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To: Almondjoy

WRONG. I have a chemical imbalance, which brings about my symptoms of depression. Before this imbalance began, my moods were considered "normal".

But today, if I am happily going along, life is great, and I STOP taking my medications, my mood shifts into depression. It is NOT the other way around.

This is part of my living with manic-depression. This is a life-long illness that is not going to go away. No amount of "positive thinking" or prayer is going to make it go away on its own. It is only when the chemicals in my brain are evened out that the depression goes away.

And it isn't just a simple manner of popping pills. There is much more to my mood regulation than that.

God is God and will judge as He will. I would never say that He does not. Do not put such words in my mouth.

But you are assuming that just because someone is depressed they are in the wrong and deserve the wrath of God. What have I done to deserve this? Nothing. And God did not inflict me with it. It just happened. Similiar to when others just happen to have a heart condition or any other illness.

15 posted on 03/21/2007 4:14:52 AM PDT by Pan_Yans Wife (Life isn't fair. It's just fairer than death, that's all.--William Goldman)
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To: Pan_Yans Wife

It's because your medicine is masking the problem. Just like Ritalin and quite a few other drugs you are only attacking the symptoms.. not what's causing you to be depressed in the first place.

You mentioned earlier that before the imbalance you were considered "normal". Did you just wake up one day a manic-depressive? If so can you explain to me why how Doctors figure that can happen? One day you are fine and one day you are manic? What scientific evidence can you quote that will help me understand this?

If there is much more to your mood regulation than just popping pills then obviously it isn't just your chemical imbalance that is the problem. If it was purely a chemical imbalance then fixing that imbalance would fix your problem.

I never said you didn't think God would judge you.. I'm just trying to understand if people who have severe disorders get a free pass.. that's all.

Well some people believe that everything does happen for a reason.. so therefore you are afflicted because of some grand purpose of God. Other's will say you have inccured God's wrath and that's why you feel the way you do. While other's still will say you have afflicted yourself do to something you have done in the past that you can't get past. Other's still will say that you have been afflicted because of other's actions upon you and which you haven't learned how to cope with those actions yet. Or like you said.. life can be just one big accident.

But what I can tell you is coming from a family in which my brother is on medication. My wife has a mother who is on medication. From Doctors who said it's "passed in the gene's". I overcame severe anxiety disorder(severe shaking vomiting etc.), my wife overcame severe depression, we were able to overcome these things through the word of God and learning that our feelings weren't the most important thing in the world. When you focus on what's good around you instead of what's bad inside of you.. your whole view of the world changes and you are able to overcame much of the mental stuff you are talking about.

Whatever path you choose I wish you well.

17 posted on 03/21/2007 7:53:14 AM PDT by Almondjoy
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