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Was there ‘Life on Mars?’
03/08/2018 | Mordechai ben Avram

Posted on 03/07/2018 8:31:01 PM PST by Jeremiah Jr

Was there ‘Life on Mars?’

Examine the evidence and connect the dots...

List of missions to Mars

These probes have sent lots of information back...


Space junk, on Mars?

Clear to me...

Pyramids on Mars?

See for yourself...


Cities on Mars?


Nasa photos show ancient Hieroglyphs carved into rock on Mars

It would be a Tzadi...


So what happened to that life?

Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians and We May be Next

Why do many of the photographs of the surface of Mars appear to be of structures that look like they’ve been destroyed and covered with dust? According to a new book by Dr. John Brandenburg, it’s because two ancient Martian civilizations were annihilated by other aliens using nuclear weapons. What’s worse, we could be next.

Brandenburg’s book is called “Death on Mars: The Discovery of a Planetary Nuclear Massacre” and will be published in February 2015. He reviews portions of his findings at the 2014 Annual Fall Meeting of the American Physical Society and in a paper to be published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics.

Dr. Brandenburg has previously theorized that the red color of Mars and the radioactive substances in its soil are the result of a thermonuclear explosion from natural causes. He now says that the “high concentration” of Xenon-129 in the Martian atmosphere and uranium and thorium on the surface are remnants of two unnatural nuclear explosions, most likely triggered by alien invaders...

Read more at:

Dr John Brandenburg Ph.D - Death on Mars - Evidence of an Extraterrestrial Nuclear Massacre

Author and Plasma Physicist gives us proof that there was a nuclear catastrophe on mars and a dead civilization that is yet to be discovered.

Mars was nuked Interview with Dr John Brandenburg: Latest images and footage

Plasma physicist Dr John Brandenburg Discusses his new hypothesis concerning high levels of weapons grade radiation detected on mars.

Explosions caused by two high altitude airburst nuclear weapons detonated above the surface of mars. suggesting a massacre on the red planet. Hinting at a destroyed bronze age race once living in the Cydonia region of the red planet.


Which brings us to some very unusual events...


Humanity’s interest in the topic of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) continues to increase. The subject has received some well deserved attention as of late, and continues to pick up momentum in a time where the truth about UFOs and possible extraterrestrials (already visiting our planet) is hitting the mainstream world.

This “truth” includes the fact that dozens of foreign governments have released thousands of pages of UFO related documents –here is an example of the latest batch released from the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense in June 2013. Other country’s governments who have done the same include Mexico, France, Argentina, Russia and Belgium, just to name a few.

The fact that governments have released and documented information that detail UFO encounters with the military, as well as supposed extraterrestrial encounters with people, tells us that they’ve had and do have a high level of interest when it comes to the topic of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Had this information remained classified, nobody would officially be able to say that governments have allocated resources to investigate this phenomenon, and it would have remained in the “conspiracy” realm. At the same time, it’s important to remember that this issue goes far beyond and well above government control...

If You Still Think We Are Alone In The Universe, You Might Want To See This.

UFOs At Nuclear Missile Sites

Many people who are aware, or who are becoming aware of the UFO phenomenon are not aware of the fact that UFOs have been visiting and interacting with nuclear missile sites across the globe for decades. This is a well documented fact that dates back all the way to December of 1948.

“Significantly, the UFO activity occasionally transcends mere surveillance and involves direct and unambiguous interference with our strategic weapons systems. Numerous cases include reports of mysterious malfunctions of large numbers of nuclear missiles just as one or more UFOs hovered nearby.” (Declassified Soviet Ministry of Defense documents confirm that such incidents also occurred in the former USSR.)

The above quote is from UFO researcher Robert Hastings, who has been researching the UFO phenomenon and its relation to nuclear missile sites for a a long time. Here is a clip of Robert speaking at the National Press Club in 2010.

The Encounter At Minot Air Force Base

Minot Air Force base is located in North Dakota. In the 1960’s it was a major Strategic Air Command base, responsible for housing ICBMs (nuclear missiles). On August 25th, 1966 a team at the base was ordered to investigate a very high multi-colored light that was positioned well above the base. The team confirmed the object, as well as a second object, the object was also tracked on radar. It rose and descended several times, and eventually descended to ground level about 15 miles away from the base. According to the official report:

“When the team was about ten miles from the landing site, static disrupted radio contact with them. Five to eight mintues later, the glow diminished, and the UFO took off.”

This incident lasted approximately four hours, and was confirmed by three different nuclear missile sites.

