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To: BlackElk
It's a shame you're drinking this kool aid that Paterno was fully innocent and didn't know anything.

The truth is, he had to have known to some degree, he likely knew to a great degree, the evidence is there for anyone to find, but you seem incapable of looking.

He was a great coach, spectacular on the field and with his players; we will never know to what degree he failed as a man, but unfortunately the best you can say about him in this matter is he was too busy to deal with the plight of a bunch of young boys being exploited by a pedophile who was his former very famous assistant, the former face of Penn State defense, the coach who made them linebackerU.

That's not a good thing to remember is your best as a man......

32 posted on 01/28/2013 7:35:41 PM PST by Lakeshark (!)
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To: Lakeshark
I read the grand jury report which was published in full by the New York Times. I read the report of a retired PSU trustee who was coming out of retirement seeking to return specifically over this disgraceful episode. Did you read either in full? I suspect not or you would not post as you have. What you have is speculation and, based upon that speculation, you are laying major blame on Joe Paterno. According to the rules of the university which bound him by contract, Paterno did exactly what he was supposed to do.

You can argue that he should have violated the university rules and personally brought the matter to the attention of some law enforcement authority and certainly that is an emotionally satisfying position. It does not get the job done.

First, the only law enforcement that MIGHT have taken a report was the Pennsylvania State University Police Department. They are sworn officers who are under the jurisdiction of the two CIVILIAN university authorities to whom he reported: Curley and Schultz (???)(in any event the two who are indicted and pending trial for covering up the matter. They in turn were subordinates of lavender queen enabling Graham Spanier who was everybody's boss at Penn State. He needs to be indicted, convicted and sent into general population at a maximum security facility in Pennsylvania and NOT retain his tenure as a sociology professor, not be working for Obozo in DC, and not allowed on campus or in any proximity to the young of any age, etc.

Next, I am drinking no kool aid. Are you drinking the CYA kool aid of Graham Spanier and the PSU fairies??? NO ONE claims that Paterno witnessed anything personally. He did report to Curley and Schultz(?) even though he had no direct evidence whatsoever of child rape by Sandusky. All he had was the report of the quite noncredible McQueary that McQueary HEARD noises from the shower room (slapping noises???) that he thought indicated the rape of a young boy by pervert Sandusky. McQueary did not even look into the shower room to confirm his suspicions nor did he interfere to stop the rape if that is what occurred on that occasion nor did McQUEARY (the only adult witness if that is what he was) report this to law enforcement. So you would hang Paterno for not running to the Bellefont Police, the Centre County Sheriff, the Pennsylvania State Police (all of whom would have referred him back to the Penn State Police out of rigid professional courtesy and turf considerations). The Penn State Police exist to do precisely what they are told by university higher ups. When supervised by civilian school administration hacks, they will be part of the problem and not the solution since they exist to keep other cops away and to cover university authorities. That is how it works at Yale and UConn and, no doubt, at Penn State.

You want to hold Paterno to account for not reporting McQueary's half vast suspicions and surmises and guesses to law enforcement just in case on a matter that seemed unlikely to be successfully investigated because McQueary could not muster the manhood to interfere with pervert Sandusky who was old enough to be McQueary's grandfather and put a stop to the rape of the child (IF that was what had occurred on that occasion).

I did not say anything that you claim I said. More sloppy speculation or sloppy accusation.

All you or anyone else has on Paterno is that maybe McQueary was a witness, that McQueary did NOTHING to stop the incident if there was one, did not interfere in any way, did not eyeball the victim, did not so much as say: Gerry you are a dirty old man or child rapist, did not report to ANYONE for days, and that his speculations under such circumstances, filleed with giant holes, were to be regarded by Paterno and by university officials and by potential law enforcement responders as though they were revelations of the Oracle at Delphi. And you accuse ME of drinking kool aid????

Read your last sentence of your post aloud three or more times while watching yourself in the mirror.

33 posted on 01/28/2013 10:09:49 PM PST by BlackElk (Dean of Discipline, Tomas de Torquemada Gentlemen's Society. Broil 'em now!!!)
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