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Maximus Publius ^ | 2008 | Maximus Publius

Posted on 11/12/2008 3:26:10 AM PST by Maximus Publius


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TOPICS: Conspiracy; Government
KEYWORDS: enigma; zotmebaby
Dear. Sovereign Citizens


Not once! have I seen a true defense of George W. Bush’s Excellent reaction to a sneak attack by international terrorist and his Excellent state of war 8 year term. I have watched a “complete perception control” with the unrelenting democratic party attack for 18 months, with the negative inverted perception that John McCain would be another term of the Bush ‘s failed economic & foreign policy?

Now the Bush administration had no choice but to sponsor the economic crisis bailout! For the economic crisis that the democratic party intentionally created! And now they claim that the republican party are the socialist? Don’t we get it yet???

He that controls the perception, controls the public opinion, which controls the political vote, which controls the political reality!

For a Complete Empirical Analysis of the Demonstrated Intellectual Origins of the Ominous Specter of Evolutionary Socialism by Democratic Scientific systematic implementation, It’s Structural Design and Functioning Mechanics. contact me! Judson Rainey with the Rainey Group - Diversified Research Development at Email at:

What the true chain of events are, concerning the Reagan republican trickle down economics, was that it achieved the most successful sustained economic growth in modern history, in part responsible by the peace dividend by ending the cold war. until bill Clinton and the mass media inverted the perception of the small recession at the time of the election, calling it a depression and used the “read my lips” comment that George Bush sr. used earlier and by being tricked into going back on his word, by agreeing to signing onto a democratic parties sponsored tax increase , bill Clinton then after getting elected on his and the mass medias lie about the recession being a depression , the strong economy recovered and continued thru the Clinton administration term with the mass medias help they established the perception that Clinton was responsible for that inherited strong economy. In addition to the CRA forced deregulating of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, interestingly at this time Hillary Clinton made a preemptive attack by stating that she thought resistance to this plan constituted a Vast Right Wing Conspiracy! which I will demonstrate was intentionally designed by the Clinton administration to be abused by the democratic party to negatively effect the free market housing lending system and then when George W. Bush was elected, he inherited a weak economy, and when 9/11 happened a complete state of emergency demanded a total focus on a the new Homeland Security system and a counter attack plan on the terrorist perpetrators and actions were taken immediately in a quick and effective war in Afghanistan and then a quick and effective war in Iraq and then the democratic parties plan of establishing a democracy in these countries, which takes time, if ever that it can be done ! Now the democratic party claims that John McCain who tried to re-regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and who was blocked by the democratic party, and now they say he represents the failed republican foreign and economic policies of the last eight years, and it is the democratic party and their presidential candidate Barack Obama that are demonsratably responsible for the present economic crisis, when they intentionally designed and executed the economic crisis for the political objective as follows..

We all now know that Acorn representatives have been convicted of voter fraud and the Justice Department is looking into it. and if the Stanley Kurtz report exposing that even more importantly as Sol Stern explains that Acorn is the key modern successor of the radical 1960’s “New Left” with a “1960’s bred agenda of anti-capitalism “ to match . Acorn , says Stern , grew out of “one of the New Left ‘s silliest and most destructive groups , the National Welfare Rights Organization “. in the 1960’s NWRO launched a campaign of sit-ins and disruptions at welfare office’s.. The goal was to remove eligibility restrictions and thus effectively flood welfare roll’s with so many clients that the system would burst , the theory, explains Stern , was that an impossibly overburdened welfare system would force “a radical reconstruction of America’s “unjust capitalist economy”. which establishes the “ultimate objective intent “with the combined revelation of Barack Obama’s close mutually trusted relationship with Bill Ayers as a unrepentant subversive violent anti-American terrorist who at his own home started Barack Obama’s political career and entrusted him “to control million’s dollars of his grant Woods Fund of which a large amount went to Acorn of which obama was the national leadership trainer of coercive banking tactics and strategy, who instructed the same system as the earlier NWRO Anti-American welfare theory, to create a impossibly overburdened welfare housing that was politically intentionally connected to the capitalist free market housing lending system that would “absolutely force” a “radical reconstruction of Americas “unjust capitalist economy” This would isolate the true cause of the current economical disaster, as Obama ‘s campaign rhetoric blamed bush & wall street and waited for the liberal partisan dominant mass media master spin doctors to achieve the voter inverted perception that he would be the solution to effectively correct the problem, which obviously succeeded as indicated by a voter poll surge blaming the last 8 years of republican administration and wall street for his and his parties own subversively designed economic ultimate objective. Indeed the democratic party is already drafting a ”radically reconstructed Americas “just Socialist economy” ironically we the American people & John McCain “didn’t get it “until now! Because it was clandestine! As a American citizen, I demand a bi-partisan investigation concerning high treason by economic subversion, for this vast left wing Anti-American conspiracy, that intentionally facilitated crimes against the innocent people of the United States. to implement a democratic scientific socialist economic and ideological coup-d‘etat.. In addition, what else would explain the initial exposure, huge massive enthusiastic welcome by the socialist Europeans? By this humble little community organizer?

