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21 Surprising Statistics That Reveal How Much Stuff We Actually Own
Becoming Minimalist ^ | 01/10/2019 | JOSHUA BECKER

Posted on 01/11/2019 7:07:48 AM PST by SeekAndFind

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To: Clutch Martin

,,,still have Clutter!

I’ve always Loved
Army Surplus stores
and my apartment reflects
that I may open a store myself.
Is it Clutter or Stock?

21 posted on 01/11/2019 7:41:17 AM PST by Big Red Badger (Despised by the Despicable!)
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To: SeekAndFind

I suspecet JOSHUA BECKER · is a 30 something snowflake...

22 posted on 01/11/2019 7:46:06 AM PST by GOPJ (Replace furloughed government workers with illegals for ten bucks an hour. Show dems how it feels.)
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To: antidisestablishment
$1.2 trillion on non-essential goods—that’s nothing. Look at what we spend on non-essential government!

An "excellent point" bump

23 posted on 01/11/2019 7:47:06 AM PST by RatRipper
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To: RatRipper

We just need a bigger house! For starters my wife has 186 pairs of shoes. I counted them once and she has added to that.

24 posted on 01/11/2019 7:51:36 AM PST by oldasrocks
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To: Psalm 73

Like when a parent or aunt/uncle pass and you are the one to sort through the “stuff” they leave behind.

I don’t want my daughter to have to go through that.

We’ve seen both sides, of that scenario.

One Aunt completely cleaned out, sold/gave away practically all of her belongings and then decided to move herself in to an assisted living type situation.

When she passed, nothing (of material value) was left to haggle or get upset/emotional over. Very thoughtful.

A friend, whose mom recently passed, is now having to go through a home - luckily with her siblings - containing 60+ years of acquired ‘stuff’. Not fun. They stress just with the thought...not to mention their sadness, on top of that.

25 posted on 01/11/2019 7:52:57 AM PST by Jane Long (Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow.)
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To: SeekAndFind
I would oppose any legislation aimed at telling people "You have too much money/stuff, so the government will help you out by taking it".

That being said, I think our culture is too materialistic and our stuff (which we collect to make us happy) is a source of great unhappiness for many.

As automation increases and as the risk of large numbers of people having no skills (or abilities) that are needed in the 21st century job market, I think a lot of folks will find themselves with limited income opportunities. I oppose socialism (of course) but I wouldn't be surprised if we end up drifting toward some sort of Guaranteed Basic Income to that people have an income even if they don't have a job. Not my solution of choice, but I fear it may be inevitable.

Perhaps our culture would benefit from a trend toward a minimalist approach to life. People could occupy themselves with gardens or something and avoid collecting things other than hoes

26 posted on 01/11/2019 7:55:39 AM PST by ClearCase_guy (If White Privilege is real, why did Elizabeth Warren lie about being an Indian?)
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To: JimRed; bagman
There is a wonderful little book by Marie Kondō (who has become a millionaire from this) called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.”:

Hold up an object or piece of clothing and ask does this bring you joy. If not, thank it and discard. Very interesting way to think about things we try to hang onto.

She also has a show now on Netflix where you can watch her work with clients. She definitely has something that’s striking a chord to help people declutter.

27 posted on 01/11/2019 8:00:40 AM PST by BlueHorseShoe ( Let us all speak out, rise up, lead and conquer! I’m)
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To: BlueHorseShoe; JimRed; bagman

Sorry, my link did not work

28 posted on 01/11/2019 8:01:50 AM PST by BlueHorseShoe ( Let us all speak out, rise up, lead and conquer! I’m)
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To: SeekAndFind

300,000....hell I have 1/2 that in books and double that in shells and cartridges.


29 posted on 01/11/2019 8:02:21 AM PST by reed13k (For evil to triumph it is only necessary that good men do nothing)
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To: Cold Heart
"Whenever I help somebody move, I go home close my eyes, grab something, and throw it out."

LOLOL!! When I moved into this townhome in Denver, I had a 2 car garage, no car, and a garage that was wall-to-wall S T U F F that I had just paid a small fortune to move down here from Alaska. I could not believe I had paid perfectly good money...

Gradually, I sorted to the point I called the Salvation Army and they came and loaded up almost half a truckful of useless consumption (partly thanks to my kids, who just HAD TO HAVE IT!) Then, I realized it was still to much stuff, so I went through it again, moved all the nonessentials to one corner, and called College Hunks Hauling Junk. Away with the rest of the dross! Now, I have a virtually empty garage, a couple of corners not full but orderly, and still no car. Took four years, but it was worth every minute.

