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Another "scandal of the moment?" (McAuliffe wipes his feet on Bush doormat...) ^ | 3/26//04 | Staff

Posted on 03/26/2004 10:31:00 AM PST by veronica

Robert writes in with a question: "Why has there been no flack regarding the tour Judy Woodruff took with Terry McAuliffe yesterday afternoon of the new DNC Headquarters? Before entering his office the camera panned down to get a closeup of his doormat which has a picture of President Bush. McAuliffe made a point of wiping his shoes across the picture of Bush and laughed like it was very funny and not a bit disrespectful. It was stunning.

Ms. Woodruff caught her breath and walked around the mat so as not to step on the president's face." it enough to be a "scandal of the moment?" 11:10:38 AM

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To: ericthecurdog
I imagine Terry was a major bully to his other classmates from 3rd to the 9th grade.
41 posted on 03/26/2004 11:12:32 AM PST by finnman69 (cum puella incedit minore medio corpore sub quo manifestus globus, inflammare animos)
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To: veronica
Typical rat behavior.


42 posted on 03/26/2004 11:13:39 AM PST by Arrowhead1952 (Most democRATs live in a world of fiction and fantasy!)
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To: veronica
No surprises here - they were superannuated frat boys during the Clinton administration and they haven't reached puberty yet.
43 posted on 03/26/2004 11:18:37 AM PST by Billthedrill
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To: veronica
I saw a picture of a door mat that had hillary's ugly face on it with instructions to "please wipe feet liberally". Unfortunately, I could not find a source for purchase. I'd love one of those for my doorway.
44 posted on 03/26/2004 11:20:36 AM PST by Rollee (Send lawyers, guns and money - the shiite has hit the fan.)
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To: Dog
Isn't this the same bunch who has played "ring around the rosie" with the a.m. talking reds on morning shows about "how disgraceful that the president has the utter gall to make a joke about the weapons of mass destruction...." (GEE.... Pres. Bush makes a joke IN the oval office, their pick made a joke OF it on a daily basis).

ANYWAY, same bunch, right???? It's disgraceful for Mr. Bush to show some self-deprecating humor in a news clip.... but just FINE to step on the face of a sitting president while showing off their latest toys?

Damn them!!! I don't even get the choice (as mad as I have been over several rino-like decisions) to refuse to vote in this election. Obviously a failure to vote this time around is giving these sniveling, self-serving jerk-offs a chance to think they have tacit approval to continue to carry us down the drain at warp speed. How did we get to the point where these jokers are taken seriously on ANY level, up to and most importantly including allegiance to the nation they live in. If they can't have any respect for the TRADITION....could they PLEASE get some come-uppance for having no respect for AMERICANS!!!!
45 posted on 03/26/2004 11:20:59 AM PST by snickeroon
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To: Billthedrill
This kind of childishness will insure a Bush landslide. Keep on going stupid little children...
46 posted on 03/26/2004 11:23:09 AM PST by glennherman
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To: veronica
Yo Terry "T*rd" McAuliffe, when are you going to be prosecuted for your illegal insider trading on the now bankrupt Global Crossing whereby you made $18 million?
49 posted on 03/26/2004 11:31:35 AM PST by lilylangtree (Veni, Vidi, Vici)
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To: Anubus
No wonder the LibDem Rats are so against Iraq. We took out their staunch ally.

50 posted on 03/26/2004 11:33:56 AM PST by KingPin
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To: So Cal Rocket
The Left Hates Bush... that's all they have to run on in this election.

Remember that thread a few months ago, about Winston Churchill's parrot that used to say "F*** Hitler"? All you need to know about this election can be summarized by answering these questions:

1. If GWB had a parrot, what would the parrot say? Most likely he would curse Osama Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein.

2. If John Kerry had a parrot, what would the parrot say? Most likely he would curse George W. Bush.

Very impressive and right to the point. It can not be more simply stated than those two questions.

51 posted on 03/26/2004 11:35:02 AM PST by Irish Eyes
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To: veronica
My first thought when I heard Rush mention this and saw the headline on Drudge was ... "Thank God the adults are in charge."

We simply cannot allow these democrat children to take control.
52 posted on 03/26/2004 11:41:17 AM PST by indubitably
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To: veronica
"Woodruff probably sneaked back later and sat on his face. Her dream could easily be any man's nightmare.

As for Mc Cauliflour: You are invited, nay-dared, to wipe your punky feet upon a picture of the President in his presence or in any other real American's presence. Feel suicidal, punk!