The Barack Obama tax plan of giving 95 percent of Americans a 1 or 2 thousand dollars refund constitutes due to the fact, that 40 percent don’t pay tax anyway, and they will receive a check as a Vote to elect me president, Bribe! paid for by the tax payers! In other words have the victims of his vote bribe, the American tax payers! who then must pay for their own defeat! Its incredible that he would have the audacity to add insult to injury to the American tax payer!


McCain has a Proven Positive Capitalist Economic System. Obama has a Proven Negative Socialist Economic System.

The Indubitable empirically demonstrated self evident truth proposition of this vindication of the Moral Majority leadership who wrote the political platform of peace by strength, the strategic defense initiative or SDI. and trickle down economics. That Ronald Reagan agreed to. To become their Presidential Candidate of the Moral Majority Electorate who specifically elected and re-elected Ronald Reagan President. And the Moral Majority Electorate are empirically demonstrated indubitably truly responsible for ending the Cold War against the Evil Empire the U.S.S.R.

The U.S. Constitution, Article lV, Section 4. States that the original intent was that we are a Written Constitution, liberal Individual right, democratic representative, Republic form of civil government. This is the “absolutely essential” first element in the process of comprehending the significant ’s of how America has been subverted from within! That is , by implanting the inverted mass perception that America’s original intent was a Democratic form of civil government ! That would justify implementing Pure Democratic principles.

The Enigma of the long sought after “Missing Link “of the Empirically Demonstrated Evidence that would indubitably prove the issue, once and for all, for all of human posterity! To restore America’s Real Empirically Demonstrated “Traditional Family Values”! Maximus Publius

The Sovereign Citizen’s Handbook - synopsis

The Sovereign Citizens of America are endeavoring to Conserve the “original deal “of our Republic, political philosophy of America’s intellectual founding father, the founder of “all Liberal political philosophy“, and the founder of Empiricism the first to formally expressed empirical analysis or the regular sequence theory of induction, or the Modern Scientific Method. The father of the Age of Enlightenment or The Age of Reason considered” the Intellectual Ruler of the World in the 18th century domestically, the English philosopher John Locke who was plagiarized in our Declaration of Independence and our Written Constitution, by the English American colonist founding fathers. And who was obscured and relegated to a common sense philosopher, by the English radicals & wigs who in 1833 assumed the common name Liberals and abolished slavery in the rest of the English colonies to instigate the American civil war using perfectly inverted empirical propositions delivered with classic Rationalism argumentation proven defective by John Locke himself because the conclusions always follow the premises, without proof or evidence, and he stated that it only provides consistency in argumentation, unfortunately our mortal enemies capitalized on this weakness, Then in 1850 the communist manifesto was published that declared to the world, its threat of world revolutionary domination , but not until evolutionary socialism was tested and proven successful in Germany with the system of democratic scientific socialism that is gradual, incremental implementation by first forming its economical bureaucracy of social security with the same promise of growing with interest funds that are immediately raided to enlarge with more entitlement bureaucracies perpetually funding itself until this symbiosis parasite kills its host victim. in Germany until Adolph Hitler and the violent revolutionary labor party, national socialist or fascist pitted evil vs. evil against each other. and then in America Franklin D. Roosevelt directed implementation by Norman Thomas who led the socialist party U.S. from 1924 to 1968 and much of its economic program became law under the New Deal legislation. Then Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, and Clinton all continued contributing implementation until the present coup-d‘etat.. Unfortunately a state of the art evolved propaganda and political rhetoric instantaneous revisionism psychological warfare system has as it was intended, to overwhelmingly demonstrate that resistance is futile. It certainty is, if allowed to continue.!

The Rise of a Socialist America

"The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened." – Norman Thomas, American socialist, 1948 Americans did not worry about Norman Thomas' statement when he first uttered these words. The likelihood that the United States of America, the nation of liberty, would fall victim to the wiles of Socialism, seemed impossible. And when Ronald Reagan captured the presidency as the 1980's opened, the liberal attempt at gaining full power seemed to be defeated for good. The platform of Conservatism had produced landslide elections, created a prosperous economy after the economic darkness of the 70's, and reminded the world that America is the strength of the world and that peace comes through that strength.

Hot Button Issues, words, and metaphors in Human Psychology, human behavior, and subtle and manipulative behavior of their Advanced Psychological Warfare Program. Such as labeling you a racial bigot, racist, unjustly prejudice, unjustly a racial discriminator. steal from the rich and give to the poor. The Shame method of (positive conditioned reflex behavior of positive morals & ethical abstract reasoning literate. Principles applies to modifying human behavior inverted into (negative conditioned reflex behavior of negative moral & ethical. Abstract reasoning illiterate principles

(The basis for the modern psychological warfare, which makes it different from whatever was done in the past, are the findings of the Russian physiologist, Pavlov. He is not a Communist. He had completed his most important discoveries before the Communists took power. His first discovery was the effectiveness of using a living animal in experiments, rather than a dead animal. His second great discovery was that the instincts of an animal, that we call reflexes, were of two kinds. One was the reflexes which the animal was born with, its unconditioned reflexes. The other was its conditioned reflexes, which man can train into the animal. Most of us have heard of Pavlov’s experiments with dogs and lights. He first provided a bowl of food and turned on a light of a certain color, then an empty bowl and turned on a different colored light. After he had done this a number of times, he turned on the light that accompanied the food, but presented an empty bowl to the animal, and the dog deposited just as much saliva as when the bowl was full. When he presented a bowlful of food with the wrong light, the animal did not eat. After he switched the lights and bowls of food, the animal became neurotic, barked, was driven into a state, which among human beings we call insanity.)

