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The ABC is so ideologically depraved that it is beyond salvation [Australia]
BrookesNews.Com ^ | Monday June 19 2006 | Gerard Jackson

Posted on 06/19/2006 6:50:21 PM PDT by Brian Allen

Right-wingers are prematurely gloating because Keith Windschuttle has now joined fellow conservatives Janet Albrechtsen, John Gallagher Stephen Skala and Ron Brunton on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s board. Naturally supporters of the ABC (Australian Bolshevik Corporation) and its ideologically homogeneous crew of phony journalists are outraged that the Government is making a serious attempt to hold these vicious lefties accountable to the taxpayers — you know, the ones who actually pay their salaries.

However, these anti-Australian America-hating lefties can rest in peace. The only permanent solution to the political corruption that is permanently and deeply ingrained in the ABC is to abolish it. It’s ideological depravity is vivid evidence of why state funded media outlets inevitably become a fifth column and an enemy of democracy.

(The anti-Semitic and anti-American British Brainwashing Corporation is another example of how the cancerous left eventually corrupt everything it come in contact with. It even went as far as actively cooperating with terrorist forces in Iraq).

A quick look at some of the ideological scum that infest the ABC will help indicate to readers why “termination with extreme prejudice” is the only decent solution to this media cesspit. Max Uechtritz, head of news and current affairs, was quoted as telling a media conference in 2002 that the US military were a bunch of “lying bastards”. Pretty rich considering that lying and distorting the news is now second nature to ABC ideologues.

The slimy Uechtritz tried defend the ABC’s bigoted lefty propaganda by stating the “The ABC has one of the proudest histories of war reporting of any broadcaster in the world” (The Age, How the ABC upheld its duty during Iraq, 30 May 2003). What this leftist mountebank did not say is that he and his cankerous comrades had destroyed deeply tarnished the ABC’s WWII reputation, unless he can provide evidence that ABC reporters at the time sided with the Japanese and the Nazis.

As allied troops, with few little losses of their own, were crushing Saddam’s army and his troops were surrendering in droves Latline’s ever hopeful Norman Hermant enthusiastically predicted disaster for the liberators as in “In town after town, Iraqi soldiers are not giving up”. Then there was John Highfield who has since left the ABC. As one of its foreign correspondents he equated the allied liberation of Iraq with the Nazi attack on Europe.

In April 2000 two journalists were accidentally killed in Baghdad by a US tank crew. Although US Brigadier-General Vincent Brooks apologized for the accident the ABC’s AM host Linda Mottram made the patently phony assertion that the “chances of independent reporting of the events on the ground have suffered a body blow overnight, and it’s raised new questions about how the coalition has shaped reporting on the war.”

The despicable Mottram was clearly insinuating that the killings were intended as a warning to other journalists. The Australian’s lying Peter Wilson took the same line by maliciously accusing the tank crew of premeditated murder. The crew were later exonerated with the help of a journalist who was with them at the time of the shooting. Neither the ABC nor The Australian apologised for the vile accusations.

Mottram, like Wilson, is a particularly nasty piece of work. She brazenly attempted to fuel the left’s pro-Saddam propaganda machine by asserting that international aid agencies had warned the allies of a human disaster of the first order in hundreds of thousands of Iraqis would suffer. The Red Cross made no mention of any human catastrophe despite the fact that it was the only agency she named. Unfortunately this mendacious sneering bag of wind is what the ABC admiring calls a real reporter.

At the same time as Mottram was putting out propaganda for friends of Saddam Stephen Crittenden, an ABC presenter on Radio National’s The Religion Report, was reprimanded and censored by an ABC commissar for publishing an article in Spectrum, in which he maintained that “the Huntington thesis seems to have been remarkably prescient in the light of recent world events”.

The commissar told made it very clear that he needed their permission to have anything published. Meaning of course, that they and they alone decide what he could submit to journals and papers. It was noted by observers that the same restrictions are not applied to the deluded Marxist Terry Lane (presenter, The National Interest) who writes a column for the leftwing Sunday Age or to malevolent anti-American Phillip Adams (presenter, Late Night Live) who writes a column for Murdoch’s Weekend Australian. Yep, the one thing that can be truly said of the ABC is that it never gets any better.

