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Why Barack Obama listed his birthplace as Kenya
Doug Ross@Journal ^ | 5/19/12 | Doug Ross

Posted on 05/20/2012 5:44:11 AM PDT by pookie18

The biography provided by Barack Obama to his literary agent specified his birthplace as "Kenya". And, over the course of 17 years, despite multiple revisions by Obama, the Kenyan birthplace remained a fundamental part of the bio on the agent's website.

Was Barack actually born in Kenya? I seriously doubt it, even though Michelle Obama has publicly stated that Kenya is her husband's "home country". Contemporary newspaper listings in Honolulu, for example, list the time and place of his birth. While this isn't ironclad proof, to be sure, it's good enough for me.

No, my suspicion is that Mr. Obama manipulated his birthplace intentionally (and cynically) to take advantage of certain benefits unavailable to those born in the United States.

Bookworm Room describes why that might have been. We need to set the Wayback Machine to 1978, when young Obama was seeking admission to college.

1978 isn’t just any year. It’s a very special year. It was the year that the Supreme Court decided Regents of the University of California v. Bakke (1978) 438 U.S. 265... [and] held that [the] race-based admission process was unconstitutional.

With that decision, Obama, who was a self-confessed slacker in high school, suddenly lost his e-ticket to a good college. He couldn’t know then (nor would it have mattered) that the various concurrences in this deeply divided opinion would eventually open the door to colleges and universities making race a “factor” in admission, so much so that this “factor-ness” eventually created a whole new quota system.

My best guess is that, denied an opportunity to use quota systems to parlay a lousy academic record into a quality college admission, Obama searched around for other means of bypassing his academic failings. It was this search that led him to announce that he was Kenyan. I’m sure that a certain amount of digging will reveal that, just when the Bakke decision came down, American universities were engaged in some sort of pro-active policy involving increasing the number of African nationals on America’s college campuses. Obama was happy to oblige the universities in this effort by co-opting his father’s nationality, and burying the fact that he was a garden-variety American black kid.

There’s the nexus — In 1978, Obama, who already then was willing to lie to achieve his goals, created a false identity to deal with the changes the Bakke decision wrought on college admissions.

This appears to be an extremely plausible explanation for Obama's refusal to release any of his college transcripts.

My guess is that this scenario -- or one similar to it -- helps explain why Obama enjoys the company of race-hustlers like Al Sharpton.

And where was the media for lo these many years? Busy investigating Sarah Palin's elementary school chums?

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To: pookie18
If he WAS born in Hawaii, he was born Steve Dunham, NOT Barrack Hussein Obama, II.
101 posted on 05/20/2012 8:53:21 AM PDT by E. Pluribus Unum (Do I really need a sarcasm tag? Seriously? You're that dense?)
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To: sirchtruth
Could you clarify this?


Allow yourself to believe that Obama's teenage mother did not travel halfway around the world to an African craphole to give birth to her baby. Allow yourself to accept that Obama's birth certificate, birth announcements, Hawaiian state officials and his Indonesian school records are all telling the truth that he was born in Hawaii.

Now accepting the above, at some point in his adult life Barack Obama submitted a biography of himself to a literary agent for publication that was completely bogus. Bogus birthplace and occupations that his parents didn't become until long after he was born. Why did he do this? And why did nobody find it until now? That's the real story.

102 posted on 05/20/2012 9:00:20 AM PDT by Drew68 (I WILL vote to defeat Barack Hussein Obama!)
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To: sirchtruth
Thank you for your service!

Thanks! It's an honor.

103 posted on 05/20/2012 9:01:14 AM PDT by Drew68 (I WILL vote to defeat Barack Hussein Obama!)
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To: 9YearLurker

Sometimes she is very busy (actually always, probably) so if you don’t hear from her let me know; I figure she’ll ping me too but just in case. I will do some searching around if she doesn’t respond, her husband is a pastor and today is Sunday so she may not be around on FR much today.

104 posted on 05/20/2012 9:04:10 AM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: Yaelle
He may have entered college as an Indonesian. He had the passport and was an Indonesian citizen. Indonesia may have provided him some scholarship money for all we know.

There isn’t assistance from the USA or the institution itsel for foreign students. But there often is money from their own country to sponsor their learning in America.

It would be extraordinary for Barack Hussein Obama to have received such financial assistance from Indonesia, and you can guarantee that he would tout that honor to the skies in places like this:

Remember, the Kenyan Clown just got through having himself inserted into numerous presidential biographies that have absolutely nothing to do with himself.

If he could claim such a unique honor as Indonesia funding his college education, I believe that he would certainly have bragged greatly about it.