When the Communist hierarchy in Moscow discovered that it was unable to persuade people willingly to follow communism, when they found that they could not create what they wanted, the “new Soviet man” in which human nature would be changed, they turned to Pavlov and his experiments. They considered people the same as animals anyway, and refused to recognize the role of reason or divinity in a human being. They took over the Pavlovian experiments on animals and extended them to people. They did so with the objective of changing human nature and creating a “new Soviet man.” People, they anticipated, would react voluntarily under Pavlovian pressures, in the way the dog does, to Communist orders, exactly as ants do in their collectivized society.

America’s Unelected, Evolutionary Socialism, Democratic Scientific Socialist, Implementers of Inverted principle’s - Legislature !

American Civil Liberties Union: the Evolutionary Socialism Facilitators of reversed legislation. ( A.C.L.U. ), national nonprofit and nonpartisan association founded in 1920 by a group of liberals, including the socialist reformer Jane Addams, the writers Helen Keller and James Weldon Johnson, the socialist leaders Eugene V. Debs and Norman Thomas, and the jurist Felix Frankfurter. By 1969, it had grown to embrace a membership of about 130,000; had 45 state affiliates and over 200 Chapters throughout the U.S.; conducted its business through twenty staff attorneys and one thousand cooperating attorneys; and maintained a national staff in New York City, a legislative office in Washington, and a southern regional office in Atlanta, Ga. Organized to defend the civil liberties of all citizens, it follows a liberal interpretation of U.S. Constitutional law in defense of freedom of speech, press, assembly, and religion. It is active before national, state, and local legislative bodies, in courts of all jurisdictions, and in the preparation of educational materials. Since 1920 it has acted directly or by intervention in almost all cases involving civil liberty in the U.S., including the Sacco and Vanzett, Scopes, and Scottsboro trails, and cases involving freedom of expression in the arts, the rights of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the unconstitutionality of white primaries, and the prosecution of citizens under so called loyalty acts. It also took a leading part in the legal fight that resulted in the abolition by the U.S. Supreme Court of segregation in public schools under the doctrine of equal but separate facilities.

The face value “all men are created equal “self evident truths proposition, is not the empirical self evident proposition that John Locke expressed, which was that all men are born, good, independent, and equal, but regarded the mind of man at birth as tabla rasa, a blank slate upon which experience imprinted knowledge, a modern analogy would be a mind as a un-programmed biological super computer that processes one thousand trillion bits of information per second , that out performs all the cray computers connected together that can process ten trillion bits of information per second. All humans must be educated, programmed, indoctrinated in positive morals & ethics and intellectual abstract reasoning literacy, because an adult abstract reasoning illiterate is like a lion or tiger that has a mind incapable of learning abstract reasoning literate knowledge, and will kill you to eat you if wants to. But illiterate humans are more dangerous and cunning. Therefore responsible citizens in a 98 percent majority Protestant Christian society Liberal Republic That accepts the personal responsibility of educating their children at least in informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literate principles of common sense, responsible, independent citizen with a covenant with God and a social contract with each other. Protestant Christian men accept the responsibility in a marriage as a covenant with God, the highest authority! to love honor & provide for his wife and their children, Also in this republic sufferance didn’t constitute grounds for political enfranchisement.! That served to disenfranchise literate men, the original majority, by women 50 percent down to 30 percent. by universal. sufferance.

This chain of fundamental social contract elements or empirical self-evident propositions (1) The Law of Nature is the Law of Reason – Analogical Inference – Thesis, Antithesis. (2) The Majority Religion should be High Law in that country and the Protestant Christian; God Has limited human laws and liberal human rights. (3) These laws and rights are converted from religious to a secular artifice. Of a natures god with natures god limited human laws and liberal human rights. (4) Then secular limited civil laws and liberal civil rights. Neither of the secular natures god laws and rights or secular civil laws and rights can contradict the Religious High Laws and rights. Doing so would constitute just grounds for violent revolution. As not only a right but also an obligation.

The All-inclusive: Immigration and Naturalization. Sworn under Oath, Upon a King James Version of the Holy Bible. In America at the founding the Majority Religion was Protestant Christian, if you were not a Protestant Christian, but did agree to obey the King James Version of the Holy Bibles God limited human laws, with his liberal human rights. You would be endowed by this Creator with certain unalienable rights! But if you do not agree to obey these limited human laws with liberal human rights, you are not endowed by this Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

EMPIRICAL ANALOGICAL INFERENCE Positive Thesis :: Informal Moral & Ethical and Intellectual Abstract Reasoning Literate, Common Sense, Responsible ,Independent Productive Citizens. Lead By: Informal Moral & Ethical and Intellectual Abstract Reasoning Literate, Common Sense, Responsible ,Independent Productive Citizens.

