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World Can't wait to hold protest on October 5th (Commie rally)

Posted on 04/23/2006 2:42:14 PM PDT by Thunder90

From the Commies at World Can't wait:

The Bush Regime Must be Stopped!

On Thursday, OCTOBER 5TH 2006: All day and into the night, across the country, we must decidedly break the paralysis that still grips too much of American political life.

Taking off work, taking off school, shutting down campuses and coming together in mass gatherings, we must let the country and the world know that:

---millions of us reject this illegitimate regime that is as criminal as it is dangerous to humanity & the existence of this planet.

---we refuse to grow accustomed to a political climate that is becoming everyday more frightening & reactionary.

We are what we've been waiting for.

Despite Bush's popularity ratings now running lower than Nixon's, majority opposition to the unjust Iraq war and popular support for Bush being censured or impeached, the political will of the people is being betrayed and finds no voice. We are told to put our hopes into what powerful interests dictate as "electable".

Ask yourself this: Where will this country and the world be, on the day after the elections of 2006? Will we be debating:

What the minimum voltage level for the electrodes attached to prisoners' genitals is, in order to meet the definition of torture?

Whether war on Iran will use nuclear weapons, or just white phosphorous bombs and conventional forces like in Iraq?

Whether birth control should be outlawed in just a few states, or the whole country?

Whether gay parents should have their children taken away immediately, or just be prevented from adopting in the future?

Will hopes and energies have been squandered again, leaving us further locked into politics that is cementing this situation in place for generations?

Or do we need a powerful movement that is not afraid to give voice to the peoples' will, to speak the truth, building toward and bursting out society-wide on October 5th, that won't stop until the Bush regime is driven from power?

On October 5th we will make a breach in the walls being cemented all around us to say Enough! with mass political action that does not compromise with torture & unjust wars, that rejects bowing down to theocrats and the immorality of empire.

On October 5 join us in a day of honest, courageous resistance. What will you do to take responsibility for the future?

Change the course of history. This regime does not represent us and we will drive it out!

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The moonbats are at it again. All freepers mark your calenders to counterprotest these moonbats.
1 posted on 04/23/2006 2:42:20 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: PJ-Comix
The next Day that Changed EverythingTM
2 posted on 04/23/2006 2:44:08 PM PDT by NeoCaveman (the freeper formerly known as dubyaismypresident, Blackwell for governor Ohio '06)
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To: Thunder90; MeekOneGOP; Mr. Silverback; LibertyRocks

Heads up!

3 posted on 04/23/2006 2:46:09 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: Thunder90

Are you going to track this and really organize something?

4 posted on 04/23/2006 2:46:35 PM PDT by Excellence ("The greatest threat to human rights is economic opportunity." Harrison Ford, economist)
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To: Excellence

It is the Third quarter Moonbat rally, usually these are tracked and countered.

5 posted on 04/23/2006 2:49:09 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: Thunder90

Where is this all supposed to take place???

Bisbee might close but nobody cares, Tombstone sure isn't gonna close, neither is Benson, Wilcox, Douglas or Sierra Vista so that means only Hippie-Town in Cochise County might close.

6 posted on 04/23/2006 2:49:13 PM PDT by SandRat (Duty, Honor, Country. What else needs to be said?)
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To: SandRat

WCW may bring in illegal immigrants.

7 posted on 04/23/2006 2:49:44 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: Thunder90

Chris Simcox of the MM is from Tombstone so the MM will be watching on that day is my bet.

8 posted on 04/23/2006 2:53:32 PM PDT by SandRat (Duty, Honor, Country. What else needs to be said?)
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To: Thunder90
Revolutionary Communist Party.

Will Sunsara Taylor flash her boobies for a new Che shirt?

Is Mao's ass communist? Shur she will...

9 posted on 04/23/2006 2:54:20 PM PDT by Doctor Raoul (CODE PINK has blood on their hands and they can never, never wash it off)
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To: Thunder90

Actually,this group is just a front for the Revolutionary Communist Party,Chairman Bob Avakians group of pesky Maoists.
The irony is that for many years they have advocated the"wild in the streets"tactics of the anarchists.This current manifestation is way more moderate than previous incarnations.A lot of vague language about confronting the system but during the last round of demos things went quite peacefully.

10 posted on 04/23/2006 2:56:13 PM PDT by Riverman94610
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To: Thunder90
The reality is: Every time they say that this is an illegitimate regime, they lose another hundred rational people. I hope they have huge protests on October 5th. I hope every one of these wackos takes off work and school and shows up for massive protests.

One month before the midterms, they intend to demonstrate for all the world to see why they should be kept out of office. Absolutely kept out of office.

Keep it up, guys, you're gonna crash and burn your intentions.
11 posted on 04/23/2006 3:10:02 PM PDT by kingu
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To: Doctor Raoul; Thunder90
Founded in June 2005 by Charles Clark Kissinger, a longtime leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party, World Can't Wait (WCW) is a direct action movement seeking to organize "people living in the United States to take responsibility to stop the whole disastrous course led by the Bush administration." The organization asserts that removing President Bush from office "will be like removing a forty-pound tumor from your gut." WCW vows "to send Bush, Cheney and the rest of those fascists packing. ... After that, there are people in 'World Can't Wait' who are working for everything from reforming the Democratic party, to building a 3rd party, to revolution."  
On October 13, 2005, WCW organized a protest "encampment" near the White House. Participating activists spent the ensuing twenty days counting down to the "end of the Bush regime." The campers were treated to visits from "national voices of conscience" who had endorsed their efforts. Most prominent among them was anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan. Sunsara Taylor, a WCW organizer, declared that the "
encampment is a premonition. Soon, all the pent-up anger and outrage -- of the hundreds of thousands of Black people betrayed during [Hurricane] Katrina, of the millions of women who refuse to give up abortion, of the immigrants who have been demonized and rounded up, of the majority that is fed up with the lies and lies and lies -- will come forward in a movement to drive Bush out."

