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To: ransomnote; Cats Pajamas; greeneyes; bagster; generally; Wneighbor; mairdie; Swordmaker; ...


*Mother of Dragons (and Dragonlets) thinks about life in the Qanteen a bit and thinks about each of her charges. So many of them are perfectionists and high powered thinkers. So many are high achievers. So many staunch Patriots have been giving so much time and effort to the Q threads and research. Each and every single one is of immense worth and very precious.*

* She reflects, Christmas Season, while always joyful, can be fraught with stress in and of itself, and then on top of that, she sees her FReeQs dealing with trying to stay up with accelerating current events explained by Q and the Anons and FReeQs. All of this can truly be overwhelming. SHE gets overwhelmed at times! What would she do without her nerf darts!? She hopes that she and ALL of her Dragons and Dragonlets can find that proper inner Quiet balance to be able to enjoy the many gifts of the Season...including the exciting Q events being unwrapped before our eyes*

My little Dragonlet, none of us has truly experienced anything like this before. The WORLD hasn’t. We DO all want to learn everything AT ONCE RIGHT NOW!!! We are not only learning about the Drops - the “Fewmets” you so Qaintly call them - and to try to solve the many puzzles associated with them. However, so many of the clues lead us to learn about the intricacies of the history and hidden histories BEHIND the current events unfolding.

There of course, is the added stress of realizing sometimes that what we find is not so pretty, and knowledge of which can in itself be stressful. There are so very many levels of challenge to this thing we call “Q.”

You really ARE too hard on yourself. So many FReeQs ARE too hard on themselves! In an undertaking of this size it has grown to the place where it is almost mandatory that people specialize to some degree. We must rely on each other!

We all have our roles…. Remember what Q said: ”There is a place for everyone.”…And remember, we are ALL behind! Not even all of us together could drink the Q Mississippi dry at this point!

Be sure to remember that it isn’t only you who is behind. Many of our Qanteen members are involved in the important work of doing their jobs and raising their families and helping their communities. They have the tall order of working hard and then on top of that, focusing on reading Q and keeping up with the high points, and then telling others. Others of us are actually keeping up with the thread, and provide MUCH needed continuity with their posts. But that does not leave them a lot of time to research. And of course, no matter what we concentrate on, we find ourselves telling others!

Still others do the difficult work of finding and reporting information from tweets, facebook, youtube, other Q forums, and the Chans. Others think and analyze. Some busily create and collect memes to the glee and chuckles of all. Others take the memes and tweet and email and spread them around in many ways.

Mairdie has been helping with our Thread Heading structures, and finding amazing articles for us, on top of preparing and presenting elsewhere on the forum the fruits of her family legacy with her own talents added. And we have greeneyes and her crew out doing the greenhouse and grounds work. Blu and her crew have our Qarage and rolling stock in good order. AND they all seek mightily to not only keep up with reading, but to contribute to the thought processes required in our Q work as much as possible. All of us here at the Qanteen have multiple responsibilities within our specialties! All who come here to help and learn are welcome, and NEEDED.

And don’t forget bagster, the Oracle, who helps us all keep track, nor Swordmaker, Definer of Terms, (who, rumor has it,) has returned from HIS break! Little One, NONE of us is keeping up with EVERYTHING we want to keep up with! We do what we can! Put things into perspective and choose your priorities!

*Small dragonlet, texokie, brightens at the prospect of letting go of the intense pressure to try to “do it all”, and then helps herself to the special lovely LARGE ceramic bunny Qookie jar (cram full of fresh ginger Qookies - with ICING!) - which Mother of Dragons (and Dragonlets) offers as she sits by the not so woeful anymore dragonlet in the middle of her office floor. Texokie had seen the bunny jar yesterday when she was out on the ledge cleaning the windows.*

*They listen together to an inspiring rendition of “Chop Sticks” being played on the sleek shiny black Steinweigh by some of the more talented-than-usual FReeQs, followed by a now-dislodged Qitty yowl, and then the light airy opening bars of a Mozart sonata roll through the Qanteen with the piano's rich magical tones*


*Just as the rousing performances of “Chop Sticks” and the Sonata practice finish on the Steinweigh, the Qlock on the mantel, with the impeccable timing you would expect from a Q Qlock, puts on its display of loud hooting Owls and ear splitting chimes. Oh how much the little dragonlet and her Q Mom, the Mother of all Dragons (and Dragonlets) love being in the Qanteen as they munch on their favorite cookies together!*

Thanks Mom!

*texokie burps delicately and earns a warning look from MoD(aD). Mother of Dragons (and Dragonlets) is wracking her brains as she brushes crumbs away from texokie's mouth, wondering where on earth she had inadvertantly hidden the hair brush*

Sorry. Scuse me, Mom!

*Both break up laughing, hug, and get ready to meet the rest of the Qhristmas and Q-filled day. Texokie's hair will continue to be a Lost Cause for a little while longer..... *

*Just as texokie leaves, another stressed out young Dragon FReeQ appears at the door, who eyes the Qookie jar with great longing*




494 posted on 12/11/2018 8:32:00 PM PST by TEXOKIE
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They listen together to an inspiring rendition of “Chop Sticks” being played on the sleek shiny black Steinweigh by some of the more talented-than-usual FReeQs

568 posted on 12/11/2018 9:48:18 PM PST by stars & stripes forever (Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. (Psalm 32:12))
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