105 posted on 05/20/2012 9:09:44 AM PDT by snowsislander (Please, America, no more dog-eating Kenyan cokeheads in the Oval Office.)
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To: ncfool
Lying at all costs is not an American trait.

Oh no? I would think that a FReeper would pay more attention to what politicians say. Of course one could make the argument that politicians are not Americans, but that would lead to a plethora of threads here.

106 posted on 05/20/2012 9:11:49 AM PDT by Roccus
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To: Drew68
Now accepting the above, at some point in his adult life Barack Obama submitted a biography of himself to a literary agent for publication that was completely bogus. Bogus birthplace and occupations that his parents didn't become until long after he was born. Why did he do this? And why did nobody find it until now? That's the real story.

Ok, this is what I thought you were getting at.

This stuff is going to catch up to him sooner or later. It's like Bill Clinton with his sexcapades except this stuff is so much more indicting. Hiding your records is definitely scum of the earth like. At the very least every American should ask themselves is WHY is he hiding these records and or forging them?

107 posted on 05/20/2012 9:26:08 AM PDT by sirchtruth (Freedom is not free.)
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To: little jeremiah
Guessing it's just an error. My daughter taught a course at Columbia College in Chicago (just an interesting coincidence).

108 posted on 05/20/2012 9:31:32 AM PDT by pookie18 (...OK, plan C: Newt or Rick...I guess it's plan D now)
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To: pookie18

Sure are a lot of “errors” with this fiend.

109 posted on 05/20/2012 9:53:20 AM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: sirchtruth

To me it’s very simple. If he were born in HI as he (now) claims, and his birth name was BHO, and his parents are the purported ones, why all the subtrefuge? There has to be reasons for the subtrefuge and forgeries.

The only rational assumption is that his (now) stated place of birth, birth name, and/or parentage are false. Any one, two, or as I conclude, all three.

110 posted on 05/20/2012 9:59:56 AM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: sueQ

Yes, that is me...that is is me that you are talking about....but I repeat myself. I am not a birther but.....why is it so difficult to piece together the unadulterated facts....those written, spoken, videotaped when obama had not an inkling of an idea of becoming president.....all of those extant prnouncements coincide with the fact that obama is Kenyan......but....I am not a birther.....

111 posted on 05/20/2012 11:11:05 AM PDT by Texas Songwriter (Ia)
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To: sueQ
In short, there is no academic advantage for Obama to have claimed foreign status, and there is a distinct economic disadvantage

There's a fair amount of evidence that Bill Ayers' parents paid for Obama's schooling.

No economic hardship there.

112 posted on 05/20/2012 1:24:12 PM PDT by IncPen (Educating Barack Obama has been the most expensive project in human history)
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To: bigdaddy45; Hotlanta Mike; TheCipher; little jeremiah; bitt; STARWISE; onyx; edge919; ...

Pinging a bunch of people to this because it includes an update I still need to make on my blog.

First off, the newspaper announcement microfilms have been manipulated. Scratches that were present in earlier copies were missing when copies were later taken from the same microfilms - in multiple libraries. At the Library of Cognress, the microfilm box had its call number changed to something else and then changed back - apparently so that the particular microfilm roll (Aug 1-15, 1961) could be lost for a while and then found again. And that particular roll of film had a thick scratch that ended on the page right before Obama’s birth announcement page. I believe that’s also one of the microfilms where there were 2 copies of that page (the page right before the page with Obama’s birth announcement) - like whoever inserted the faked 2nd half of the microfilm put the splice AFTER that page rather than before it.

And I’ve documented on my blog that the stories we were told (about where the announcement images that were posted online came from) are absolutely false. The Star-Bulletin images were not independently copied from the microfilms at the Hawaii State Library by 2 different individuals, as claimed. They are identical SCANS (right down to the waviness of the scan edges) of the same image (right down to the same hair in the microfilm reader) as was given by somebody at the Advertiser office to Michael Rivero at I documented this at

I had to do some digging to find out what really happened with the Advertiser announcement, after having it pointed out that I misread the year that the full-page image I referenced was actually posted. It was posted a year later than I thought. So I need to update that part of that blog post to insert what happened in the year before that full-page image actually got posted:

Turns out that what Lori Starfelt (and “Infidel Granny” received from the HSL librarian was a deliberately cropped, deliberately blurred (actually unreadable) microfilm-copy clipping that violated the library’s copyright protocols, plus a “close-up” of just the 3-4 announcements including Obama’s that were actually readable. So there was nothing shown that couldn’t have been EASILY photoshopped.