Negative Antithesis : Informal Moral & Ethical and Intellectual Abstract Reasoning Illiterate, Irresponsible, Illegitimate, Dependent, Non Productive & Counter Productive Citizens. Lead By : Formal Moral & Ethical and Intellectual Abstract Reasoning Literate Diabolically Ingenious leaders with a Antithetical inverted Totalitarian- Authoritarian goal. Which is the perfectly negative Antithesis of Liberal Republic positive thesis principles. When empirical analogical inference is applied. As demonstrated by the first treatises being the leftist totalitarian-authoritarian. That is a 180 degree transition from the right to the left and the second treatises being the libertarian Radical liberal 180 degree transition from the left to the right ,in the two treaties on civil government, the founding text on liberal political philosophy, which finds its intellectual origins in Locke’s liberal political thought empirical self evident proposition that was discovered by a religious not political proposition “yes you are the original positive liberals” of the Protestant Christian Gods limited human laws leave liberal human rights. This constitutes the only empirically analyzed World Religion that is empirically reasonable.

The most important element in all politics is the metaphor of “he who controls the Perception controls the Reality“ the reason is that he who controls the Perception controls the Public Opinion and he who controls the Public Opinion controls the Elected Political Representation that by government force coercively implements the Political Reality !

Make no mistake that Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Eduard Berstein , Vladimir Lenin, Nadezhda Konstantinovna Krupskaya, Joseph Stalin All have been extreme students of inverting the principles of John Locke, if you don’t take this exposé serious, you will deserve what you get! First and foremost Karl Marx himself defined Socialism as the transitional state of Communism! To redefine this is not valid. To invade a state whether by Violent Revolution or from within, with Evolutionary Socialism, the people must be indoctrinated to accept Communism! There are those that have inverted the perception of the empirical reality by minimizing Socialism denying that it is the road to Communism, It must be understood that socialist want to be elected and remain in power, to personally succeed , but they don’t want their programs to succeed, as we think of it , to be good for America! they want their programs to promote their ideology and to eventually bankrupt America! so as to save America by reinventing it” by implementing the Socialist Communism.

Our nation was founded on the principles that in any particular country, the religious majority should be god principles that most people obey without government coercion, in America the population was 98 percent protestant Christian and protestant Christian men accept the responsibility & covenant with god to love & protect and provide housing, clothing, food and education for his wife and children by the king James version of the holy bible religious who’s god has limited human laws and that which was left were liberal human rights , a secular artifice of a natures god with identical limited human laws with liberal human rights is created in the event that government declares war on the citizens, in which the citizens not only have the right , but the obligation to withdraw their trust and tear down and replace it with the original form of civil government and from this we derive our limited civil laws with liberal civil rights. this constitutes indubitable demonstrated empirical self evident propositions. LOCKE states that Where there are no Laws, there are no Rights! You Earn your Rights, by Obeying the Laws! If you Reject the Laws, you Reject your Rights!

The intellectual consensus of the world in the 17th century was that “complete or pure democracies always fail“, because the poor illiterate masses always vote themselves the wealth of the state!.

NOTE: We think we can’t be Brain Washed? But observe, even we, are now calling America our DEMOCRACY! After hearing it over and over again for decades! It would appear that the danger of accepting this Revisionism Label, is that it justifies implementing Democratic Scientific Socialism, Which inverts our form of civil government from a Liberal individual right, democratic representative, Republic. Into a liberal government right, pure democratic representative, Democracy! Inverted Progressive! The U.S. Constitution - Article IV, Section 4. states a Republican form of civil government. Or liberal individual right, democratic representative, Republic!

The following Empirical Evidence Demonstrates that the Evolutionary Communist Socialism, that is implemented by Democratic Scientific Socialism. “Constitutes the Greatest Crime Against Humanity” in the history of the World ! The Semantics of Evil if Good.