(not you Veronica-that poster boyette for the Dims.)
53 posted on 03/26/2004 11:45:24 AM PST by F.J. Mitchell (John Fauntleroy Kerry and his demonrat's media-fighting to make the truth unreadibly blurry.)
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To: veronica
Drudge also explains why Dems don't get colds as often as Republicans do.

Oh, come ON. Who really cares? There are just two issues that matter to thoughtful voters this time around--the war on terror and judicial appointments. All the rest of this is overstimulating fluff. Admittedly a lot of voters are swayed by fluff, but that still doesn't make it at all important. The only reason we don't have Hillary doormats is that we have better things to do with our time and money....
54 posted on 03/26/2004 12:17:58 PM PST by Triple Word Score (She's absolutely meretricious.)
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To: Arrowhead1952
Did you know McCauful was the model for the Ken doll put out by matel?

That is why Ken is anatomically correct. (like the ancient romans, the clintons like keep a unic around.)
55 posted on 03/26/2004 12:27:53 PM PST by longtermmemmory (Vote!)
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To: veronica
I just sent this letter to both senators from my state and my friend sent the second letter.

Dear Senator Lincoln,

I am writing to you tonight in regards to the absolutely disgusting display outside of the Democratic National Committee headquarters. For your party to place a door mat with the picture of the President of the United States outside the front door to the building is appalling. We expect such actions from rogue nations around the world but for one of the two major political parties in our country to pull a stunt like this is beyond the pail. I urge you to immediately call your leader in the Senate and Terry Mccaulife to walk outside and place this mat in the trash. This action is unbecoming of an American and you have a duty to the citizens of the State of Arkansas to apologize to all of us and do everything in your power to see that an act like this never happens again.

Thank You,

Dear Senator Lincoln:
I'm a 72 year old female. I voted Democrat all my life until I wasted a vote by voting for Ross Perot. I was raised to be a God fearing, patriotic, life loving, hard working individual. In the 90's I looked around and found that my party had moved and moved and moved to the left ... and left me behind. Heaven knows, I'm not a "good" Republican, but I do vote Republican because I feel that the party I voted for years had abandoned me.
Today I see that the party has sunk to the level of ridiculing the sitting president by making a door mat out of his face ... just like Saddam did! I'm ashamed of the party, and proud to say that I am no longer a part of it.
I suggest that you urge Terry Mccaulife and the committee to behave in an adult manner. Instead of being the party of Larry Flynt and Al Frankin, try to at least show some respect for the office of the president!
Thank you,

56 posted on 03/26/2004 8:08:21 PM PST by snackerfan
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To: veronica
Bush doormat

Interesting. Was tne DNC emulating Saddam, as the #2 reply suggests, or were they reading FR?

On January 6, in a comment I made to a post about Bush's campaigning plans, I accused him of having been a doormat to the likes of HRC, TK, TD etc.

On February 6, I repeated that complaint in a comment regarding Reagan (who would at least have come up with an intelligent, pointed and witty reposte to McAuliffe's action - sort of like his comment regarding not doubting Mondale's patriotism, just his judgement, which we see everyone using now).

I further used the characterization in faxes I sent to a number of Senators and Congressmen (Republican ones), as well as several conservative news outlets (The Washington Times, National Review, and American Spectator).

Anyway, my point is not so much who said what first, but that Bush has indeed been acting like a doormat. It's hard to respect a doormat. Its hard to put up with frustrations in support of a doormat (as was described yesterday in a posting from an Insight Magazine aticle dated May 27, 2002 on fighting the Clinton partisans in the Pentagon). It's hard to get excited about voting or campaigning for a doormat. And it must be hard for kindler, gentler Liberals to support a doormat's judicial nominees, especially when his leaders are making fun of said doormat.

And, as McAuliffe showed, it is very easy to make fun of a doormat. Bush's flag certainly does not seem to say "don't tread on me", as the drums of the earliest Marines had (1775). Rather it seems to plead, "Please tread on me". What has he been after, the pity vote?

57 posted on 03/30/2004 9:16:27 AM PST by capocchio (If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a picture on a doormat?.)
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To: capocchio
I could say the DNC is just a bunch of jerks and they should (but won't) be ashamed of themselves but frankly, it's astonishing. Democratic congressmen don't serve the DNC, they serve their constituents and I bet that a majority of their constituents would be appalled if they knew their congressmen were treating their president in such a manner. Disgusting.
58 posted on 03/30/2004 9:25:40 AM PST by clarissaexplainsitall
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