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LIVE THREAD: Post-Debate Cheney v. Edwards ^ | October 5, 2004

Posted on 10/05/2004 7:38:10 PM PDT by Howlin

After-debate discussion here!

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Extended News; Front Page News; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: District of Columbia; US: North Carolina; US: Texas; US: Wyoming
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To: WoofDog123

You ventured the idea you'd rather have Cheney in office as President, highly complimentary on his conservatism and performance tonight. I do not deny he is qualified for the Presidency and he did well. I have also been vocal about how I wouldn't mind him on our '08 ticket as Prez.

My response to you was that the policies Cheney has defended and worked on have been put forth by THIS President.

Rather than acknowledging that, you retort Cheney had a bigger role than we are aware of.

If YOU do not mean to imply Cheney is largely responsible for the President's successful policies, fine, I will accept your word.

I do not deny Cheney offers important imput as does every member in the administration. What I am sensitive to is the suggestion the President is overly dependent on Cheney, charges usually advanced by the Left.

G.W. is the President, he sets forth policy. The successes Cheney defended tonight Bush put in place and Cheney certainly deserves credit for their implementation, but there is no question Bush leads this administration.

901 posted on 10/05/2004 9:09:53 PM PDT by Soul Seeker
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To: Matt32

Yes, I think it was very evident that stature-wise, Cheney was several notches above Edwards, who is no Joe Lieberman. I thought Cheney scored repeatedly on foreign policy. He clobbered Edwards on the Iraqis, and the Kerry position of saying he'll bring in more allies, all the while he's slandering the ones we do have.

I think Cheney was not going to attack Edwards' Senate record, as he really isn't the issue, Kerry is. But after the Halliburton, Halliburton, Halliburton stuff, he let it fly and it was beautiful. A debate version of "Go F*** Yourself!!!"

902 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:07 PM PDT by Big E
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To: CalRepublican
Edwards' comments on gay marriage were, as Sully might say, "gobsmackingly stupid."

I couldn't believe them, myself. By saying that "marriage is between a man and a woman... but.." (which is actually reasonable and the moderate Republican approach anyway) Edwards was making a transparent attempt to have it both ways-- to not appear to be the pervert party candidate to mainstream USA while still supporting his GLBT constituents. It was so obviously insincere, I wondered why he bothered.

903 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:08 PM PDT by Pearls Before Swine (Remember Beslan -- the face of Islam)
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To: ProudVet77

Miller said he bet that Cheney couldn't wait to get hold of Edwars. Said his heart was probably skippin' faster than Richard Simmons going to meet Justin Timberlake!

904 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:09 PM PDT by CaptRon (Pedecaris alive or Raisuli dead)
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To: Howlin

Fineman is pointing out that Edwards kept breaking the rules and had a problem answering the questions that were asked him

905 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:12 PM PDT by Mo1 (Edwards blinks more than a "vacancy" sign on a cheap motel)
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To: secret 4 agent

Joey better put some ice on that, and perhaps he could pick up a crying towel on the way out the door.

906 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:16 PM PDT by BigSkyFreeper (Real gun control is - all shots inside the ten ring)
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To: Howlin

Good grief, I was willing to admit that Bush got beat on Thursday.

But, this is just awful. Cheney was asking Edwards where he wants him to squirt it. On his back or on a towel.

907 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:20 PM PDT by The Drowning Witch (Sono La Voce della Nazione Selvaggia)
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To: rightwingintelligentsia
America's light flickering like the light on the television??

I was ticked off during that part, because one of the things he mentioned as evidence that our light is "flickering" is the fact that we have empty seats at the dinner table because troops are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Yeah, people are giving up their lives to preserve our freedom and liberate humankind, what a horrible threat to the American way of life. Freakin' lightweight.

908 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:24 PM PDT by Mr. Silverback (If the Cambodia "lie" 100% discredits John O'Neill, what do 50 Cambodia lies do for Kerry?)
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To: Fledermaus
The first part of MN's post was the statement by another person (he just forgot to put it in Italics).
909 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:30 PM PDT by commish (Freedom Tastes Sweetest to Those Who Have Fought to Preserve It)
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To: Pearls Before Swine

It used to be difficult to get a *good* lawyer to go after another lawyer. Now the field is so overpopulated, they are even willing to cannibalize their own, if the money is right.

910 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:33 PM PDT by GoLightly (If it doesn't kill ya, it makes ya stronger.)
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To: Timeout

What I like about George Bush...he gets up every morning, two feet hit the floor, scratches his balls, and says "Let's kill some f***in terrorists!".

Yup he is good tonight! L0L

911 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:38 PM PDT by mylife (Opinions~$1.00 Todays Special: Halfbaked~50. cents)
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To: MNJohnnie
When citing another posters words, you should really do something like italicize them to differentiate their comments from yours, lest everybody think it's you spewing that drivel.
912 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:55 PM PDT by hole_n_one
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To: Sparky760

I hope your words are right, Sparky. I went to vote on a few polls, and the numbers were already at 75% for Kerry....this was 5 minutes after the debate was finished.

5 MINUTES!....and the polls were already that bad? When Cheney cleared kicked pretty boy's butt back to NC?

913 posted on 10/05/2004 9:10:59 PM PDT by Shortstop7
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To: Mase

DANG! I was thinking people were referring to ZELL Miller and I was clicking around the news channels and missed Leno!

914 posted on 10/05/2004 9:11:06 PM PDT by Fledermaus (Darth Vader vs. My Little Silk Pony..."Your lack of faith disturbs me".)
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To: CalRepublican; Mo1; cyncooper; McGavin999; A Citizen Reporter; hchutch; PhiKapMom; onyx

I remembered what I wanted to comment on when I was LOCKED OUT OF FR again tonight!

When Edwards was closing and said "Can you ever remember a time when this country was so divided?", I was SCREAMING at the TV, "YES!!! And it was John Kerry then, too!!!!" This is EXACTLY like it was in 1971!!!!

915 posted on 10/05/2004 9:11:22 PM PDT by Howlin (What's the Font Spacing, Kenneth?)
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To: Cinnamon Girl

"I don't know what it is exactly, maybe the half smile, maybe the wise and warm expression, but Vice President Cheney is totally HOT. Totally, intensely HOT."

Remember, back in the early days when Bush/Cheney were first running for office, many of us were the Cheney chicks? Well, I'm so proud to have been one from the inception. I love Dick Cheney; he is my hero. He was a bug zapper tonite, and Edwards was the mosquito. Splat...

916 posted on 10/05/2004 9:11:29 PM PDT by flaglady47
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To: Twinkie

On-line polls mean nothing...just checked one of the "troll blogs" and every other post is about voting on-line and not much about the actual debate.

The Breck Girl got spanked!

917 posted on 10/05/2004 9:11:31 PM PDT by cambodia
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To: alancarp

Before. They film at 4 pm PST. It would have been over before the debate started.

918 posted on 10/05/2004 9:11:43 PM PDT by Yaelle
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To: bcoffey
From 20+ years in defense I would have to modify that to...

"As a defense contractor for 20 years, I know that the only reason you get a sole source contract is if the gov't has justified that you appear to be a sole source.

919 posted on 10/05/2004 9:11:50 PM PDT by MilspecRob (Most people don't act stupid, they really are.)
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To: ArmstedFragg
If you could just find a 'middle of the road' board you could be attacked by half the members no matter what position you took. :-)

Yes, "Fair and Balanced" attacks!

920 posted on 10/05/2004 9:12:11 PM PDT by Jorge
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