LOCKE, John (1632-1704), English philosopher, who founded the school of empiricism (q.v.) “a moderate and tolerant protestant Christian“. Locke was born in the village of Wrington, Somerset, on Aug. 29, 1632. He was educated at the Christ Church College at Oxford and lectured on Greek, rhetoric, and moral philosophy at Oxford from 1661 to 1664. In 1667 Locke began his association with the English statesman Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st earl of Shaftesbury, to whom Locke was friend, adviser, and physician. Shaftesbury secured for Locke a series of minor government appointments. In 1669, in one of his official capacities, Locke wrote a constitution for the proprietors of the Carolina Colony in North America, but it was never put into effect. In 1675, after the liberal Shaftesbury had fallen from favor, Locke went to France. In 1679 he returned to England, but in view of his opposition to the Roman Catholicism favored by the English monarchy at that time, he soon found it expedient to return to the Continent. From 1683 to 1688 he lived in Holland, and took a critical part in negotiating for the parliament, to have William and Mary’s assent to the Bill of Right, before they could be crowned! following the so-called Glorious Revolution of 1688 and the restoration of Protestantism to favor, Locke returned with the Queen’s party once more to England. The new king, William III, appointed Locke to the Board of Trade in 1696, a position from which he resigned because of ill health in 1700. He died in Oates on Oct. 28, 1704. Approximately 72 years before our Written Declaration of Independence, that our founding fathers plagiarized by using his and only his just grounds for violent revolution ! Empiricism. Locke's empiricism emphasizes the importance of the experience of the senses in pursuit of knowledge rather than intuitive speculation or deduction. The empiricist doctrine was first expounded by the English philosopher and statesman Francis Bacon early in the 17th century, but Locke gave it systematic expression in his Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690). He regarded the mind of a person at birth as a tabula ras a, a blank slate upon which experience imprinted knowledge, and did not believe in intuition or theories of innate conceptions. Locke also held that all persons are born good, independent, and equal. See Epistemology ; Philosophy : Modern Philosophy. Political Theories. Locke's views, in his Two Treatises of Government (1690), attacked the theory of divine right of kings and the nature of the state as conceived by the English philosopher and political theorist Thomas Hobbes. In brief, Locke argued that sovereignty did not reside in the state but with the people, and that the state is supreme, but only if it is bound by civil and what he called "natural" law. Many of Locke's political ideas, such as those relating to natural rights, property rights, the duty of the government to protect these rights, and the rule of the majority, were later embodied in the U.S. Constitution. Locke further held that revolution was not only a right but often an obligation, and he advocated a system of checks and balances in government, which was to comprise three branches, of which the legislative is more powerful than the executive or the judicial. He also believed in religious freedom and in the separation of church and state. See also Political Theory . Locke's influence in modern philosophy has been profound and, with his application of empirical analysis to ethics, politics, and religion, he remains one of the most important and controversial philosophers of all time. Among his other works are Some Thoughts Concerning Education (1693) and The Reasonableness of Christianity (1695).

Note :on the quote that Machiavelli used in the Prince, and Locke used in his Two Treatise “Republic” form of civil government.

Quod si nihil cum potentiore juris humani relinquitur inopi, at ego ad Deos vindices humanae superbiae confugiam; et precabor ut iras Suas vertant in eos, quibus non suae res, non alienae satis sint quorum Saevitiam non mors noxiorum exatiet; placari nequeant, nisi hauriendum sanguinem laniandaque viscera nostra praebuerimus. Liv. Lib. Ix. c. i.

‘ But if, in dealing with the mighty, the weak are left no human rights, yet will I seek protection in the gods, who visit retribution on human pride. And I will beseech them that they turn their anger against those who are not content with their own, or with that of others, who will not be sated with the death of the guilty. They are not to be placated unless we yield to them our blood to drink and our entrails to tear out.”

“Redistribution of Wealth” steal from the rich and give to the poor “Metaphor” vs. The Locke Labor theory of Property Locke empirically demonstrates the right of a person to accumulate wealth and right to protect his property. To demonstrate the design to invert the perception of empirically demonstrated reality, you only have to use the example of the evolutionary socialist in their stating that they are like Robin Hood they steal from the rich to give to the poor! The legend of Robin Hood was that he was an English Saxon nobleman in Saxon England and Richard the lion heart was their king, who was captured while on crusade and held for ransom. his brother a Frenchman Norman prince John invaded England and removed the kings regent friend Long Shanks from his stewardship and seized the realm and began enslaving the peasants and over taxing and oppressing and killing the Saxon peasants, supposedly to pay the ransom to release his brother Richard the lion heart , robin hood faced off prince john in the great hall and called him and any Saxon nobleman followers traitors, that’s when lady Marian said that he spoke treason! And Robin Hood said fluently! When dealing with traitors! Then he told prince John that he only intended to buy his way to the throne of his brother and that he would organize the Saxon people and take a life for a life of these invading unjust French Norman tyrannical mortal enemies. The moral of the legend was that Robin Hood was retrieving stolen property from lying, murdering, and thieving invading Frenchman Norman mortal enemies and returned it to feed and protect Saxon peasant victims and to pay the ransom to free their king Richard the lionheart..

Therefore to compare, where the unproductive and counterproductive dependent subjects of the state moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning illiterate citizens unjustly politically enfranchised so they can knowingly form coalitions to elect representatives to tax the honestly earned property of the productive independent middle-class income and struggling to become middle class income sovereign citizens. And for it to be called with the analogical inference stealing from the unjust “middle class” supposedly robber baron wealthy rich to give to the illiterate unproductive & counterproductive poor deserving masses is outrageous! It is tyranny! And sovereign citizens should be righteously indignant against this form of despotic abomination. Of a inverted perception of empirical reality!