Let us refer to the ineffable Matt Brown. On 9 June tried to cross-examine US military spokesman Major General William Caldwell over the bombing that sent the sadistic al-Zarqawi to the promised land. Reading Brown one would think that Zarqawi the terrorist was the victim and the US the villains. But then maybe that’s what this wretched leftwing excuse for a journalist believes.

Brown stated that “witnesses say a woman and child were also killed in the blast”. The woman was Zarqawi’s sixteen-year-old wife whose baby was18 months old. So this slimeball impregnates a 13-year-old girl and then drags her and her child into a battle zone, and the ever so sensitive Mr Brown can see nothing wrong with this picture — apart from two very well targeted 500 pound bombs. What this slimeball, Brown this time, not Zarqawi, left out of his report was the discovery nearby Zarqawi’s hiding place of fruit boxes filled with human heads. No doubt Zarqawi felt that he needed to keep in practice.

The sort people the ABC chooses to interview on political matters can be very instructive. On 1 October 2003 it interviews the despicable Bush-hating Jake Tapper. This extreme leftist argued that the Bush White House was as guilty of treason as Philip Agee, the man who defected to the KGB and betrayed hundreds of American agents, some of whom were reported to have been murdered as a result of his treason.

Tapper then lied by claiming that Joe Wilson's wife had been betrayed while undercover. (We now know that this was another of Joe Wilson’s baldfaced lies). To justify his libel Tapper lied again when he stated that Agee was only considered a traitor because he revealed the names of CIA agents, which was bad enough. He’s a traitor because he defected to the KGB. An indisputable fact that the lying Tapper refused to mention and the ABC has studiously ignored.

Now the lying Tapper interviewed Agee in Havana, where he works for the DGI (Castro's KGB), and allowed him to lie about his treason and to libel Bush. What Tapper concealed from his viewers is that Agee was a KGB agent (code named Pont) operating through Castro’s DGI (General Directorate of Intelligence), which was under the control of Semenov, a KGB general. Even though the KGB has gone, Agee still works for the DGI. It has yet to be publicly revealed whether he is on the payroll of Russia’s secret service.

We shall probably never know how many CIA and British agents were murdered because of Agee’s treason, not that the murder of American or allied agents seems to bother the likes of Jake Tapper and his ABC admirers. But we do know is that the first CIA agent that Agee betrayed was a US master sergeant of Czech descent who had managed in 1968 to infiltrate the KGB in Mexico. Fortunately for Marek he was not murdered, no thanks to Agee or the likes of Tapper.

That the ABC presents scum like Tapper and Agee as honest critics of the Bush administration is itself a damning indictment of that organization’s utter corruption.

If someone were to ask me to name the one ABC personality that epitomises all that is rotten, callous and politically corrupt in that ideological sewer I would have to grant the honour to Ramona Koval. This lying leftwing bigot is the ABC’s staff-elected director, meaning she will be sharing the company of Windschuttle and company.

She is a leftwing fanatic that also wrote for Murdoch’s Australian while employed at the ABC . (Strange, is it not, that ABC commissars saw no reason to censor or review her work?) In May 1997 four young seamen aboard HMAS Westralia were killed in a fire. Koval politicised the grief of the families by turning the tragedy into an anti-market piece of propaganda (The Australian 30 May 1998). According this Marxist twit capitalism killed the young men.

In another article she truly excelled herself by writing a grovelling tribute to ‘former’ terrorist Gerry Adams, claiming that he could give Prime Minister Howard lessons in charisma (The Australian 8 March 1999) . Now John Howard has his faults but he never ordered anyone to be murdered; he never ordered car or letter bombings and he never had anyone kneecapped with a Black and Decker (it was cheaper and more fun than using bullet.

Oddly enough, Koval forgot to mention any of these IRA ‘interrogation’ techniques. But then Adams, like Koval, is a socialist. She also ignored Adams’ refusal to support any moves for disarming IRA thugs. Koval is hot on apologies, especially to Aborigines, but she said nothing about Adams refusal to condemn the murder of two Australian tourists.

And speaking of murder Koval was uncharacteristically silent When Adams thugs revealed the locations of the unmarked graves of 9 people that his peace-loving organisation admits to kidnapping and then murdering. One of the victims was Mrs Jean McConville, a widowed mother of 10. Her crime was to have attended a dying soldier shot by an IRA sniper. IRA thugs dragged her from her flat in 1972, forced (read tortured) her to confess to being a British agent and then sadistically murdered her. For 17 years her orphaned children, son-in-law and other relatives and friends wondered what the IRA had done to her — now they know.