30 posted on 01/11/2019 8:06:13 AM PST by redhead (PRAYfor little ones in pedo pipeline:child livestock: raped, tortured, and satanically sacrificed.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Marxism is why we ‘cannot have’ nice things

31 posted on 01/11/2019 8:06:32 AM PST by a fool in paradise (Denounce DUAC - The Democrats Un-American Activists Committee)
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To: SeekAndFind

Some of these are absurd.

>> Shopping malls outnumber high schools. And 93% of teenage girls rank shopping as their favorite pastime <<

There are three shopping malls in Suffolk County, NY... and dozens of high schools.

>> Women will spend more than eight years of their lives shopping <<

That amounts to over two hours per day average every day.

>> Americans spend more on shoes, jewelry, and watches ($100 billion) than on higher education <<

$100 billion amounts to only $300 per person.

32 posted on 01/11/2019 8:08:14 AM PST by dangus ("The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops" -- St. Athanasius)
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To: dangus

RE: There are three shopping malls in Suffolk County, NY... and dozens of high schools.

Depends on how you define shopping “malls” I guess. There are lots of shopping “centers” everywhere.

33 posted on 01/11/2019 8:11:44 AM PST by SeekAndFind (look at Michigan, it will)
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To: madison10

C’mon down to North Texas.

I have 8 major shopping malls within a 30 minute drive of my home (2 that are 10 minutes away) and two “mixed use” areas (small towns in essence) that are a blend of shopping, office, and condos/apartments, with more coming...

34 posted on 01/11/2019 8:13:18 AM PST by L,TOWM (An upraised middle finger is my virtue signal.)
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To: SeekAndFind

Quoting a TV character living in Seattle... (Frasier)
“My things, my things, my beautiful things”

There’s something to be said for the Tiny House Movement: little room, fewer things. But who of us past 60 wants to climb a ladder in order to find our bed in the loft?

The main reason persons rent storage space = to keep the many records and receipts which will be needed when our government comes a’knocking on our doors. No receipt, no deduction. No papers, into the jail house for you.

Here, just thankful it is not necessary to load up our “possessions” into a covered wagon and cross the country to unload them in a brighter place. All we need do is call U-Haul. :-)

35 posted on 01/11/2019 8:17:41 AM PST by V K Lee ("VICTORY FOR THE RIGHTEOUS IS JUDGMENT FOR THE WICKED")
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To: oldasrocks

My wife keeps her shoes, boots and flip flops in our guest room. My wife is NOT a big clothes person or hundreds of shoes. However, I counted 15 pairs of flipflop/sandels. Keep in mind we live in NH not Florida.

36 posted on 01/11/2019 8:26:16 AM PST by woodbutcher1963
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To: 9YearLurker

The millennial(24 year old woman) sitting next to me was complaining that she did not have any money to pay off her student loans. We(middle aged men) pointed out to her that she wears a different pair of fancy boots to work everyday.
That almost every day she goes to some place to eat lunch out or order lunch to be picked up. Then many days she runs down to Starbucks to buy a $5 coffee. We have a Koreg machine out back with 20 different coffees and teas that are free.

37 posted on 01/11/2019 8:32:34 AM PST by woodbutcher1963
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To: woodbutcher1963

Great example!

38 posted on 01/11/2019 8:34:06 AM PST by 9YearLurker
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To: bagman

Yeah Bagman, first world problems. I have 6 functional TV’s (digital flat screens) in my house and I don’t feel guilty about it. Me and the wife have worked hard and gotten to the point that we earn an upper middle class living and can afford that stuff. I thank God every day that I was born in this country and that my Dad instilled a work ethic in me and my siblings so we could get through life as earners and not takers.

Am I an oppressive practitioner of white priveledge? Nope, just a guy enjoying his life. I have not stolen, cheated or harmed anyone to be able to acquire “non essential goods”. We pay a crap load of taxes (not sure I’m gonna be able to afford continuing to live in Nebraska after retirement but that’s another story) so Uncle Sugar can subsidize other people’s lifestyle. Trying to make people feel guilty (which I think is the point of this very interesting and informative article) is a non starter with me and mine, FRiend. Sounds like also with you?

39 posted on 01/11/2019 8:48:46 AM PST by Big Red Clay (Greetings from the Big Red State)
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To: SeekAndFind

I’m forwarding this article to my Household 6. I may not survive the day.

40 posted on 01/11/2019 8:56:27 AM PST by TADSLOS (Confuse your doctor by putting on rubber gloves at the same time he does.)
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