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Steve Bannon's Big Loss in Alabama ^

Posted on 12/13/2017 3:43:25 AM PST by deek69

The big loser in Tuesday's Alabama's special Senate election was not the Republican Party. They had already lost weeks ago, the moment the Washington Post wrote their (carefully vetted, in this instance) exposé of the thirty-year-old sexual proclivities of Judge Roy Moore.

(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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To: IamConservative
I didn’t have to make the choice, so I can’t say for sure, but I may have sat out myself. The Sean Hannity interview was very unconvincing. I certainly wouldn’t have voted for Jones.

The Sean Hannity interview was a disaster. Moore's campaign was mortally wounded at that moment.

And now Roy Moore joins Sharron Angle, Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, and Christine O'Donnell in the hall of unelectable fringe religious nutjob losers. It's time to stop listening to the people who try to sell us these candidates. They couldn't even carry one of their own across the finish line in Alabama.

141 posted on 12/13/2017 7:04:04 AM PST by Drew68
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To: Alberta's Child

Big Deal. Moore is a West Point Grad who went to see the Army-Navy game. It is silly to think that voters in the most football crazy state would hold it against someone who went to a football game.

142 posted on 12/13/2017 7:05:06 AM PST by ohioman
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To: 6ppc

That was my big concern about Moore.

He has a fanatical following hard core supporters but his admittedly in your face behavior has also alienated some Republican voters

His case of hard core supporters made it possible to win the Primary, but more difficult to win the general election.

Trump was right on this one.

I think Moore would have won regardless if it were not for Shelby.

143 posted on 12/13/2017 7:05:48 AM PST by rdcbn
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To: tgusa; MayflowerMadam

I think I saw the recount margin as being 0.5%. But it’s early, and still on my first cup of coffee....

Same here .5% or lower.

Like you, I’m still on my first and only cup of coffee in my stainless steel Cabela’s mug.

144 posted on 12/13/2017 7:07:22 AM PST by Grampa Dave (Build Kate's wall! Keep illegals and illegal murderers/criminals out of America! MAGA! SLAP ACT!!)
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To: central_va

I think Bannon is a patriot, too. I think Moore was a lousy candidate after the Hannity interview. And Hannity didn’t amvush him. Those were straight forward questions avout the accusations which were the reason for the interview in the first place.

Bannon had to drive on or ask him to step down. Sounds like Bannon chose drive on. I think that was a big mistake.

145 posted on 12/13/2017 7:07:30 AM PST by xzins (Retired US Army chaplain. Support our troops by praying for their victory.)
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To: central_va

Steve’s a big boy...I’m sure he fully realizes he screwed the pooch this time.

146 posted on 12/13/2017 7:08:48 AM PST by Scott from the Left Coast
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To: xzins
Trump continually accepted that it was Moore or Jones from the moment Moore beat Strange. He held a rally in Pensacola, that was a major draw for Moore. He knew the stakes.

As flawed as Moore was, and I'm not disputing that, he was taken out by a coordinated political hit, and got zero help from the GOP. Zero. They all drew back like cowards, and left him to die. It's likely some in the establishment helped with the hit.

The Alabama voters did the same thing. They allowed a baby killing, hate filled leftist to make up a big lie, and they believed it. They stayed home without researching it in any way. They just let the hit work, and it's to their shame they stayed home and let this monstrous leftist in the Senate to represent them, rather than a poor candidate who would have represented them quite well.

Jesus didn't stop by saying we were supposed to be innocent as doves. There is a second part to that, and Alabama evangelicals forgot it, as so many others do.

Moore doesn't lose without that political hit, and we all should see that.

It's the evil we are up against, and we too often forget that, even here on FR.

147 posted on 12/13/2017 7:09:31 AM PST by Lakeshark (Trump. He stands for the great issues of the day. Stay the course!)
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To: ohioman

“I agree with you my FRiend. Fox news died along with the GOP. I will use FR to get all of my news and will never again watch Faux news.”

We stopped watching Faux News, when Kelly planned to take out Candidate Trump in Iowa during the debate.

This year in January, we stopped watching our local Faux tv news. They would show a Never Trumpster in NYC or DC, then follow up with a so called expert from the Gay San Fran area. It was a double whammy against Trump even before he was sworn in as President.

I do visit Faux’s internet site. You can weed out the obvious anti Trump bs and focus on some fairly good stuff.

Our tv is now never on during the morning or afternoon. We never watch any news, local or national.

Not watching Faux is as enjoyable as not watching any National Felon League bs posing as a game.