According to the e-mail from the librarian, Starfelt received those images after she specifically asked the librarian to find Obama’s birth announcement, contrary to the story she told publicly. We can’t ask her about it now, because she suddenly died of what was claimed to be ovarian cancer, right around the time I was bringing up the microfilm anomalies in preparation for posting the post linked to above. Her husband was Brad Mays, a photographer for her documentary about the 2008 democratic primary - who became gun-shy of criticizing the Obama people after his equipment was stolen right before a critical shoot. That theft was right around the same time as the deaths of Bill Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs - which Starfelt’s colleagues have said were assassinations to scare Bill Clinton away from revealing Obama’s known ineligibility.

The image that finally emerged of a whole page was originally posted by Jeena paradies at wikileaks. It was posted in an optical-recognition format, since I was able to find it by Googling for “Norman Asing”. IOW, it was not a jpg; it was a pdf with optical character recognition - which is a forgery method that is used to alter text within a document.

Shortly after that was posted by Wikileaks it was taken down because the same image - which still had C&P lines under Obama’s announcement - was given to Michael Rivero at whatreallyhappened by somebody at the Advertiser office, supposedly taken from the microfilm at the Advertiser office.

Later, days after the 2008 election, the Advertiser published an on-line article about Obama’s boyhood homes which contained what they claimed to be an image of the birth announcement from the Advertiser office’s microfilm. Trouble is, the C&P lines were missing. The context of the whole page could not be seen because all but a small “magnified” section was deliberately blurred. I know it was deliberately blurred because 2 other publications later used that image (complete with the “magnified” section) with the permission of the Advertiser, and the whole page was NOT blurred.

IOW, the full-page image from Jeena paradies was in the format necessary to insert different words that show up in the same font as was used in the original document (much like how the Cold Case Posse was able to change Obama’s OCR-enabled BC on the video they presented at the presser). That document was first posted on Wikileaks and very shortly thereafter passed off to Michael Rivero as if it came from the Advertiser office’s microfilm, and the Wikileaks version was scrubbed from the web. Later, after people had expressed suspicion about the C&P lines under Obama’s announcement, the Advertiser published a blurred version of the whole page, with a “magnified” version that lacked the C&P lines from the copy they had given Michael Rivero. IOW, the Advertiser office claimed that their microfilm had the “scratch lines” under Obama’s announcement when they made the copy for Michael Rivero but no longer had those “scratch lines” when they copied it for their own article several weeks later.

There’s more that could be said too, but this is enough for now.

I will add, though, that Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse mentioned during follow-up questions at the presser that the birth announcements included foreign births and births for children who were already several years old by the time of the birthdate the announcements claimed. So even if there had been announcements for Obama, it wouldn’t have to mean anything.

But given the manipulation of the microfilms and the lies about where images came from, I don’t believe Obama’s birth was ever announced in those papers.

In addition to that, you need to read the monkey business by the HDOH regarding Virginia Sunahara’s records, their altering the birth index to include legally non-valid records, and their alteration of the BC#’s for at least Virginia Sunahara and Stig Waidelich. A good start for you to understand the basic picture of that is at

And the reason for HDOH’s obfuscation rather than simply verifying Obama’s birth facts for AZ SOS Ken Bennett (documented at ) is explained at .

113 posted on 05/20/2012 2:44:21 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: pepsionice

Please read the post I just posted at to understand why this story actually DOESN’T make sense.

114 posted on 05/20/2012 2:46:58 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: TheCipher

A point that takes on special relevance considering that Mike Zullo revealed at the presser that the birth announcements include foreign births and the births of children who were already 2 years old by the date of birth actually announced in the papers.

But in the post at (post 113) I show why I believe Obama’s name was not actually announced in those papers. I believe Virginia Sunahara’s name was originally there. He stole her spot in the newspaper announcements and her BC# - just like anybody guilty of identity fraud might do...

115 posted on 05/20/2012 2:51:07 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: randita

Film producer Bettina Viviano says she heard Bill Clinton say he knew that Obama was not eligible. Top democrats told her and Michele Thomas that Bill and Hillary were planning to reveal Obama’s ineligibility but were scared away by the critically-timed deaths of Bill’s good friend (and Arkansas Democrat Party chair) Bill Gwatney and Rep Stephanie Tubbs - both of whom had agreed to actually present the petition at the Dem National Convention and died within 2 weeks of the convention.

IOW, Bill and Hillary DID have the goods on Obama. But the Soros-Obama machine threatened them into silence.

Some links to get you started:

116 posted on 05/20/2012 3:04:36 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

Very interesting.