Locke’s labor theory of property is demonstrated valid in that an individual who takes from nature that which is common property of all, and by his own honest labor makes and honest profit is entitled to his honest profit and it is the duty of civil government to protect his property which is the positive thesis of capitalist economic theory as opposed by the negative antithesis of socialist communist obviously unjust “redistribution of wealth” economic theory,

America has experienced one revisionist inverted constitutional interpretation after another for one hundred years, our Constitution was put in written form so it could not be arbitrarily changed. But simply because there was no evidence found in our known founding fathers writings to establish a correct interpretation of our fundamental principles, the revisionist systematically inverted constitutional interpretations, and then later more by revisionist Judicial Activism. All of this is not only unconstitutional, but Anti-constitutional!

Note: In light of the World Intellectual System of Empirical Analysis - empirical self evident propositions, which our system of Republic form of civil government were constructed, was covertly exchanged for a inverted empirical analysis conclusion, delivered with Classic Rationalism argumentation. A Complete Review of all Amendments are now essential

A CHANGE is absolutely essential! Now we can even demand a Constitutional Convention! due to the resent re-enlightenment of the empirically demonstrated literary evidence that was intentionally obscured by Sovereign Citizens mortal enemies, that insisted that our British colonist founding fathers developed our fundamental founding principles of which evidence is no where to be found , but are located in Americas one plagiarized “Intellectual Founding Father” British Philosopher John Locke who was considered the Intellectual Ruler of the World in the 18th century in the British American colonies, because he defeated Aristotle’s system of logic: the system of logic developed by Aristotle, based on the kind of reasoning (syllogism) that reaches a conclusion from two independent statements with a common factor ‘And with his long chain of Empirical Self evident Propositions, in his Second Treatise of civil government concerning our American fundamental principles and the choices are to restore the 300 year old empirically demonstrated valid fundamental principles of a liberal individual right, democratic representative Liberal Republic.. “The Original Deal” where the citizens are sovereign and the state is the servant of the people. The first and most successful Empirical Experiment in civil government in the history of the World.! Or finish implementing the 150 year old Evolutionary Communist-Socialism with it’s Revisionist empirically demonstrated inverted fundamental principles using Democratic Scientific Socialism of a liberal individual right, complete or Pure Democratic representative, Liberal Democracy . “New Deal”. That simply reverses the original deal concept with the inverted proposition of the state is sovereign and the citizens are servants of the state. Or a replacement of a Metaphysical :“irreducible mystery “ God belief system with a reasonable leap of faith with a moral & ethical limited Human laws with liberal human rights, with a Ontological : “reducible mystery” Biological Evolution demigod belief system with a galactic leap of faith with liberal human laws with limited human rights.,

BIOLOGICAL EVOLUTION There are about 20 million and one, species cataloged by science and the theory of biological evolution initially used invalid anthropological evidence in sequence proving the concept of transitional links between each species, which would be today approximately 20 million links . After about 150 years of emphasizing the link between man and ape! we find that not one! empirically demonstrated missing link has been discovered and proven! In modern science the laws of probability, demands a certain percentage of evidence !, its understood that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence! But complete absence of evidence, dictates that after 150 years of aggressive investigation with absolute zero results constitutes not only a invalid theory but and invalid conjecture and invalid concept and a intentional misrepresentation to specifically replace a proven Metaphysical principle of God with a intentional misrepresentation of a ontological Biological Evolutional god. Being indoctrinated to your children as a proven law !


Positive Thesis: As informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literate, common sense, personally responsible, productive, honorable legitimate, independent citizens. That practices pragmatic d i s c e r n m e n t or just discrimination, between extreme positive-positive and negative-extreme negative, and the analogical inference of extreme positive God - positive good character and negative bad character, extreme negative Evil. That derive their just liberal human rights and liberal civil rights by obeying the limited human laws of God, then Natures God and the following limited civil laws of our republic.

Negative Antithesis:: As informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning illiterates, with a complete 3 thousand year history of human personally irresponsible, unproductive and counter-productive, dishonorable illegitimate dependent citizens. illiterate racist, bigot, unjust prejudice, hate monger, intolerant, unjust discriminating,. coalition of Liars, thieves, mass murders and Hetero-phobic‘s, savage human beings! That derive their unjust liberal human rights and liberal civil rights. in which they reject the limited human laws of Natures God and the following limited civil laws of our republic. But rather are completely derived from the democratic scientific socialist, demo-gods. Of which they are completely lock-step dependent on to retain and expand on, their unjust human & civil rights!

d i s c e r n m e n t \ d-i-'s-c-e-r-n-m-e-n-t, -'zern-\ n (1586) 1 : the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure : skill in discerning 2 : an act of discerning syn discernment, discrimination, perception, penetration, insight, acumen mean a power to see what is not evident to the average mind. discernment stresses accuracy (as in reading character or motives or appreciating art) . discrimination stresses the power to distinguish and select what is true or appropriate or excellent . perception implies quick and often sympathetic discernment (as of shades of feeling) . penetration implies a searching mind that goes beyond what is obvious or superficial . insight suggests depth of discernment coupled with understanding sympathy . acumen implies characteristic penetration combined with keen practical judgment .