The Encounter At Malmstrom Air Force Base

The UFO incursion at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana is one of the most remarkable events in this history of UFO encounters with the military. This occurred in March of 1967 at a base that was responsible for a large amount of nuclear weapons.

Here’s what happened:

An excerpt taken from the book UFOs For The 21st Century Mind. Written By Richard Dolan.

“An airman with the Oscar Flight Launch Control Center (LCC) saw a star-like object zigzagging high above him. Soon, a larger and closer light also appeared and acted in a similar way. The airman called his non-commissioned officer, and the two men watched the lights streak through the sky, maneuvering in impossible ways. The NCO phoned his commander, Lieutenant Robert Salas, who was not impressed. He ordered the NCO to keep watching the display and report back if the objects got any closer. Minutes later that is precisely what happened. Shouting into the phone, the NCO told Salas that a red, glowing UFO was hovering outside the front gate.

Salas woke his commander, Lieutenant Fred Meiwald. As he briefed Meiwald, an alarm went off in the small capsule, and both men saw a “No-Go” light turn on for one of the missiles. Within seconds, about ten of the missiles went down in succession. Twenty miles away, at the Echo Launch Control Center, the same scenario took place.

Strike teams were sent to the two launch facilities, where maintenance crews were at work and had been watching UFOs hover over each of their sites. The missiles were down for most of the day. Neither the Air Force invesigation, nor Boeing’s tests found any cause for the shutdown.” ...

Why Are UFOs Deactivating Our Nuclear Missiles?

In my opinion, atomic weapons are something Earth and those who reside upon it don’t need. Perhaps the deactivations are a message to us that we are playing with something we don’t need to play with? Many UFOs started appearing when we were testing atomic weapons. Is it possible that some extraterrestrial beings might be concerned for the planet and the well being of the human race? Perhaps they are telling us we are playing with fire? Something we don’t need or shouldn’t have?

At the same time, we don’t need beings from another world to come tell us that harboring nuclear weapons that are capable of destroying the planet aren’t needed.

Read more at:

Ex-Air Force Personnel: UFOs Deactivated Nukes

September 28, 2010, 10:33 AM

Whatever the mysterious lights in the sky were, they seemed to have an interest in our nukes.

One of the more out-of-the-ordinary press conferences held in Washington this week consisted of former Air Force personnel testifying to the existence of UFOs and their ability to neutralize American and Russian nuclear missiles.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings of Albuquerque, N.M., who organized the National Press Club briefing, said more than 120 former service members had told him they'd seen unidentified flying objects near nuclear weapon storage and testing grounds.

Star & Stripes quoted former Air Force Capt. Robert Salas, who was at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967 when 10 ICMs he was overseeing suddenly became inoperative - at the same time base security informed him of a mysterious red glowing object in the sky.

Robert Jamison, a retired USAF nuclear missile targeting officer, told of several occasions having to go out and "re-start" missiles that had been deactivated, after UFOs were sighted nearby.

Similar sightings at nuclear sites in the former Soviet Union and in Britain were related.

CBS Affiliate KSWT describes "Britain's Roswell," a case of unidentified phenomena in December 1980 incident near two Royal Air Force Bases in Suffolk, England.

Several U.S. Air Force personnel reported seeing a strange metallic object hovering in Rendlesham Forest near RAF Woodbridge, and found three depressions in the ground.

Speaking at Monday's press briefing, retired USAF Col. Charles Halt said that in December 1980, when he was deputy base commander at RAF Bentwaters, strange lights in the forest were investigated by three patrolmen.

Halt said they reported approaching a triangular craft, "approximately three meters on a side, dark metallic in appearance with strange markings. They were observing it for a period of time, and then it very quickly and silently vanished at high speed."

Two nights later, Halt investigated another sighting near the base when he was told by the base commander, "It's back."

Halt found indentations in the ground, broken branches, and low-level background radiation. He and his team also witnessed various lights moving silently in the sky, of one which was "shedding something like molten metal." Another shined a beam of light down towards them.

The incidents were never officially explained...

For more:

"UFO Sightings at ICBM Sites and Nuclear Weapons Storage Areas" by Robert Hastings U.S. Air Force: Project Blue Book

More at:

Video / Don't miss!

Military Witnesses of UFOs at Nuclear Sites (Press Conference 2010) by Robert Hastings

Military Witnesses of UFOs at Nuclear Sites.


More info:

The Cydonia Institute
Through NASA’s own photographs the truth will be revealed

Richard Hoagland Mars photos (actually NASA photos)


My opinion is whoever/whatever is piloting these crafts know the history of Mars and don't want to see it repeated!

