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About That 'Permanent Democratic Majority'
WSJ ^ | January 31, 2013 | Karl Rove

Posted on 02/03/2013 11:40:39 AM PST by DBCJR

Demography isn't destiny—and assuming that it is will likely make liberals overreach again.

Many are arguing these days that President Obama has forged a new majority coalition of women, minorities, young people and upscale cultural liberals so large and durable that he can do what no president has done before—pursue a very liberal agenda without serious opposition or defections from his own party. Demography is destiny, this argument holds, and it is irrevocably on the side of Mr. Obama and the Democratic Party.

Yes, there will be fewer whites and more minorities in the future, and Republicans will have to adjust. But the situation is more complicated than that.

Start with the obvious: If demographics were determinative, then Republicans shouldn't have gained 63 seats in the House of Representatives in 2010—the largest midterm shift since 1938—while also taking 30 governorships.

When presidential re-elections yielded realignments in the past, the winner earned a bigger share of the vote than he had in the past. FDR won 60.8% of the vote in 1936 after winning 57.41% in 1932. But Mr. Obama won 51.06% in 2012, down from 52.87% in 2008. Over the course of his first term, his support dropped among young people (a swing of 2.4 million net votes to Mitt Romney), women (a net swing of 1.6 million votes to Mr. Romney), and African-Americans (a net swing 945,000 votes).

And while Mr. Obama may believe he can ignore moderate and conservative whites, congressional Democrats would disagree. Mr. Obama won Florida by a razor-thin 74,309 votes (0.9% of the total), yet Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson won re-election by 1,065,184 votes, or 13%, many from white voters. In North Dakota, Democrat Heidi Heitkamp won a Senate seat by less than 1% while Mr. Obama lost by 20%, and in West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin won re-election by 24% while Mr. Obama lost by 27%. Such Democrats from swing states or districts will be uncomfortable with Mr. Obama's strategy of playing to his party's left wing.

The ideological composition of the American electorate hasn't changed dramatically. Self-identified liberals were 25% of voters in 2012 and 23% in 2008. Conservatives were 35% of voters in 2012 and 34% in 2008.

By some measures, voters are less liberal today than they were four years ago. In the 2008 exit poll, 51% said "government should do more to solve problems" while 43% felt "government is doing too many things better left to businesses and individuals." In 2012, 43% said "government should do more" and 51% believed "government is doing too many things." While 44% wanted ObamaCare "expanded or left as is," 49% wanted to "repeal some or all of it."

Another sign that Mr. Obama hasn't fundamentally changed America's political structure: Compared with 2008, there were 371,800 fewer white votes cast in Ohio in 2012, when Mr. Obama carried the state by 166,214 votes. Many whites who voted for him in 2008 couldn't bring themselves to do so again or to vote for Mr. Romney. Their staying home represented a tactical victory for Mr. Obama, not a strategic realignment.

Nor can Democrats count on young people forever remaining Democrats. Voters age 18-29 were those most likely to move away from Mr. Obama between 2008 and 2012, and Republican identification generally increases as people graduate college, start work and begin families. Of those who were 18-29 years old in the 1972 election, 47% were Democrats, 26% Republicans and 28% independents. By 2012, these same voters (now ages 58-69) were roughly 37% Democratic, 34% Republican and 29% independent. They backed Mr. Romney by 51%-47%.

Does anyone think every future Democratic candidate will enjoy the unusually high African-American turnout and victory margin of Mr. Obama?

Even among Hispanics, Mr. Obama hasn't locked things up. While Mr. Romney received only 27% of Hispanic votes nationwide, he received 32% in the seven battleground states with exit polling (including 42% in Ohio) and attracted more Hispanic votes than John McCain did in 2008 in California (by 8%) and Nevada (5%).

Republicans have a perception problem with Hispanics, but the GOP earned 44% of Hispanic votes in 2004 and can do so again with the right policies, many more Hispanic candidates and better messaging.

