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The 10 Most Destructive Americans of My Eight Decades
email | Not dated | Fred Hawkins

Posted on 01/24/2019 8:02:37 PM PST by upchuck

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To: Leaning Right

Bush started a war on generic Terror, scrubbed the valid terms and names of the actual enemy terrorists from the war manuals, and took our liberties away - all while sending our soldiers to die for globalist ends.

41 posted on 01/25/2019 12:06:34 AM PST by YogicCowboy ("I am not entirely on anyone's side, because no one is entirely on mine." - J. R. R. Tolkien)
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To: nopardons
That's a great idea. My kids tell me that I should “write a book”. Mostly about my various adventures and how to fix things. But a book with the “facts” (as I see them) would be good too (or included).

My wife and I talked about everything with our kids. Perhaps too much, but I don't think so. I read Huckleberry Finn to my son before he could read. (Including explaining the term nigger, and how we don't use that term anymore). He agreed that I should substitute it with “slave” or black man, or whatever. We ended up reading it twice. In grade school I recall he said something like “How come they want to ban the book Tom Sawyer just because it has an old-fashioned word in it? The book is about helping free a slave!”

We read the Diary of Anne Frank to all of the kids when they were little. My daughter spoke about it in about 4th grade, and none of the kids believed her about the Holocaust. (It was many years later when they taught about it in school.)

I would tell them how different my dad was. Almost every day he would come into the TV room to change his shoes and socks, and dry them out by the furnace vent. He would watch Hogan's Heroes with me for a few minutes, then leave saying “Oh those crazy guys!” Never bothered to tell me how terrible the Nazis really were! (He was on a ship in the Pacific during the war, cousins in Germany and some that were killed).

My kids were raised in a very liberal part of the country (Seattle). I think it may have served them well to come back from school with the stupid ideas and then we could talk about them at the dinner table and set them right.

All three are very conservative as young adults (with a few misplaced ideas here and there!)

42 posted on 01/25/2019 12:51:21 AM PST by 21twelve (!)
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To: GuavaCheesePuff

Shrub wanted to pick the pro-abortionist buffoon Governor from PA, Ridge. That would’ve gone over like a lead balloon.

43 posted on 01/25/2019 12:56:32 AM PST by fieldmarshaldj ("It's Slappin' Time !")
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To: Impy; BillyBoy; LS; DoughtyOne; NFHale; GOPsterinMA; dp0622; campaignPete R-CT

I’ll stand on my conclusion that both McQueeg and Willard were ringers to my dying breath. They weren’t running bad campaigns, they were running the campaigns designed to achieve the outcome they wanted. Both were Derp State operatives, both were world-class liars deceiving the voters on their true agenda. McQueeg was jumping out of his skin to go to the Demonrat party in 2004, but couldn’t make it. He would’ve been finished had he tried.

It demonstrated how corrupt and statist and in bed the GOP was with the Demonrats that either of those two ended up anywhere near the nomination. It would’ve been like Sheriff David Clarke getting the Dem Presidential nomination, but on purpose. Half the Dem base would’ve bolted.

Both their goals were the same: to destroy the Conservative agenda, to sow dissent in the ranks, and to stop a viable candidate from being the Republican to challenge Zero (or Hillary). Eventually, as we saw, even El Jebbe was fully aboard with the plan to be the ringer for his step-sister the Butcheress of Benghazi (please clap) for 2016. He wasn’t planning on running a bad campaign, he was planning on losing.

These people are not on our side. They never have been. I hate sports metaphors, but these guys were there to score points for the opposition, because they ARE the opposition.

44 posted on 01/25/2019 1:10:33 AM PST by fieldmarshaldj ("It's Slappin' Time !")
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To: upchuck

Thanks for the posting! It’s a listing I can’t dispute.

45 posted on 01/25/2019 1:50:09 AM PST by octex
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

Hawaii didn’t become a State until 1959.

46 posted on 01/25/2019 2:08:21 AM PST by octex
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To: nopardons

Re: “The writer says “ALMOST EIGHT DECADES”

From the first paragraph:

“Who are the main culprits? Here’s my list of the 10 most destructive Americans of the last 80 years.”

47 posted on 01/25/2019 2:41:18 AM PST by zeestephen
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To: octex

The Reds tried to capture the young Democrat Party and almost succeeded under Jack Hall, Rorbaugh (Sp), Guiniers, Marshal etc and would have become the de facto territory leaders, including mayor of Honolulu. The US Naval Commandant threw them out for the most part, starting in 1948, thus stopping what would have become the first communist state in 1959 if the Hall-Abercrombie (and the CP sympathizing mayor of Honolulu in the 50’s) etc. gang had stayed in power. Once the Honolulu Record was exposed as a CPUSA operation, it further crippled CP operations in Hawaii for decades and their influence faded.