...but we're going down the same road...

Putin’s annual address to Federal Assembly
At the 1:15:00 mark Putin describes the state of their military (advanced missiles/weapons), and the crowd loves it...

Lord of the Rings, War will make corpses of us all


Shir HaShirim 3

6 Who is this coming up from the wilderness
Like palm-trees of smoke,
perfumed with myrrh and frankincense,
From every powder of the merchant?
7 Look! It is Solomon’s carriage,
escorted by sixty warriors,
the noblest of Israel,
8 all of them wearing the sword,
all experienced in battle,
each with his sword at his side,
prepared for the terrors of the night.

Who is this coming up from the wilderness, Like palm-trees of smoke (mushroom clouds), Perfumed with myrrh and frankincense, From every powder of the merchant?

Matthew 24:21 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be. 22 And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect’s sake those days will be shortened.

And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved

Life on Mars

David Bowie

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There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
- Hamlet (1.5.167-8), Hamlet to Horatio
1 posted on 03/07/2018 8:31:01 PM PST by Jeremiah Jr
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To: Jeremiah Jr

They weren’t aliens. They were undocumented space travellers.

2 posted on 03/07/2018 8:34:21 PM PST by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

3 posted on 03/07/2018 8:35:18 PM PST by Az Joe (Gloria in excelsis Deo)
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To: Texas Eagle

4 posted on 03/07/2018 8:37:04 PM PST by DoodleBob
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To: Jeremiah Jr

Can confirm this post is true. But the bastards had it coming.

5 posted on 03/07/2018 8:37:27 PM PST by Greetings_Puny_Humans (I mostly come out at night... mostly.)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

“Was There Life On Mars?”


Where do you think Martians came from?

6 posted on 03/07/2018 8:37:40 PM PST by ButThreeLeftsDo (MAGA!!!)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

Unfortunately, the failed to deal with global warming.

7 posted on 03/07/2018 8:37:49 PM PST by kaehurowing
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To: Jeremiah Jr

8 posted on 03/07/2018 8:38:38 PM PST by sparklite2 (See more at Sparklite Times)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

“You know, Hobbes, sometimes I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there is that it hasn’t contacted us.” - Calvin

9 posted on 03/07/2018 8:39:22 PM PST by Luircin
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To: Jeremiah Jr
Of course there was:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

10 posted on 03/07/2018 8:40:43 PM PST by Tawiskaro
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To: Jeremiah Jr

Marvin is there. Even today.
Watching and waiting
For the Earth shattering ka-boom.

11 posted on 03/07/2018 8:41:19 PM PST by BenLurkin (The above is not a statement of fact. It is either satire or opinion. Or both.)
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To: Jeremiah Jr


The atmosphere of Mars escaped into space less than a billion years after it formed, due to the solidification of its core and failure of its magnetic field. That's enough time for microbial life to form perhaps, but not higher forms.
12 posted on 03/07/2018 8:43:49 PM PST by Telepathic Intruder
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To: Jeremiah Jr

Sorns, hrossa, & eldil.

13 posted on 03/07/2018 8:44:50 PM PST by P.O.E. (Pray for America)
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To: DoodleBob

That image does bear a striking resemblance to that David Hogg guy, who I understand has been on CNN a few times in recent days...


14 posted on 03/07/2018 8:46:09 PM PST by Songcraft ("Pray without ceasing." 1 Thessalonians 5:17)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

No. Hogwash. Silly fools. Recycled, regurgitated crap.

15 posted on 03/07/2018 8:48:23 PM PST by Fungi
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To: Az Joe

Shoulda built a wall, Mars.

16 posted on 03/07/2018 8:48:45 PM PST by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

how would we know ? we measure everything by what elements constitute life on earth.
for all we know, life on mars is sub-microscopic and the mars rover wiped out all civilization.

17 posted on 03/07/2018 8:50:13 PM PST by stylin19a (Best.Election.of.All-Times.Ever.In.The.History.Of.Ever)
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To: Pray All Day

So, when David spits out his TidePod, is it called Hogg wash?

18 posted on 03/07/2018 8:50:17 PM PST by Texas Eagle (If it wasn't for double-standards, Liberals would have no standards at all -- Texas Eagle)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

> “Scientist Says Aliens Nuked Martians”

Saved us the trouble.

19 posted on 03/07/2018 8:53:34 PM PST by GJones2 (Mars nuked by aliens?)
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To: Jeremiah Jr

20 posted on 03/07/2018 8:53:41 PM PST by SecondAmendment (Restoring our Republic at 9.8357x10^8 FPS)
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