The major impediment is the harsh rhetoric of some Republicans regarding immigration. The solution is less about policy than about respect for the Hispanic community. If federal immigration law is reformed with substantial Republican support—including for a long and demanding but achievable process of earning legal status—the GOP can consistently earn 35%-40% among Hispanics. Having Sen. Marco Rubio as the GOP spokesman on immigration issues will hasten the GOP recovery.

Demography isn't destiny because nothing is permanent in politics—and Democrats' insistence to the contrary will likely lead them to overreach, ignoring issues such as jobs, anemic growth and deficits in order to tackle gun control and climate change. That would be good for Republicans. Governing from the hard left sunk Democrats in 2010 and would cost them again in 2014.

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Hey Karl! All those stats should be telling you one thing, CONSERVATIVES STAYED HOME THIS ELECTION!

While I never agreed with the ,"Romney's no different from Barry", school of thought, a lot of people did and they simply stayed home. In contrast, there was a lot of excitement in the 2010 midterms, with grass roots Tea Party organizations, so conservatives came out in droves. In other words, Karl, your side (the RNC/RINO) wing of the party wasn't running things in that election and we did great.

The lesson I take from all this is GET OUT OF THE WAY KARL!!!!!

21 posted on 02/03/2013 2:03:34 PM PST by YankeeReb
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Rarl Kove, you vile and disgusting little has been..........FU and the rest of the shi’ite RNC establishment.

22 posted on 02/03/2013 2:14:11 PM PST by rrrod (at home in Medellin Colombia)
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To: Proud2BeRight

California is one of the nation’s crystal balls. The Democrats there have demonstrated that vote buying themselves into 51% control of everything is not enough. They’re now up to 2/3rds super majorities in all branches of state government, and they’re just getting started. The objective is the total and unconditional surrender of America. Meanwhile over in the USSR they have a 13% flat tax, a conservative government, and an oversupply of blue eyed blonds. They exported all their communists to us.

23 posted on 02/03/2013 2:17:30 PM PST by Reeses
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“Demography isn’t destiny….”

The first thing I did when I saw this, is to check to see who the author was.

When I saw it was Rove, no need to read any further.

Keep believin’ in that, Karl. Keep whistlin’ past the graveyard.

And ask the remaining Euro-Americans in California if demography ain’t destiny….

24 posted on 02/03/2013 2:19:43 PM PST by Road Glide
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To: rrrod

The turd blossom is now the shiny turd blossom.

25 posted on 02/03/2013 2:26:06 PM PST by Reeses
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This clown has become a multimillionaire by offering bad advice. He took a landslide election in 2004 and turned it into a near loss.

He makes no mention of the law and lawbreakers when he states:
“The major impediment is the harsh rhetoric of some Republicans regarding immigration. The solution is less about policy than about respect for the Hispanic community. If federal immigration law is reformed with substantial Republican support—including for a long and demanding but achievable process of earning legal status—the GOP can consistently earn 35%-40% among Hispanics.”

And his math is what one might expect from a Republican consultant. Even if they got 40% of the Hispanic vote, that would mean a net gain of 2.2 million votes of that 11 million for the Democrats.

The reality is that there are 30-40 million illegals in the country which will be proven when they are amnestied. And with chain migration another 40 million parents, siblings, and others will be allowed in. With a 40%/60% advantage democrats in Rove’s most optimistic estimate, that would be a 6 million to 16 million net gain for democrats.

Let’s see you put that on your whiteboard, Rove, you moron.

26 posted on 02/03/2013 2:45:43 PM PST by oldbill
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Karl “Kommie” Rove just starting to help the DNC win in 2014 & 2016.

27 posted on 02/03/2013 3:15:44 PM PST by SeminoleCounty (GOP = Greenlighting Obama's Programs)
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Detroit is destiny.

White flight started in a few inner-city neighborhoods. Then Whole interior sections of cities. Then entire cities. Now we’re on to entire states like California where the productive are fleeing.

When I started coming on this site, I figured we had maybe 5-10 years to get things turned back around nationally. In restrospect, I may have overestimated. I think it’s probably time decent productive people start making arrangements to man the lifeboats.