However, Soviet agent/CP leader Harry Bridges and his ILWU (longshores’ union) tried to strangle Hawaii in the early 70’s with a planned unification with Hoffa’s Teamsters, which would have prevented any ships/supplies to get to or from Hawaii to the mainland, etc. Nixon was going to seize the unions and jail there leaders if that was tried. The Reds got the message and backed off. Hoffa lost a lost of prestige over that and was on his way out, feet first or otherwise.

Frank Marshall Davis faded into an alcoholic oblivion. Unfortunately many of his later papers were not located (i.e. my talk with his son) but by then, his mind had been irreparably damaged due to drugs and drink. However, I discovered his name on a 1973 CP front list for one of their operations in Chicago. We don’t know if he actually authorized its listing or the Party just did it to pad that list. Nothing else showed up after 1973.

The big question is whether he had any real effect on a young and impressionable Barack Obama who sat in on Davis and his grandfather Dunham’s drinking/smoking sessions.

48 posted on 01/25/2019 2:44:36 AM PST by MadMax, the Grinning Reaper
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To: upchuck

Jamie Gorelick should top the list.

She was personally responsible for the wall between the CIA/FBI which led to 9/11.

She was personally responsible for relaxing loan standards which led to the 2008 housing crisis.

She had her fingers in keeping Clinton malfeasance suppressed which allowed 20% of our Uranium to be sold to Russia.

Every time you turn up something that involves BILLIONs of dollars, costs thousands of lives and affects every soul in this country, she was involved in one way or another.

49 posted on 01/25/2019 2:44:56 AM PST by Malsua
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To: upchuck

Good, when I get my time machine all finished, I’m going to fix it all by killing em all.
Wait....I must have failed....darn.

50 posted on 01/25/2019 2:50:47 AM PST by right way right (May we remain sober over mere men, for God really is our only true hope.)
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To: Nateman

FDR for sure. Commie bastard I hope is rotting in hell.

51 posted on 01/25/2019 3:14:14 AM PST by freedumb2003 (As always IMHO)
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To: upchuck

My list would include a lot more so-called journalists.

Every time I even hear his voice, let alone see him, the Clinton Bimbo Eruption Squad manager George Stephanopoulos makes me gag. We’ve all heard of the Clinton Death List, no? The word “Arkancide”? I strongly believe this little troll, besides smears and bribes, used Arkancide as a tool for some of Bill’s Bimbos, with Hillary happy to have it done to ensure her political future—as tied to Bill’s—remained viable.

How can such a partisan criminal be suddenly declared a journalist?

52 posted on 01/25/2019 3:18:14 AM PST by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: MadMax, the Grinning Reaper

Thanks, MadMax. That’s a lot of detail I had not previously known. ...I appreciate the info you provided.

53 posted on 01/25/2019 3:18:51 AM PST by octex
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To: upchuck

Hey Charlie, found the actual article link. Good post!

54 posted on 01/25/2019 3:22:21 AM PST by Alas Babylon! (The media is after us. Trump's just in the way.)
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To: G Larry

Notice how the spirit of hatred consumes people’s hearts when God is tossed out of their lives. This may indeed what’s at work with the secular movement of the Left. It is my conviction that politicians exploit people in this ungodly condition because hate is an addiction. The cult of Cultural Marxism uses Identity Politics to inflame hatred within a cultural identity against the perceived oppression of another. This is divide and conquer and the exploitation of envy which are all evil activities of the Left.

55 posted on 01/25/2019 4:17:52 AM PST by jonrick46 (Cultural Marxism is the cult of the Left waiting for the Mothership.)
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To: fieldmarshaldj

I think DJ is right. They were not “incompetent.” They were the Washington Generals, put there to lose.

56 posted on 01/25/2019 4:59:55 AM PST by LS ("Castles made of sand, fall in the sea . . . eventually" (Hendrix))
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Comment #57 Removed by Moderator

To: Don W

I can’t count or read, evidently. However, he could have been born in the late 40’s, making FDR long dead anyway.

58 posted on 01/25/2019 5:21:43 AM PST by Don W (When blacks riot, neighbourhoods and cities burn. When whites riot, nations and continents burn.)
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To: Impy; GuavaCheesePuff; BillyBoy; GOPsterinMA; LS; AuH2ORepublican; DoughtyOne

“..The future is not writ, and while we may not know what or be able to do what is needed to achieve the outcome we want, there’s usually a way, in studying defeats we can learn how to avoid them next time....”

Spot-on and well said.

Trump showed how to win. It’s called “Fighting BACK”. He wasn’t the typical gutless RINO p*ssy that the dems expected.

59 posted on 01/25/2019 5:39:47 AM PST by NFHale (The Second Amendment - By Any Means Necessary.)
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To: upchuck
The once reasonably unbiased American media

When was this?

Read Northern Editorials on Secession or Safire's Scandalmonger .


60 posted on 01/25/2019 5:44:57 AM PST by ml/nj (.)
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