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LIVE THREAD: Post-Debate Cheney v. Edwards ^ | October 5, 2004

Posted on 10/05/2004 7:38:10 PM PDT by Howlin

After-debate discussion here!

TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Extended News; Front Page News; Government; News/Current Events; Politics/Elections; US: District of Columbia; US: North Carolina; US: Texas; US: Wyoming
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To: Carolinamom

Kristol says Cheney won the first half and Edwards won the second half of the debate. Au Contraire.

Kristol is a media whore. He was all anti-Bush in the lead up to the Iraq Liberation. He is nothing more then McCain lite. Says what ever the big media bosses want hims to say. The only reason they put him on is to provide pretend balance. They know they can count on him to rip Republicans

381 posted on 10/05/2004 8:21:40 PM PDT by MNJohnnie (Vote Bush 2004-We cannot survive a 9-10 President in a 9-11 World)
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To: Yaelle

Edwards wanted no part of the sub chapter s argument. Did you see how fast he changed the subject?

382 posted on 10/05/2004 8:21:47 PM PDT by woodyinscc
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To: Humidston

Yes, he was.

383 posted on 10/05/2004 8:21:49 PM PDT by Howlin (What's the Font Spacing, Kenneth?)
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To: GeorgiaYankee

Has there ever been a better example of how the Democrat party really feels about, takes advantage of, takes for granted black people than how Jesse Jackson was marginalized in 1984?

Clearly, given that Jesse is an idiot, they made the right choice not giving him the VP slot but it doesn't change the fact that they sold out millions of his voters.

384 posted on 10/05/2004 8:21:53 PM PDT by HRoarke (John Edwards-You're No Dan Quayle!)
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To: alancarp; John Robinson

Well, accessing FR from a different IR address suggests to me that there has been some kind of DNS server problem (almost always explained by an attack).

I look forward to the post-mortem on this incident, because I am educated by each case study.

385 posted on 10/05/2004 8:21:55 PM PDT by Petronski (Watching Heinz and Kerry show affection is like watching two lobsters in a kung fu movie.)
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Well ya gotta admit that the man had the girlie boy close to tears several times. Big bullie! Hee Hee Hee!!!!!!!

386 posted on 10/05/2004 8:21:56 PM PDT by F.J. Mitchell (Be brainy, not zany, re-elect Bush and Cheney!!!!!!!!)
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To: rundy

Ah, a hand wringer. Go to bed. You are wrong. Cheney won, Edwards lost, and despite wht the pundits say there is no doubt about it.

387 posted on 10/05/2004 8:21:57 PM PDT by Miss Marple
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To: rundy
388 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:02 PM PDT by flashbunny
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To: Cold Heat

Whatever he did .. it's a heck of alot better then before

389 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:11 PM PDT by Mo1 (Edwards blinks more than a "vacancy" sign on a cheap motel)
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To: shield

Cheney took Edwards to task as he has such a command for the subject matter in comparison to Edwards. I would look for headlines in some newspapers to read "Edwards Taken To The Woodshed By Cheney".

390 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:12 PM PDT by secret 4 agent
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To: des

MSNBC and CNN polls are useless. They are easy to use a bot on and not reliable. One time on a CNN poll I saw an increase of around 20,000 votes show up for the bad guys and zero for ours in a matter of seconds. Those sites could stop it if they want to, but they don't.

I saw this while trolling on a lib site. If the poll is skewed one way and there is no hope of beating the other side, then vote for their side so it makes the results useless. 98% ( for example ) results on any poll are so useless they won't even reference it for anything.

391 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:13 PM PDT by Hillarys Gate Cult ("I hate going to places like Austin and Dubuque to raise large sums of money. But I have to," Kerry)
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To: Tribune7

Cheney may not have hit back as much as we wished he could've, but clearly he put Opie in his place. This is the best I've felt in a week. Do you all remember when the Dems used to accuse Reagan of being nothing more than a product of slick marketing and packaging, and having no substance? Well, the Dems now have two men on the ticket who are all flash and absolutely no substance. We need experienced and tough men at the helm, and not two lightweights like Kerry and Edwards.

392 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:22 PM PDT by midftfan
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To: Jorge
Cheney was solid and effective.

LOL, thats like saying a MOAB "bothers" the bad guys.

393 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:28 PM PDT by jwalsh07 (Always ask yourself, does this pass the Global Test?)
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Is anyone watching Jackass on PMSNBC? Holy moly, Mush Mouth from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids lives!
394 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:30 PM PDT by Captainpaintball
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To: Howlin

Cheney came out looking like a working man, digging a ditch, building a house, loading a truck, or whatever. Breck Girl looked like a manicured up dandy kibitzing from the side, offering unsolicited advice. What a contrast. I'd expect even some RATS would be embarassed.

395 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:32 PM PDT by Revolting cat! ("In the end, nothing explains anything!")
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To: Howlin

Well, I think the moderator phrased question was out of line. No reference needed to be made PERIOD.

Edwards broke the rules so many times tonight and the moderator did nothing--

Cheney didn't care and he was total Shock and Awe!!

He walks the walk.

396 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:33 PM PDT by Snoopers-868th (Admitted scumbag!!)
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To: Humidston

Hubby thought Edwards reminded him of Clinton.

397 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:36 PM PDT by CarolAnn (If we aren't supposed to shoot animals, then why did God make them out of meat?)
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To: onyx

Bringing up Mary Cheney was UNCONSCIONABLE.

398 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:37 PM PDT by Howlin (What's the Font Spacing, Kenneth?)
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To: Pearls Before Swine
Edwards plan to have lawyers self-police themselves on frivilous suits by committee.

So what are any of the bar associations for?

399 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:39 PM PDT by GoLightly (If it doesn't kill ya, it makes ya stronger.)
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To: Jorge

Cheney and rumsfeld are solid

400 posted on 10/05/2004 8:22:43 PM PDT by mylife (Opinions~$1.00 Todays Special: Halfbaked~50. cents)
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