CITIZEN CONTENT OF CHARACTER Positive Thesis: As informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literate, common sense, personally responsible, productive, honorable legitimate, independent citizens. That practices pragmatic discernment or just discrimination, between extreme positive-positive and negative-extreme negative, and the analogical inference of extreme positive God - positive good character and negative bad character, extreme negative Evil.

Negative thesis:: As informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning illiterate, personally irresponsible, unproductive and counter-productive, dishonorable illegitimate dependent citizens.

African slaves with a complete recorded history of informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning illiteracy, have been empirically demonstrated to be a tribal people in a constant state of tribal warfare for 3 thousand years by first killing & enslaving each others tribes, then in the 16th century upon the arrival of white Portuguese, the tribes began selling the defeated and enslaved enemy tribes into world slavery, making money selling their enemies made better sense than killing and enslaving them, for themselves , that served both purposes and in 1612 the first African slaves arrived in the British American colonies, and indentured white slavery stopped. Then it was two hundred and eighty years, before the American civil war, ended African slavery in America, but the emancipation proclamation did not alter the fact that they were, and still are, informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning illiterates, and not until the 1960’s, that the democratic scientific socialist inverted the worlds most advanced positive civil rights, with legislation, and forced integration in American education, did Africans began to speak with understandable American English, and not African slang and did learn basic intellectual abstract reasoning literacy, but they adamantly deny the empirical evidence reality that they perpetuated their own self inflicted human condition. An the predominantly unjust absolutely hate all white people! the illegitimacy rate of 80 percent of Africans in America is the empirical evidence that they are not moral & ethical abstract reasoning literates, who were unjustly politically enfranchised with the universal suffrage principle that is empirically demonstrated as a negative proposition. And they are the empirically demonstrated racial bigots, unjustly racially prejudiced against all white informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract literate Sovereign Citizen’s of the original deal of a liberal Republic. That they still unjustly blame for their own complete historical human condition.

In the British American colonies they were the most literate complete population that the world has ever seen, ,the majority religion was 98 percent protestant Christian and in it the man accepts the responsibility for the protection of the wife and children as a covenant with God. and a social compact with each other, in addition to being educated in informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literate, common sense, personally responsible, productive, honorable, legitimate, independent citizens that due to their biological strength are obligated to be conscripted or drafted into a defensive military force to protect America from enemies.

Woman’s suffrage: Christian woman were already created equal to men, as many believe the better half of one complete pro-creative human in the sight of God. And did not need political enfranchisement. so obviously this was a secular movement for secular woman that have no covenant with the protestant Christian god, therefore, they reject the limited human laws, but they demand the liberal human rights and they are not endowed by this creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In addition to the biological strength insufficiency of the essential conscription element. Which only achieved dividing into half to conquer, the informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literate original majority of 100 percent of the political electorate. Then with universal suffrage with a African male & female informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning illiterate anti-constitutional political enfranchisement. That politically completely disenfranchised the informal moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literate original majority down to 30 percent of the political electorate. Note: secular woman have premeditatedly murdered 50 million innocent unborn children, As a last option contraception for their own irresponsible promiscuous sexual behavior.

“UNJUSTLY SHAMING AMERICA INTO SUBMMISION “ America has been unjustly the focus of a extensive psychological warfare campaign, of inverting the perception of the empirical reality by the “New Deal” democratic scientific socialist that have commandeered and dominated the mass media, news papers, T.V., cable, internet , radio and movie production, public education system. and in a backward negatively Progressive step by step issue by issue method they have with the evolutionary socialism system developed by Eduard Bernstein the father of formal Revisionism that empirically analyses each issue and establishes a positive thesis conclusion empirical self evident proposition and its negative antithesis conclusion empirical self evident proposition by comparative analysis. Then inverts the positive thesis conclusion empirical self evident proposition, with a negative thesis conclusion empirical self evident proposition thereby then, using the classic rationalism formal philosophical polemic’s that provide no evidence, but does empirically demonstrate a perception of a truth, that is actually a lie, in its consistency in argumentation, especially when repeated over and over again, by those that appear to represent the objective intellectual consensus of educators, and mass media experts! to deliver a inverted perception of the empirical reality, that is that “good is good” and “bad is bad” replaced with “good is bad and bad is good” such issues as a negative thesis that heterosexuals are homo-phobic, when the empirical demonstrated truth is obviously demonstrated that a positive thesis that homosexuals are hetero-phobic! With a irrational hatred & denial of the their own biological reality, and the natural selection of heterosexual biological procreation of their species. And this system is scientifically applied 24/7/365 for the last 100 years, in a national domestic propaganda program to “Unjustly Shame America into Submission“. Creating a national public psychological environment of the psychological need of each individual to prove that they are not, as constantly and consistently accused of being, with a inverted perception of a historical heritage that being a mass of illiterate low life, white trash despicable obviously unjust racist bigots! The perfectly inverted perception of empirical reality! Hence the guilt complex of the white electorate victims of this evil system, that will now do their grand humanitarian duty as a badge of honor, in a electoral betrayal of the Sovereign Citizens of America.



