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To: 2ndDivisionVet
I really like Ann Counter, BUT ...
Those who endorse LOSER Romney, endorse the "Establishment Republicans" and do damage to their own career.

From Limbaugh Lexicon Terms Defined: Rio Linda, New Castrati and the GOP Establishment Wait until you figure out Romney.
If we nominate Romney, Romney will lose.
On another thread, WhiskeyX's analysis is very good on

Very well described!
Maybe it's time we got some DINOs to copy this evil plan against Democrats.
But who would soil their name and credibility, to do such an evil thing against the real evildoers? "

No conservative would vote for Mitt.
Let's remember what a great man said.

"Establishment Republicans" Want to Redefine the Term "Conservative"

"Establishment Republicans" are Lying to Us With Threats of a Dire Default

Let's remember:
Someone on another thread said But with the press not doing its job, and the LAME Stream Media trying to silence speech they don't agree with,
we're in a real mess and under attack by an evil force rarely seen in this country.
The Republicans and the God-Given freedoms this country has enjoyed so far, are descending into oblivion.
And the "Establishment Republicans" aren't doing a damned thing to stop it.
The "Establishment Republicans" aren't providing "the boots on the ground" to win.
They're trying to put the public back to sleep, lying to them, in order to keep their power, and "wreck the country as it commits suicide".
So now the "Establishment Republicans" have "fractured their base" and,
because they have taught us "that accepting short-term loss in exchange for long-term gain is the essence of compromise, the essence of politics",
they're going to lose, and lose big, if they don't swing to the hard right wing of what used to be their party.
How many conservatives have re-registered as "Conservative Party" or "Independent" because they're fed up with being lied to?
We've been "treated to one lecture after the other on the need for “compromise” and “patience” ", and we're sick of it.
We don't trust them any longer.

Look, Rush said it best....
So now, because of the Establishment Republicans" there's not just a candle lit, but a bonfire lit ...
in the very heart of the conservatives, and it will burn away the dead wood that is "Establishment Republicans."

Yes, it's time to curse the "Establishment Republicans" for every thing they've NOT DONE!
And CURSE THEM for most of the things they HAVE DONE!

"Attack, repeat, ATTACK!"

"Establishment Republicans" Want to Redefine the Term "Conservative"


Palin was my first choice, but she dropped out.
Bachmann became my first choice,and she dropped out.
Cain was my second choice, but he dropped our.
Now ... Newt was my second choice, but he challenged Rush.
So now ... Rick Santorum, who use to be my third choice, is now my first choice.

But Romney, Perry, Ron Paul, Huntsman, and Johnson are NOT acceptable,
and if on the ballot for the general election for President or V.P., would cause me to do a write in.

There's no way in hell I can compromise my values.

Jack Kerwick wrote an article on May 24, 2011 titled The Tea Partier versus The Republican and he expressed some important issues that I agree with.

I'm fresh out of "patience", and I'm not in the mood for "compromise".
"COMPROMISE" to me is a dirty word.
Let the RINO's compromise their values, with the conservatives, for a change.

The "Establishment Republicans" can go to hell!
11 posted on 04/02/2012 4:48:59 PM PDT by Yosemitest (It's simple, fight or die!)
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To: Yosemitest
Great post... and if these elites think that the dims are tough to deal with... those of us that are clear of vision will prove to be immovable... we have traveled too far one too many times... not again... not while I am still free. ann coulter and her present propaganda efforts are a prime example of the theater that these blue blood snobs have created to control the dumb masses... but we are not so dumb and we are hardened and determined.

We have put those corrupt slimedogs into office for more than 50 years... and we shall be ignored NO MORE! Conservatives WILL NOT BE THE MINORITY in the gop... we will seize it by force... before we relinquish it to the left... and these bilderberg republicons need to be purged. There can be no compromise with cancer... you cut it out or burn it out... but if you tolerate it... it will eat you alive.


23 posted on 04/02/2012 5:28:00 PM PDT by LibLieSlayer (WOLVERINES!)
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