Freepers should support Free Republic and use it as their primary news site.

148 posted on 12/13/2017 7:22:27 AM PST by Grampa Dave (Build Kate's wall! Keep illegals and illegal murderers/criminals out of America! MAGA! SLAP ACT!!)
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To: mbrfl


149 posted on 12/13/2017 7:24:52 AM PST by Anti-Bubba182
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To: ohioman

yes-Bush’s Dana throughout the race was sickening. I am done with Fox after this race.

150 posted on 12/13/2017 7:25:42 AM PST by magna carta
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To: House Atreides

Not on every issue do I agree with Bannon, but I’m not going to attack a man who is willing to stand and fight. A few hundred more like him, and America might survive.

151 posted on 12/13/2017 7:32:29 AM PST by alstewartfan (If you should leave me now A sudden wind will blow your mansion down. Al Stewart)
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To: Paladin2

I am ashamed today to call myself a citizen of Alabama. For Jones to win, a massive bunch of people who voted for Donald Trump had to cross over and vote for a liberal, homo loving, progressive abortion supporting, klinton and obammy supporting, dimocrat!!! This simply made me sick to my stomach last night when I saw the number of stupid fools how voted for Jones. It was about as bad if they would have allowed klinton to carry the state last election. But, for one thing I did decide, I will not vote again for a republican. I have finally had it with that bunch of slime in Sodom on the Potomac. I will never vote for a communist dimocrat, so I guess my voting days may have passed. I REFUSE to vote for the lesser of two evils any longer. I’m done. So, farewell, so long. No more supporting the McCain’s, and other McFools and McIdiots of the RINO progressive homo loving socialism loving, former party known as the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan. Since the Gipper, I have held my nose for all the elections except for Trump. Now, I simply cannot at my advanced age, take it any longer. I’m done. So, save your fingers answering my rant. It is not going to change my mind. I will put all my energies that I have left, in dealing with my family, my LORD, and my recently discovered heart problems, with surgery to come soon. So, I am not going to cause my heart any other problems with dealing with the slime of the former republican party. I’m done.

152 posted on 12/13/2017 7:43:41 AM PST by RetiredArmy (We are in the Last Days of human history. Jesus is coming back, & soon! Do U know Him?)
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To: RetiredArmy

Good luck. I know how you feel.

153 posted on 12/13/2017 7:48:32 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: Kevin C; VanDeKoik

“Moore was a severely flawed candidate.”

He was. Most candidates are flawed. But when the other choice will thwart DJT’s conservative SCOTUS appointments, work to weaken (or rescind) the Second Amendment, and further abortion causes, decent people figure out the right thing to do.

“Just because someone can quote the Bible, pose with a gun, or sport a good county accent, doesn’t mean you don’t have to say ‘can this person win’.”

True. I grew up in a Baptist parsonage. It’s like watching sausage being made to see the “underbelly” of a religion, so someone quoting scripture to try to get an advantage would actually make me reconsider him as a candidate. Still….. SCOTUS, guns, abortion.

Shelby and his many-thousand write-in followers should be ashamed.

154 posted on 12/13/2017 7:52:55 AM PST by MayflowerMadam ( "Free men are not equal, and Equal men are not free".)
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To: VanDeKoik

Well if that’s what you think then find a new hobby, don’t vote, and by all means save us the bandwidth.

Because no one here is in the losing industry because of what you feel or think. We had enough of you guys back in 2016 to last a lifetime.

Amen. Here come the never Trump BIG GOP-ers. The globalists.

155 posted on 12/13/2017 7:54:34 AM PST by snarkytart
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To: napscoordinator

You remain a childish jackass.

156 posted on 12/13/2017 7:57:34 AM PST by TADSLOS (Reset Underway!)
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To: napscoordinator

Um, there is a primary in 2018 too. Get the RINOS outed and we have a great chance in the general with a MAGA candidate.

157 posted on 12/13/2017 7:59:52 AM PST by central_va (I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn.)
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To: House Atreides

Concerning Moore, I agree. Bannon did the right thing. The Republican party has left its base.

158 posted on 12/13/2017 8:09:32 AM PST by Blogger
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To: deek69

NEVER GIVE UP, Steve Bannon!

Now the left thinks it can pu$$t whip politics and regain power.

As recent history shows, two can play at that game.

159 posted on 12/13/2017 8:10:31 AM PST by Candor7 (Obama FAscism)
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To: usconservative

I appreciate your analysis - and, more importantly, your tagline.

160 posted on 12/13/2017 8:36:24 AM PST by JME_FAN
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