I think we may start to see “white flight” on a national level as opportunity continues to dry up here for wage earners. And our political scene is devolving into a 3rd world banana republic.

Conservatism will never die, but the GOP may. Our national body politic is incapable and unwilling to vote for decent principled governance. Our nation has already been turned into something I don’t want my children growing up in.

Not sure how many feel the same way I do, but it is telling that 40% of the 18-24 population of this country would already prefer to live elsewhere. And the 24-35 demographic is starting to move abroad in record numbers. Unlike coming to America, leaving the country requires a marketable education and demonstrated ability to support one’s self. These are our best and brightest fleeing the country in search of economic opportunity.

Call it a “brain drain” or “white flight” or whatever, but it will continue until our gov’t and banking system quit waging war on wage earners. So maybe the GOP is right in trying to replace conservatives as their base. The old ones are dying off, and their potential replacements are leaving the country in droves.

28 posted on 02/03/2013 5:07:31 PM PST by CowboyJay (Lowest Common Denominator 2012 - because liberty and prosperity were overrated)
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To: CowboyJay

Well said.

I mentioned many times in 2012 if Baraq won again, it was going to be “bolt or revolt” discussion 24/7/365 on FR in 2013.

29 posted on 02/03/2013 5:25:35 PM PST by nascarnation (Baraq's economic policy: trickle up poverty)
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Karl Rove eh? Karl Rove spewing statistics eh?

He must think people are feeling a tingle....

I’m thinking they’re feeling a tinkle...

He’s really not too swift. Like a typical GOPe ringleader, he is missing the essence of the defeat.

History is full of examples of forces winning against all manner of numerical odds as Obama did in 2012.

And yet Rove is spewing statistics trying to find some reason why the party has hope in numbers.

What they don’t have is spirit.

Spirit trumps all the demographic chit-chat of dingle berries like Rove.

One charamatic Tea Party figure that can make people proud to be American can grab the full spectrum of demographic spreads. One leader to make Americans proud can swing the hispanics, the blacks and women to their expression.

But the GOPe has no one to make Americans proud; no one.

Rather than spew statistics and plot to isolate and marginalize Tea Party conservatives, an effective party would be crawling the earth and checking under every stone to find the new talent they need to win back power. They would measure the potential of discovered talent not my how they fit the grand design, but how many people they touch with their spirit.

It is important to understand that people will remember not what was said or what was done but rather how they were made to feel.

We remember Reagan because he gave us optimism and he made us proud to be Americans. Those are feelings he himself with the force of his character and personality imparted to so many Americans and beyond even into foreign countries. Reagan was loved; that’s a feeling. His principles and values were not preached to us but were expressed by the spiritual essence of his being. Others could have given his same speeches and they would have fallen flat. But Reagan’s spirit and essence made us take a time out and listen. We grew to believe him, he helped us get in touch with our feelings as to what it means to be an American, and it felt great.

Today’s leaders of the GOPe pace about to ponder demographics and mission statements, weasel worded policy planks. Then they search out persons who they think they can control to act as messengers, who will fit the mold. That is mechanical, that is is not spiritual, it is not the essence needed, it does not resonate with being an American. And we see through the phoniness of it all.

And the lack of leadership will continue until the GOPe capitulates and hands the keys to the executive board rooms to people like Sarah Palin, Governor Jindal and others. New blood is badly needed and the failures like Rove need to withdraw.

30 posted on 02/03/2013 7:23:19 PM PST by Hostage (Be Breitbart!)
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"If federal immigration law is reformed with substantial Republican support—including for a long and demanding but achievable process of earning legal status—the GOP can consistently earn 35%-40% among Hispanics. "

Doesn't seem to have helped Republicans with black voters. It was Republicans who encouraged and made possible the Civil Rights legislation that black folks so love, but you never hear that from black leaders or the MSM. I'd venture to guess that if asked, most black people would say that it was Democrats who fought for their civil rights, instead of actually trying to stand in the way of them.

31 posted on 02/05/2013 8:00:18 PM PST by SuziQ
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