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To: SamAdams76; Travis McGee; Squantos; dixiechick2000

yes they do get them though not like men do

testosterone is a real amp agent to the body

i can promise you

mine has serve me well for better or worse for years..still brain wants to fight at the drop of a hat and my brain wants to chase wifey 24/7 but my old body sez “hold on now fool”

women get atherosclerosis but not cardio arterial clots so much which is the real killer

and even when they smoke if not overweight they tend to have lower BP

it’s just how we are engineered

men fight to protect or get mates..or used to anyhow

women are or were here for far different reasons

even though social order totally convoluted we are still wired like 12,000 BC largely

look to be changing quick though...educated class males are much much more feminine now than in mine and Matt or Squantos day

we are all fairly old now but still...dare I say...masculine

the irony is women actually fare better with female hormone preservation all things being equal

men are not made to have 18 year old free T levels at 65

ED dope or not

35 posted on 05/14/2013 9:34:42 PM PDT by wardaddy (wanna know how my kin felt during Reconstruction in Mississippi, you fixin to find out firsthand)
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To: wardaddy

My work dictates a stress test every year. My ticker is allegedly healthy but that is an opinion of a doctor educated by current policies so for all I know I’m at deaths door. A career of hard physical work, physical condition for 26 years in the military etc has IMO helped my cardiac health.....yet who knows. I’ve seen kids that could out run, fight and think me die from a heart attack. I’ve seen fat, desk bound folks who never so much as run to catch a wind blown hundred dollar bill in a parking lot die in their 80’s....

IMO it’s ones genetics which can be as much helped by diet and physical conditioning, mental stress factoring etc as it can be hurt by the same.

I get a stress test each year at work and I get a second stress test six months from the companies on my own dime and time. Two a year.... So far healthy, cleared for chasing skirts (except in Scotland) etc ...

Mileage is low but countered by a life of sudden stops ...... IMHO .....I’m the old 5 window rusted Chevy pickup with lots of patina. Drive train is solid design, yet parts fail these days.....

Fighting these days is there in my mind as well for that I am genetically geared to protect at all costs be it family, friend, my country, traditions and values. But the acknowledgement of not being as strong or fast as days gone by.... I rely on mental skill sets back by a good caliber if caught in such a situation. Situations I tend to avoid these days if at all possible....

Hope ya’ll are well and safe !

37 posted on 05/14/2013 11:05:44 PM PDT by Squantos ( Be polite, be professional, but have a plan to kill everyone you meet ...)
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To: wardaddy

My grandmother had a heart attack when she was 67, and lived to be 91 with no ill effects.

As far as the educated class of today’s men? Pfffft. I don’t consider many of them to be “men.”

Thank your wife for taking care of you for me. ;o)

38 posted on 05/14/2013 11:36:45 PM PDT by dixiechick2000
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