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Q Anon: 07/19/19 Trust Trump's Plan ^ | 07/19/19 | FReepers, vanity

Posted on 07/19/2019 2:11:27 PM PDT by ransomnote

Q is the result of the sacrifices and commitment of countless patriots to win back our captured country from the Deep State and achieve the transformation President Trump promised in this campaign video. President Trump has said the awakening of the public is key to this transformation.

Q describes this awakening as follows:

"The Great Awakening ('Freedom of Thought’), was designed and created not only as a backchannel to the public (away from the longstanding ‘mind’ control of the corrupt & heavily biased media) to endure future events through transparency and regeneration of individual thought (breaking the chains of ‘group-think’), but, more importantly, aid in the construction of a vehicle (a ‘ship’) that provides the scattered (‘free thinkers’) with a ‘starter’ new social-networking platform which allows for freedom of thought, expression, and patriotism or national pride (the feeling of love, devotion and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment).

When ‘non-dogmatic’ information becomes FREE & TRANSPARENT it becomes a threat to those who attempt to control the narrative and/or the stable.

When you are awake, you stand on the outside of the stable (‘group-think’ collective), and have ‘free thought’.

"Free thought" is a philosophical viewpoint which holds that positions regarding truth should be formed on the basis of logic, reason, and empiricism, rather than authority, tradition, revelation, or dogma.

When you are awake, you are able to clearly see.

The choice is yours, and yours alone.

Trust and put faith in yourself.

You are not alone and you are not in the minority.

Difficult truths will soon see the light of day.

WWG1WGA!!!" ~ Q (#3028)

We discuss Q drop content on our threads to learn the truth about the capture of our country, after a lifetime of reading, watching and listening to lies and distortions used to control us and tame the American spirit. The truth shall set us free.

For summaries of Q drops (i.e., posts) discussed on our threads, I invite you to read the latest editions of The Oracle, which include helpful links and quotes to explain Q drop content.

Q drops can be found here in their original format.

Links to our Q threads, and Q drops posted on our threads, are listed in this table.

The video, Qanon is 100% coming from the Trump Administration, is just one of many excellent responses to the all-important question, "Whom does Q serve?" Another excellent source for identifying Q's involvement with President Trump is found at the website titled

Q Boot Camp is a quick, condensed way to learn the background and basics about the Q movement.

Q has reminded us repeatedly that together, we are strong. As the false "narrative" is destroyed and the divisive machinery put in place by the Deep State fails, the fact that patriotism has no skin color or political party is exposed for all to see.

In the battle between Good and Evil, we can't afford to let false divisions separate us any longer. The changes heading our way and the information revealed will, at times, be very difficult to face, but we will face it together. We, and our country, will be forever made stronger for having reclaimed the truth and freedom of thought.

Where We Go 1, We Go All

Note: Links in the post above are included in a resource table linked in Post #1 below, along with many additional excellent links to the best Q analysts and informations sources we've identified.

TOPICS: Conspiracy
KEYWORDS: isralispys; itstwuitstwu; maga; noinsideinfo; potus; q; qanon; qlowbudgetdrudge; wexners; wishfulthinking
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To: SaxxonWoods

All the real estate talk makes me wonder if it’s something to do with the Amazon-Realogy partnership announced today

1,361 posted on 07/23/2019 11:45:53 AM PDT by reed13k (For evil to triumph it is only necessary that good men do nothing)
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To: BiggBob

GREAT Bongino, connects dots on Ferrante, Comey’s White House spy and Obama’s Presidential Policy directive 41



In this episode I address the explosive spying scandal that’s currently unraveling within the FBI. I cover the troubling new allegations that Jim Comey and the FBI may have been running an illicit spying operation inside the White House. Finally, I address the deeply troubling video of the NYPD under assault.

1,362 posted on 07/23/2019 11:46:14 AM PDT by BiggBob
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To: VRWCarea51

I can’t post a link -at work . I typed the Huron address into the search bar and it brought me to the yellow pages for the building. It is multipurpose and all tenants can be liter by suite. Some are unoccupied.

1,363 posted on 07/23/2019 11:50:39 AM PDT by KittenClaws ("They've got Daryl's Dad's car! .....Red Dawn)
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To: bagster; All
"I always thought Bill Richardson had way too much national juice for a New Mexico Governor"

Excellent point. Let's dust off some of his legacy.

2009 - pay-to-play for his PAC and state contracts

State kickbacks to political donors

2011 - investigated for campaign finance crimes

2013 - taking bribes for judicial appointments (plea deal)

2015 - kickbacks from Wall Street to invest NM State funds in high risk money-pits

Other miscellaneous

- had to resign as Obama's Commerce Dept secretary due to corruption; Eric Holder ensured there were no indictments

- paid a former lover a sexual harrassment claim of $250,000 from a bank in Mexico. (why do you have a bank in Mexico, Bill?)

- Presided over the Wen Ho Lee nuclear spying while Energy secretary

- negotiated a failed cease-fire with the Taliban in 1998 while Ambassador to the UN

- multiple negotiations with North Koreans in the 1990s; traveled to North Korea in 2013 with Eric Schmidt (the Google trip to NK)

Whew! The list goes on and on. I knew he was corrupt, but didn't know all this.

1,364 posted on 07/23/2019 11:54:13 AM PDT by KitJ (Shall not be infringed...)
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To: Melian
This woman is currently living in Britain and desperately wishes to emigrate here. Can we trade her for Omar?

