really. He has presented a jpg image of a COLB. I think you would agree that a COLB and a jpg image are not the same thing.

The top of the BC reads, Certification of live birth. Which is the short form of at least 3 other types of original birth certificates. Certificate of live birth is one of the 3 the original could be.

Polarik I think says the paper type or print is not of obama's date or something like that. That obama or whoever, used somebody's BC and put his details in the area. He is a genius as far as I am concerned when I read his last report. I think a JPG image is not proof of anything. I could go get one of childrens BC's and add my name to it right now and download and upload it onto the internet. I would have to learn to use my photoshop. /wink

What is obama hiding and what is on it that is so bad? This below was the information on a Hawaii BC 1963.

Child's first, middle and last name. Sex. Single, twin, triplet birth. Birth Date. Hour.

Hospital or address where born. City or county limits.

Mother resides what city. Then county & state or foreign country. Street address. Mailing address. Farm or plantation.?

Name of father. Race of father. Age of father. Birthplace, Island or state or foreign country. Occupation. Type of business.

Mothers full maiden name. Race of mother. Age. Birthplace, island, state or foreign country. Occupation during pregnancy. Business type. (CPUSA?) Date last worked.

Signature of parent or other informant. Date of said signature.

Signature of physician or attendant. Date signed.

Date accepted by local registry. Signature of local registrar. Date accepted by Reg.General.

And last but not least would be requested, Evidence for delayed filing or alteration.

525 posted on 03/19/2009 1:42:15 PM PDT by OafOfOffice (We don't see victims. We don't see people we want to exploit. What we see is potential,Rush Limbaugh)
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Comment #526 Removed by Moderator

To: Beau Jack

His history according to whom? She herself was wrong as I pointed out in her gushing about Dr Obama’s presentation to Mabel Hefty’s grade 5 class(Obama Sr never had a Phd) and the fact that Obama Sr hadn’t seen his son since Jr was two. Ann and Jr had left the island before he was even a month old, and Obama Sr left HI June 22, 1962.

527 posted on 03/19/2009 2:15:12 PM PDT by Chief Engineer
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Comment #528 Removed by Moderator

To: browardchad
Since when is debating a subject an attempt to deny people the truth?

Fair enough. You listen to others and they will listen to you. If obama does not show his original long form that is denying the people truth. The people who support obama in this denial are accomplices against peoples right to truth. Are they afraid if the truth comes out it will be the end of obama?

As far as "seeking the truth," what I see is exactly the opposite on the "certifigate" threads, which lately are being repeated over and over again. They usually start with a whole lot of screaming such as "show the certificate!"

I read the same ol' same ol' from obama supporters also. Nothing new, no facts. A lot of misinformation and a lot of just plain old talking points. And what I read is anyone asking obama to show a simple document is called every name in the book. Totally berated and trashed by obama supporters. Mostly the name calling is used to deflect the information or stop anyone from thinking any of it is true. If it is not true why are they so worried? One possible scenario is one day obama shows his BC to prove everyone was wrong.

I signed up for obama's action wires the day his team had everyone call into the radio show to make sure obama's radical funding at CAC was derailed as the topic. Those people who called in were told to say specific things in a action wire. When they were asked on the radio about those specifics, they had no clue. Do not differentiate from what you are told to say. I know how this works. I see it on the threads.

Then some brave soul will make a comment not in agreement with the "gaters," and if they persist, they immediately get labeled an Obamabot, a thug, and just about every other insult short of the bannable.

I leave thug to obama and his team. It is the Chicago way. They know they are thugs. Usually I look back at someone's forum posts and can tell they show up for the birth certificate threads to place obama's truth. But they have nothing in the way of truth other than the online BC. Oh and, obama doesn't have to show his bc. So there. And repeating things like, the courts won't even look at the cases so you must be stupid. Or one of my favorites is, get over it, you lost. That should worry everyone, including obama supporters, that we cannot rely on the courts to defend our rights. Instead they like it because it is in their favor. They can't think ahead to the future when it is used against something they want and the precedent is set.

If someone repeats something on Obama's website, dailykos or mediamatters, as truth they are obamabots. Especially as obama's website truth changes as truth is revealed.

How that behavior contributes to "seeking the truth" is beyond me, as it is, I'd assume, for most reasonable people.

Anyone who blindingly supports obama is not reasonable. Those on obamas team support him because they know the agenda. A agenda they have wanted for decades and planned everything they would do when in power. 53 million who voted for him did not know obama would take away a lot of their second amendment rights and regulate the rest, that obama would fund FORCED abortions in China with our tax dollars, even consider making injured vets pay for insurance, take away guns from airline pilots that could stop another terror attack, diminish our military and be anti military, take taxpayer trillions to payback his buddies who funded his campaign, 900 million to gaza that will be captured by Hamas who Obama funded when was in the Woods foundation, enslave our future generation for his communist goals, destroy oil & coal companies and livelihoods through heavy taxing, carbon credits etc. They should be questioning. Of course those getting free handouts and welfare will always like anything obama does. But when the money runs out what then? Those being told they are heros for being in America illegally will always be for obama's agenda.

529 posted on 03/19/2009 2:48:07 PM PDT by OafOfOffice (We don't see victims. We don't see people we want to exploit. What we see is potential,Rush Limbaugh)
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To: Beau Jack

Actually if you follow what she says of his history it follows his “official fairytale” which he has admitted he changed. He credits his father with receiving a Phd when Harvard has verified that Obama Sr received an M.A. only, and he mentions his father left when he was two, but further research has revealed that Ann and Jr left HI before August 1961 was over and never returned to HI until sometime in fall of 1962 after Sr left HI June 22, 1962. From the many articles written you may have noticed that people wrote that Sr left HI in 1963 because they failed to check records and archives of papers. They went by what Jr had written.

530 posted on 03/19/2009 2:57:32 PM PDT by Chief Engineer
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To: OafOfOffice

Excellent post.

531 posted on 03/19/2009 7:59:10 PM PDT by Red Steel
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To: browardchad

There is something fishy with the law supposedly only being first passed in 1982.
It references “the Territory or State of Hawaii”
No need to reference something that hadn’t been in effect for what? Fifty some years?

To me this indicates, because of the language, that it was in effect (passed) much earlier than indicated, or was taken from another § that was in effect at the time when “Territory” had meaning to the statute.

532 posted on 07/16/2009 2:03:09 PM PDT by AverageJo
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