And who was responsible for overseeing these atrocities? Why Koval’s charismatic Gerry Adams.

The IRA not only had the gall to demand that the relatives of those it kidnapped, tortured, murdered and then secretly buried bar the media from funeral services, it also objected to some relatives calling for autopsies that would reveal the cause of death and perhaps even evidence of torture. These are facts that the sensitive, caring and compassionate Koval has chosen to never write about. Nevertheless, we must thank Ms Koval for reminding us of just how morally depraved the left really is.

It says much that the likes of Koval and her ABC comrades think that a humane and decent man like Howard could learn anything from a sadistic like Adams. At this point we should compare her attitude to Adams with her criticism of Harry Wu and her assertion that no one should “listen uncritically to his political opinions.” As is always the case with leftists, it is not what is done that counts but who does it.

On a visit to Australia Harry Wu, a leading Chinese dissident, expressed his support for capitalism. Wu had spent nearly 20 years in the Lao Gai (China’s Gulag) so, unlike Koval, he knows what socialism is really like. She attended the Kenneth and Yasuko Myer Walkley Asia Media Lecture where Wu related some of his experiences. Koval was so appalled by Wu’s admiration for capitalism (the process that raised Western living standards to unprecedented levels) and his description of China as the “communist evil empire” that she sneering referred to his comment as “Reaganite sloganeering” (The Australian, 22 August 1998).

Now hang on a moment. We had two communist states that between them murdered at least 70 million to 100 million persons and the Marxist Koval sneered at Wu, exhorting readers not to “listen uncritically to his political opinions”. Twenty years in China’s man-made hell and this is all she really had to say about him. Actually, her response to Wu was eerily like the typical Western Stalinist’s response to any criticism of the Soviet Union.

I don’t profess to know what drives the likes of Koval, even though I’ve met dozens of totalitarian who are just like her. But she once wrote something that did grab me: she claimed her parents had a soft spot for the Red Army. This is the same Red Army that invaded eastern Poland on the 17 September, 1939, to join up with its Nazi allies. The same Red Army that outdid the Nazis for atrocities against the Poles before Hitler turned on Stalin. The same Red Army that sat on the Vistula while the Nazi’s exterminated Poland’s Home Army. The same Red Army that committed thousands of atrocities against the Poles once the Nazis were driven out.

If Windschuttle, Albrechtsen, Gallagher, Skala, Brunton and the rest of the crowd think they can somehow successfully challenge the ABC’s foul political ethos they need look no further than Koval whose mephitic presence is proof positive that the organisation is beyond salvation.

Gerard Jackson is Brookes’ economics editor

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1 posted on 06/19/2006 6:50:24 PM PDT by Brian Allen
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To: Brian Allen

Ain't it the truth!

The sooner the ABC is privatized, the better for everyone!

2 posted on 06/19/2006 6:56:09 PM PDT by Aussie Dasher (The Great Ronald Reagan & John Paul II - Heaven's Dream Team!)
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To: Aussie Dasher

<< The sooner the ABC is privatized, the better for everyone! >>


Who would buy it? Murdoch's News Corp, perhaps? The Packers? Fairfax? The employers of such socialist demigogues as Richard carlton, Yana Wendt, Mike Carlton, Daryl Hinch or John Laws, maybe?

None of Australia's privately owned media are in any case markedly distinguishable from the Australia Bolshevic Corporation.

And who would in any case consume its commercial product?

Dad and Dave?

3 posted on 06/19/2006 7:13:08 PM PDT by Brian Allen (All that is required to ensure the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -- Edmund Burke)
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To: Aussie Dasher; Brian Allen

Maybe our Air America could buy your ABC and put Al Franken on it. They'd have to steal more money from poor kids foundations to do it, but when did that ever stop commie fascists?

4 posted on 06/19/2006 7:25:37 PM PDT by patriciaruth (
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To: Brian Allen

Closing down a perfectly good broadcasting network (apart from the output) would be a dreadful waste.

Privatization is a better option.