OMG , this precious woman absolutely and unequivocally annihilated Ilhan Omar !!!!!

Lord Jesus , this is a smackdown of epic proportions!! 😂😂😂

Might be the best one yet .— OakTown ☢ Unfiltered (@hrtablaze) July 22, 2019

1,365 posted on 07/23/2019 11:54:40 AM PDT by Darnright (We live in interesting times.)
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To: TruthWillWin

What is the tall building in the background on Q 3467?


I have no idea what these pix represent, but Q posted about huma the week.

iirc, a couple years ago, huma’s relative’s home in michigan was raided by LEO & several boxes were carried out.

at the time OP thought it might have been huma’s relatives had “safe keeping” of some of her DOS docs for “insurance”???

1,366 posted on 07/23/2019 11:54:58 AM PDT by thinden
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To: TruthWillWin

Blame the pirate. I’ll back you.

1,367 posted on 07/23/2019 11:56:49 AM PDT by Bigg Red (WWG1WGA)
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To: sparklite2


1,368 posted on 07/23/2019 11:57:38 AM PDT by Bigg Red (WWG1WGA)
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To: Melian; Cletus.D.Yokel

So far, Christopher Wray is doing well, testifying before Graham. He’s had to notify of at least 25 agents’ deaths since taking over.

Trust Wray. This is not a game.


25 more arkancides??

potential witnesses on clinton emails?

1,369 posted on 07/23/2019 12:01:25 PM PDT by thinden
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To: MagnoliaB

Nom-nom, delicious!

(I think I’ll pass on dessert, thank you)

1,370 posted on 07/23/2019 12:03:23 PM PDT by Kommodor (Terrorist, Journalist or Democrat? I can't tell the difference.)
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To: BiggBob

Unbeknownst to Clinton, IT firm had emails stored on cloud; now in FBI’s hands

A Connecticut company, which backed up Hillary Clinton‘s emails at the request of a Colorado firm, apparently surprised her aides by storing the emails on a “cloud” storage system designed to optimize data recovery.

The firm, Datto Inc., said Wednesday that it turned over the contents of its storage to the FBI on Tuesday.


date line on that piece was from 2015.

hope the cloud file weren’t wiped clean by hildabeast fixers??

1,371 posted on 07/23/2019 12:04:51 PM PDT by thinden
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To: Spitzensparkin1; ransomnote

So did John Podesta. And said anyone leaking should be made an example of just before Seth Rich’s murder by a couple of thugs who didn’t take a thing we know of unless they got his thumb drive. Watch, gold chain, wallet all left on him.


in this case, skippy podesta’s threat sounds like it was right out of bubba’s cautionary speech to the WH staff after VWF’s arkancide.

1,372 posted on 07/23/2019 12:12:15 PM PDT by thinden
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To: All

Posting blind so don’t know if this has been covered yet.

Hollywood publicist Peggy Siegal losing clients over Jeffrey Epstein ties

Found at:

1,373 posted on 07/23/2019 12:19:01 PM PDT by Grimmy (equivocation is but the first step along the road to capitulation)
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To: little jeremiah


1,374 posted on 07/23/2019 12:21:01 PM PDT by Bigg Red (WWG1WGA)
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To: MagnoliaB

Clay can be very beneficial. I’ve eaten clay before, but it was UV treated to make sure there was nothing live in there.

1,375 posted on 07/23/2019 12:21:33 PM PDT by ichabod1 (He's a vindictive SOB but he's *our* vindictive SOB.)
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To: All

Jeffrey Epstein Moved Money Overseas in Transactions His Bank Flagged to U.S.


As Deutsche Bank officials this year scrambled to extricate themselves from a yearslong relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, the wealthy financier charged this month with sex trafficking, they uncovered suspicious transactions in which Mr. Epstein had moved money out of the United States.

Deutsche Bank reported the transactions to a federal agency in charge of policing financial crimes, according to people familiar with the bank’s internal processes. The report came as the bank started looking for signs that Mr. Epstein was using his financial resources for the purposes of sex trafficking.

1,376 posted on 07/23/2019 12:27:18 PM PDT by Grimmy (equivocation is but the first step along the road to capitulation)
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To: thinden

Wray commented that he’d had to notify about half the states of the senators there of deaths, sometimes more than I said “about 25.”

1,377 posted on 07/23/2019 12:29:58 PM PDT by Melian (Check yourself before you KeK yourself. ~ Melian)
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To: KitJ

:: Presided over the Wen Ho Lee nuclear spying while Energy secretary::


I have nothing to back up this claim, but I have always thought that Wen Ho Lee was framed. Clinton Administration sold our technology to China, but they claimed that it was given to China by a spy, and Wen Ho Lee was selected to take the blame.

1,378 posted on 07/23/2019 12:41:21 PM PDT by Bigg Red (WWG1WGA)
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To: ichabod1

How much does a person eat at one time?

1,379 posted on 07/23/2019 12:44:10 PM PDT by MagnoliaB ( You can't always get what you want but if you try sometime you will find you get what you need.)
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To: thinden

I watched his opening, and what he actually said was that he has called regarding policeman killed in the line of duty. He said that he calls police chiefs, sheriffs, etc. to extend the condolences of the Bureau to those local departments.

1,380 posted on 07/23/2019 12:48:32 PM PDT by Bigg Red (WWG1WGA)
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