The Romance of Righteous Revolution is compelling to all humans, but demonstrating the just principles of the Righteous Revolution is a prerequisite, in the American Revolution we made a Positive Radical Liberal 180 degree transition from the left Totalitarian - Authoritarian form of civil government, With liberal human laws and limited human rights. to the right with a Written Constitutional, liberal individual right, democratic representative, Republic form of civil government. With limited human laws and liberal rights.

Unfortunately America’s Sovereign Citizen’s Were educated in Informal, not Formal, moral & ethical and intellectual abstract reasoning literacy and subsequently failed their Stewardship in protecting our system, Today in 2008 we find ourselves faced with a Presidential election that promises a “Change we need” or a alleged Righteous Revolution that proposes a Negative Radical Illiberal 180 degree transition from the right, back to the Left Totalitarian - Authoritarian form of civil government. Which has liberal human laws and limited human rights. The failure to protect you from a socialist public education system with a socialist curriculum indoctrination, is our fault, but the law of nature is the law of reason, and it is your obligation to humanity to use common sense.

SOME THOUGHTS CONCERNING EDUCATION by JOHN LOCKE. In educating children Locke teaches that Shame of doing amiss and deserving chastisement is the only true restraint belonging to virtue.- I think better than beating; for it is shame of the fault and disgrace that attends it that they should stand in fear of rather than pain.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of these United States; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to restore their former Systems of Government. Maximus Publius Copyright 2008 Judson Rainey

1 posted on 11/12/2008 3:26:10 AM PST by Maximus Publius
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To: Maximus Publius


2 posted on 11/12/2008 3:30:59 AM PST by nina0113 (Hugh Akston is my hero.)
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To: nina0113
IBTZ Me 2...ME 2! I love these "War and Peace" length postings. They make pretty flashes as I scroll by.


3 posted on 11/12/2008 3:35:23 AM PST by prisoner6 (Right Wing Nuts hold the country together as the loose screws of the Left fall out.)
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To: prisoner6

This looks like the kind the Mod is going to pull as soon as he stumbles to the computer and gets just one sip of coffee. We won’t get to savor this at all.

4 posted on 11/12/2008 3:37:44 AM PST by nina0113 (Hugh Akston is my hero.)
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To: Maximus Publius

I’ve always thought pineapple on pizza was a pretty weird concept.

5 posted on 11/12/2008 3:38:15 AM PST by Allegra
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To: nina0113

IBTZ. How nice to publish your treatise on your first day.

6 posted on 11/12/2008 3:38:56 AM PST by doodad
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To: nina0113
One thing is for sure. This post is seriesly HUGH! I'm series 2.


7 posted on 11/12/2008 3:40:58 AM PST by prisoner6 (Right Wing Nuts hold the country together as the loose screws of the Left fall out.)
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To: Maximus Publius

What’s your wife think of your hobby...?

8 posted on 11/12/2008 3:43:11 AM PST by freebilly
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To: Maximus Publius
You had me at "MISSING LINK">


9 posted on 11/12/2008 3:51:34 AM PST by prisoner6 (Right Wing Nuts hold the country together as the loose screws of the Left fall out.)
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To: doodad
How nice to publish your treatise on your first day.

Must'a had Veterans Day off... postal-worker no doubt.

10 posted on 11/12/2008 3:58:48 AM PST by johnny7 ("Duck I says... ")
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To: Maximus Publius

What does all that say?

11 posted on 11/12/2008 4:00:43 AM PST by caver (Yes, I did crawl out of a hole in the ground.)
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To: caver
"What does all that say?"

Not much.


12 posted on 11/12/2008 4:04:02 AM PST by prisoner6 (Right Wing Nuts hold the country together as the loose screws of the Left fall out.)
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To: caver
"What does all that say?"

Sorry. On re-reading I find it to mean either.

When you stand by the garbage can you meet all the trash.




13 posted on 11/12/2008 4:12:20 AM PST by prisoner6 (Right Wing Nuts hold the country together as the loose screws of the Left fall out.)
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To: Maximus Publius

Maximus Gluteus.

14 posted on 11/12/2008 4:17:48 AM PST by gusopol3
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To: nina0113
15 posted on 11/12/2008 4:19:17 AM PST by B-Chan (Catholic. Monarchist. Texan. Any questions?)
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To: Maximus Publius

Chistopher Columbus discovered America.....

He was Catholic....

Give us due.....

Christians founded America...

16 posted on 11/12/2008 4:33:29 AM PST by nevergore ("It could be that the purpose of my life is simply to serve as a warning to others.")
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To: Maximus Publius


That’s racist!

17 posted on 11/12/2008 4:50:31 AM PST by Into the Vortex
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To: Maximus Publius
Don't EVER put a cat in the microwave.

Or the clothes-dryer, either. Don't put the clothes-dryer in the microwave.

Just some helpful advice.

18 posted on 11/12/2008 4:51:33 AM PST by Allegra
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To: B-Chan

?? My beeber is un-stuned.

19 posted on 11/12/2008 4:54:56 AM PST by nina0113 (Hugh Akston is my hero.)
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