5 posted on 06/19/2006 7:29:55 PM PDT by Aussie Dasher (The Great Ronald Reagan & John Paul II - Heaven's Dream Team!)
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To: Brian Allen; Aussie Dasher
We in the United States seldom are exposed to the Australian media. About the only thing we hear are stories from our returning veterans, from so many past wars, describing the Australians as the most reliable, professional, honorable, and downright tough allies that any country could dare hope to have.

Apparently the left wing poison of the media is incapable of penetrating the cream of Australian manhood.

We can only salute you, as we battle our own "Newspaper of Wreckage", the New York Times.

Thanks for 100 years of taking our sides.

6 posted on 06/19/2006 7:33:52 PM PDT by pickrell (Old dog, new trick...sort of)
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To: pickrell; Aussie Dasher; Byron_the_Aussie; Dundee; shaggy eel

<< About the only thing we hear are stories from our returning veterans, from so many past wars, describing the Australians as the most reliable, professional, honorable, and downright tough allies that any country could dare hope to have. >>

Not the slightest doubt about the fact Australia is and has long been America's First and Best Ally and that its brave and tough and resilient and indomitable military forces punch way way way above their weight!

To bad the Kiwis, shaggs, once a part of that Absolutely-definitive-of-morality alliance, ANZUS, have wimped out to wicked and wayward wymyn and have morphed into gender feminisms' useless eunochs.

7 posted on 06/19/2006 7:44:02 PM PDT by Brian Allen (All that is required to ensure the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -- Edmund Burke)
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To: Aussie Dasher

<< Closing down a perfectly good broadcasting network (apart from the output) would be a dreadful waste. >>

Not as dreadful as keeping the bastard open!

8 posted on 06/19/2006 7:45:47 PM PDT by Brian Allen (All that is required to ensure the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. -- Edmund Burke)
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To: Brian Allen
What a lovely blast! "Cankerous comrades" - I may have to steal that one.

So much of the left defines itself not by what it stands for but by what it opposes that it hardly seems appropriate to expect coherent thought out of it anymore. The portrayal of Zarqawi as a victim is a perfect case in point. This can only be done by someone who is deliberately ignoring the man's antecedents - the beheadings, the mass murders - in preference to an ideologically-inspired point of view that one side must always be wrong, and that it is their function to find a way to support that world view and never mind the facts. Politics replacing objectivity is very common, but this is far worse, it is politics replacing rationality itself. These people pride themselves on not thinking like other people but in fact they aren't thinking at all.

9 posted on 06/19/2006 7:51:58 PM PDT by Billthedrill
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To: Brian Allen

LOL! I'm sure there's more than a billion reasons to sell it off!

10 posted on 06/19/2006 8:33:38 PM PDT by Aussie Dasher (The Great Ronald Reagan & John Paul II - Heaven's Dream Team!)
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To: Brian Allen

Jeez. I didn't know you Aussies had government media. I presume you have free market alternatives?

11 posted on 06/19/2006 8:42:22 PM PDT by GVnana (Former Alias: GVgirl)
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To: GVnana
Jeez. I didn't know you Aussies had government media. I presume you have free market alternatives?

Yes, we do.

For example in terms of television, most places have five free-to-air TV channels.

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) is goverment owned and run. The SBS (Special Broadcasting Service) is largely government funded, but is also permitted to accept commercial advertising. It's purpose originally was to broadcast multicultural and multilanguage programming. Both channels are largely left wing, but both do have some good programs in my view.

In addition to these two, we also have three national commercial television networks - Seven, Nine, and Ten. Some areas also have a public broadcasting channel, that is modelled on the American PBS, but is still in a fairly early stage of development.

And then, there's pay-TV which offers a lot more channels if you want to pay for them - including British and American news and business channels, on top of an Australian news and business channel.

12 posted on 06/19/2006 9:05:33 PM PDT by naturalman1975 ("America was under attack. Australia was immediately there to help." - John Winston Howard)
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To: Brian Allen

Gerry Jackson is always a very good read. And he always slays the lefties with facts. The lefties own hypocrisy does them in all the time. Too bad Oz has as much problems with lefties as we do.

13 posted on 06/20/2006 2:26:18 AM PDT by driftless ( For life-long happiness, learn how to play the accordion.)
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To: naturalman1975
Thanks for the info. As you obviously know, our PBS is government funded. It's supposed to be for our "cultural benefit". Yeah.

What is your primary television news source?

14 posted on 06/20/2006 11:17:08 PM PDT by GVnana (Former Alias: GVgirl)
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