The WCW movement encourages the harassment and intimidation of those opposed to its agendas. On October 24, 2005, two Los Angeles-based WCW activists infiltrated a West Hollywood appearance by conservative speaker David Horowitz. Professing themselves determined to "shut this fascist down," the activists had to be forcibly restrained and removed from the theater, and later boasted that they had disrupted a "Nazi Rally."

Another target of WCW attacks is Berkeley Law Professor John Yoo, who incurred the organization's wrath after advising the Bush administration that the detainees being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba were not eligible for Geneva Convention protections accorded to prisoners of war.  In late October 2005 a number of WCW organizers stormed into Yoo's class, accompanied by student activists outfitted in orange jumpsuits meant to symbolize those worn by detainees in Guantanamo Bay.  

number of college campuses host WCW chapters, and many of the group's activities center on student organizing on both the college and high-school levels - exhorting young people to engage in civil disobedience, distribute political literature, and in such activities as "walkouts" and "campus shutdowns."

A key date in WCW history was N
ovember 2, 2005. To hasten the coming of its eagerly anticipated communist revolution, the organization designated this date, the one-year mark of President Bush's reelection, a day of "society-wide resistance" in cities and college campuses across the United States. There were small-scale protests in a number of cities -- including New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago -- aimed at helping to ignite the communist revolution for which WCW organizers candidly agitate. At the San Francisco rally, the festivities began with the reading of a statement from the Revolutionary Communist Party. That was followed by a taped message from convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal, a supporter of World Can't Wait. Cindy Sheehan also delivered a speech. 

A comprehensive list of WCW's individual and organizational endorsers can be viewed on the WCW website. Among the names on the list are: the After Downing Street anti-war coalition, the ANSWER coalition of New York City, Aris Anagnos, Ed Asner, Mumia Abu Jamal, Bill Ayers, Code Pink, Harry Belafonte, Bob Bossie, Ward Churchill, John Conyers, Michael Eric Dyson, Eve Ensler, Jodie Evans, Gloria Steinem, C. Clark Kissinger, Frances Kissling, Martin Sheen, Jane Fonda, the Islamic Circle of North America, Islamic Association of America, Jesse Jackson, the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination CommitteeMichael Lerner, the National Lawyers Guild, Armando Navarro, Not In Our Name, Michael Ratner, Cindy Sheehan, Gore Vidal, Carl Dix of the Revolutionary Communist Party, Alice Walker, Leonard Weinglass, Cornel West, Sean Penn, Harold Pinter, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Susan Sarandon, Progressive Democrats of AmericaMajor Owens, Mark Crispin Miller, and Howard Zinn.

Virtually all of the foregoing individuals and groups were signatories to a December 12, 2005, WCW paid advertisement that appeared in The New York Times, accusing the Bush regime of "setting out to radically remake society very quickly, in a fascist way" by "waging a murderous and utterly illegitimate war in Iraq … openly torturing people … moving each day closer to a theocracy, where a narrow and hateful brand of Christian fundamentalism will rule … [and] enforc[ing] a culture of greed, bigotry, intolerance and ignorance." Also signing this advertisement was the radical attorney Lynne Stewart

To fund its various protests and appeals, WCW relies partly on individual contributions and in the main on the Alliance for Global Justice, a Washington D.C.-based 501(c)(3) charity "focused on human, environmental and worker rights."

12 posted on 04/23/2006 3:11:20 PM PDT by hipaatwo
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To: kingu

International ANSWER and United for Peace are sure to join this.

13 posted on 04/23/2006 3:15:14 PM PDT by Thunder90
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To: Thunder90

It really doesn't matter. I'd bet there's 3 groups to every activist. The membership flowchart must be massive.

14 posted on 04/23/2006 3:20:01 PM PDT by AmishDude (AmishDude, servant of the dark lord Xenu.)
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To: Thunder90

Bump since Quinn and Rose mentioned it this morning!

15 posted on 09/27/2006 5:57:34 AM PDT by RockinRight (She rocks my world, and I rock her world.)
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To: Thunder90; SittinYonder

16 posted on 09/27/2006 6:37:14 AM PDT by eyespysomething (
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To: Mr. Silverback; LibertyRocks; MeekOneGOP; concretebob; kristinn

Heads up. Commies are inbound to your locations

17 posted on 09/27/2006 9:13:29 AM PDT by Thunder90
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To: Thunder90

Already have plans in the works. Thanks

18 posted on 09/27/2006 2:33:23 PM PDT by concretebob (Those that feed the alligator will be eaten last.)
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To: Thunder90
The problem is, these people don't have jobs, don't have lives, and insist on holding these rallies on a work day,
when they know us conservatives will be hard at work, making an honest living.
19 posted on 09/27/2006 2:37:10 PM PDT by concretebob (Those that feed the alligator will be eaten last.)
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To: Thunder90
When Bush departs at the end of his term, you do realise they'll all be slapping each other on the back saying that they were responsible.

Regards, Ivan

20 posted on 09/27/2006 2:38:44 PM PDT by MadIvan (I aim to misbehave.)
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