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Make America Mexico Again (Saturbray) ^ | 1/12/19 | bray

Posted on 01/12/2019 7:19:03 AM PST by bray

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ have put on Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:26-28 KJV

As Shyster and Nazi Pelosi continue to paint themselves into a smaller and smaller corner their spokesmen in the Establishmedia are tying themselves in knots. What next a Make America Mexico Again hat? They cannot honestly say why it is wrong to build a wall to keep criminals out of this country you do not want in?

Every country in the world throughout history has built walls to divide themselves from foreign invaders to maintain civility and economic production, why stop now? Like always the Marxists are trying to tell you it is sunshine and lollipops while it is a downpour or that up is down and down is up, but the reality is they want to bring in voters for their voter fraud.

It is obvious now that part of the House victory and Blue Wave was illegal voters in CA, AZ and NV and they want to increase those votes in 2020. To do this they need to bring in more Mexicans to create more chaos for the corrupt voting systems in the major cities. They will copy this across the country and take over the country the old fashioned way by who counts the votes as they did in their beloved Soviet Union.

The problem they are facing now is their arguments are so pathetic Americans are beginning to suspect they are being scammed. As more and more rapes and murders are leaking out around PravdABC the more it becomes about safety and security of the people the more minds are changed. The argument of people being able to enter the country being a right and privilege of every person on the planet may sound good in DC or Hollywierd where they have armed security, but for the average person on the street; not so much.

Americans are beginning to look at this argument and seeing a President who wants to limit and know who is coming into this country and another group who absolutely does not care. They are talking about drones and cotton candy, but anyone with half a brain knows they really want those people to continue to come across with their drugs and sex slaves.

Love him or hate him, President Trump is the first politician since Reagan who is not owned by anyone. If anything he could use the cheap help for his hotels and he is trying to put an end to bringing people into this country to be exploited in one fashion or another. He has met the families of the slain by criminals who come here to rob, rape and kill and it has made a major impact on him and he wants it stopped. Chuck and Nancy absolutely do not care about these victims, only votes coming across.

These #metoo women are perfectly fine with around half if not all of the women being brought in are raped on the trip. One of the benefits of being a human smuggler is you are allowed to rape any woman or girl you want on the trip across and every female agreeing to cross knows that is part of the price which is why they bring day after drugs with them. Many of these girls are going to be kidnapped and used in the sex slave syndicates around the country as their reward for crossing. Chuck and Nancy absolutely do not care about these victims, only votes coming across.

The drug cartels are getting more and more violent as the usage of opiates are increasing now that pot is legal in certain Western states. This is extremely lucrative and easy to mix in with your human smuggling. The mass killing and gang wars are right at the border and often crossing into the local crossing points as innocent victims get caught in the crossfire. Chuck and Nancy absolutely do not care about these victims, only votes coming across.

Schmuckie and Dingbat should have had MAMA hats on if they wanted to be truthful in their laughable rebuttal. If they are so enamored with Mexico why don’t they move there if the people are so great? Oh yeah, Mexico would never let them cross and are not nearly as Marxist as the average Dem. Besides, Nancy has plenty of Mexicans working for her in her hotels and golf courses which were “gifts” by the Saudis and Chinese. Trump is the only one in Moscow on the Potomac who is not owned by someone else.

If Trump and the Repubs stay dug in it is going to more and more obvious to even the average Dem who is concerned about American safety and who is not. Once you get passed the street theater and begin asking questions of why, then the obvious answers begin to reveal themselves. Why doesn’t the DNC want a wall to keep criminals out of America? Why aren’t they concerned about Americans safety? What is in it for them?

It will take a few weeks for America to reach that point as the mediots get more and more panicked about the so called shutdown. The excuses are going to become more and more ridiculous as President Trump hammers them on safety of Americans and real solutions. Soon people are going to be pressuring Chuck and Dingbat since 90% of the so called workers are Dems and wanting their pay. This is going to get real interesting real fast and when Trump walked out they realized he is going to get what he wants. When they talked to the Press Corpse she sounded more frazzled than normal.

They are playing Texas Hold-em with nothing and he has a pair of aces and all in. Now we know Nancy can’t blink so that is not an option. By next weekend they will be looking for a way out and not say she is building a wall. By the end of the month her phones will be melting down as will her face as she chews her tongue into a stump. How do you explain to the American people you do not care who comes across the border and only want them as pawns to maintain your dwindling power?

Get out the Make America Mexico Again hats and let’s have a fiesta. The DNC has two of the most buffoonish people leading it they have ever had. One is too articulate and the other can’t say three words without a a a a a stuttering gaff. This is the perfect issue, a wall to keep criminals out is a simple concept to understand and only the most brain-dead Dems want criminals in this country. Who would have thought five years ago Donald Trump would be coming to the rescue in his orange hat to save the Shining City on the Hill from the invading hordes.

Pray for America

KEYWORDS: belongsinchat; pelosi; schumer; vanity; wall

1 posted on 01/12/2019 7:19:03 AM PST by bray
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To: <1/1,000,000th%; abclily; AbeKrieger; AFPhys; airborne; Alan H; Allegra; Always Right; ...

enough brayin

2 posted on 01/12/2019 7:37:51 AM PST by bray (Pray for President Trump)
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To: bray

Watched a video of a big demonstration in Mexico against their president and the UN migration pact... the signs said “Mexico First”. I saw a couple of signs with Trump’s face on them. Trump is having a big effect beyond our borders.

3 posted on 01/12/2019 7:42:37 AM PST by marron
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To: bray
Isn't it more logical that the more POWERFUL country take over the weaker? NO borders means no border for either country So why not just TAKE Mexico ? We have their citizens, why not take their land and assets( squandered by third world thinking)> Use the military, occupy and clean it out. Then all the illegals can go home, we can give them aid like Puerto Rico and control the squalid mess.
No borders goes both ways!Why isn't the invasion doing the same?
4 posted on 01/12/2019 7:48:28 AM PST by ClearBlueSky (ISLAM is the problem. ISLAM is the enemy of civilization.)
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To: bray

I think that news pundits like Geraldo Rivera and Jorge L. Ramos give the impression that is exactly what they want the USA to become.

5 posted on 01/12/2019 8:30:49 AM PST by antidemoncrat
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To: ClearBlueSky

That’s a version of something I have asked too. Which is better: Should America become more like Mexico, or should Mexico become more like America? The liberals have chosen the former.

6 posted on 01/12/2019 9:18:59 AM PST by Enterprise
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To: bray

your brayin is always appreciated

7 posted on 01/12/2019 10:04:37 AM PST by old-ager
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