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To: Mjaye

The “facts” according to Democrats that I have mentioned this to, seem to be that sometime in the 60’s the racist’s left the Democrat party and turned to the Republican party, cause everyone knew that the GOP was the party of racism. Or something.

inconvenient truth is that as late as 2003 Alabama had a Democrat as Governor. He was probably just a holdover from the old racist Democrats though? Of course he’s in jail. Which according to Democrats was a Republican plot against him.

12 posted on 07/29/2019 9:17:59 AM PDT by saleman
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To: saleman; Pelham; StoneWall Brigade; Ohioan

Even though my father and grandfather had been Eisenhower and Nixon60 and Goldwater people myself and most of my extended family lived this exodus of former Dixiecrats or social conservatives to the GOP starting with Goldwater in 1964 when he carried the Cotton states and Arizona only

By the end of Carter in 1980 it was mostly a fait accompli

Even though some southern support for a Democrat surfaced in 1992 for Slick

It took longer for the statehouses to go GOPe but I’m pretty sure all had by the end of Obama second term

Whites in the south are more social conservative about everything and especially race because of the large numbers of blacks they have always had to contend with which is something lecturing Yankees never had to much and when they did I can’t say impressed with how it turned out

Go up north even to small cities and it’s even more segregated than here...I’m thinking Grand Rapids a city I know pretty well as just one examples

The Dixiecrats died off and the Dems went left and now far left left and so southern whites migrated to the GOPe moving it further right than the Nixon Rockefeller GOPe had been

Without the South there would have been no Magnus possible because the northern GOPe would have still had the power

I have seen nutz here claim the south went GOPe because Yankees moved south. And conservatized Dixie.

Hilarious...anyone who lives here knows when Yankees move south it gets more liberal and purple as they say

Even where I live surrounded by mostly decent Michiganders in middle Tennessee.....they are still more liberal than native southerners are...not like Massachusetts thankfully

This notion Democrats 1860 and Democrats 2019 are interchangeable is just stupid posturing

Way different issues and goals for each and political pressures etc

It’s just silly no matter how much NRO sound and fury

Mississippi and Alabama in national elections ...whites vote 88-92% GOPe

Nobody else comes close not even vaunted Oklahoma

Another at least 75% southern state btw

Berate slavery all you must if it makes you feel good but that’s where it should stop

I would caution Freepers over GOP worship

We are being saved as we speak by one man....not a party

I have never been impressed with the Republicans much

Often they contrast favorably to democrats especially since FDR on but they are not our true friends

Today’s GOPe is indistinguishable from a mid 70s moderate midwestern Democrat

16 posted on 07/29/2019 9:46:21 AM PDT by wardaddy (I applaud Jim Robinson for his comments on the Southern Monuments decision ...thank you)
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To: saleman

I lived in the Jim Crow South.

Because the South was solid democrat - whoever won the democrat primary won the election. There were NO Republican office holders in the South.

The only strategy against democrats was to join the democrat party and take part in their primary - vote against the worst of them...

218 posted on 08/02/2019 7:58:30 AM PDT by GOPJ (Every Democrat-run city is a paradise. Period. OR YOUR'RE A RACIST... - freeper Telepathic Intruder)
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