117 posted on 05/20/2012 3:05:33 PM PDT by Jane Austen (Boycott the Philadelphia Eagles!)
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To: butterdezillion

Very interesting.

118 posted on 05/20/2012 3:06:08 PM PDT by Jane Austen (Boycott the Philadelphia Eagles!)
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To: pookie18

There is sure a lot of ink, time and energy being expended to say, ‘Sure, Obama copped a huge, major, fundamental lie, but don’t worry—you can trust everything he said *after* that. It was just that one lie at the beginning; everything else he said is true.’

How does this make sense on any level? A person capable of lying on Obama’s order of magnitude is not going to suddenly turn honest. He lies pathologically—and that includes everything he’s said about HI. What’s that old saying, fool me once...?

People seem to be begging Obama to fool them over and over. When will they stop covering for him, and simply ask the Malignant Narcissist to come clean???

119 posted on 05/20/2012 3:10:05 PM PDT by Fantasywriter
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To: 9YearLurker

I believe he pushed his Kenyan heritage and the five years he spent in Indonesia in the admissions documents. Any high school guidance counselor would have advised him to.

Maybe that’s not “gaming” the system in the technical sense, but it’s pointing out his “diversity” which has been very important in the college admissions process for decades.

120 posted on 05/20/2012 3:12:19 PM PDT by randita
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To: no-to-illegals

They didn’t use carrots; they used sticks. They killed Bill Clinton’s good friend Bill Gwatney to scare him off, after Gwatney had agreed to present a petititon at the DNC Convention, carrying out the intended plan to reveal Obama’s ineligibility at the Convention.

Remember the “Recreate ‘68”? How there were going to be all these subversives at the Convention? Those were to scare off Gwatney’s wife if she decided to carry out her husband’s wishes at the Convention, rather than heed the warning when both Gwatney and Stephanie Tubbs (who agreed to present the petition after Gwatney died and shortly thereafter died of “an aneurysm” that last week before the convention).

See what I just posted, at

There is a much, much bigger story here than just - giggle - “birtherism”. Read any of the stuff at Ulsterman’s report - especially concerning Kam Kuwata, for instance, and Diane Feinstein.... (Google for links; they’re not allowed here) and you will see details which - like the details regarding the Osama assassination - have been vindicated over time. We’ve got a civil war within the democratic party - dueling mafias, it seems.

It is totally lawless.

And it is deadly.

121 posted on 05/20/2012 3:13:28 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: little jeremiah; Ladysforest

The best research on this was done by ladysforest. Her blog has a wealth of information.

I’ve posted some updates to what I posted on my blog, at

122 posted on 05/20/2012 3:17:10 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: randita

Like I just said, they didn’t use carrots. They used sticks. See my post at

123 posted on 05/20/2012 3:18:57 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

Sorry, I just don’t believe anyone threatens the Clintons and gets away with it. Dittos about someone offing good friends of the Clintons.

And I’m highly skeptical of a second hand report about what someone said she heard Bill Clinton say.

124 posted on 05/20/2012 3:19:48 PM PDT by randita
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To: ml/nj

“The research done was meticulous and undeniably convincing.”

“BTW, when I say something like this I try to provide a link to the “research.”

BTW - here is the link to the research:

Images straight off the actual microfilm viewers in Honolulu AND The Library of Congress. There are tons more that are not posted on that as well.

One of the more interesting things we found? That in the 1960-1964 General Birth Index book in Honolulu, the official date range is missing in the book. It IS in all of the other Index Books, just NOT in the book that contains obama’s entry.

All the material was collected IN PERSON. This is how we were able to be certain of the veracity of our research.

125 posted on 05/20/2012 3:21:06 PM PDT by Ladysforest
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To: butterdezillion

Thank you for all the details! Much, much appreciated. I remember most of the above but did not know it all by any means. Did not know (or remember?) Starfelt’s death.

126 posted on 05/20/2012 3:22:52 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: pookie18

>>>”he was a garden variety American black kid”>>>>>>

NO he was NOT a garden variety American black kid. He was raised by a white mother and then white grandparents. He lived in Indonesia and then Hawaii. He didn’t live in the continental USA until college.

127 posted on 05/20/2012 3:25:56 PM PDT by Ditter
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To: butterdezillion
And it is deadly.

Never actually believed anything else regarding those who want to rule. Going to your link.

128 posted on 05/20/2012 3:26:31 PM PDT by no-to-illegals (Please God, Protect and Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform with Victory. Amen.)
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To: randita

Ever read the Ulsterman interviews? Your skepticism may be preventing you from learning some stuff.

129 posted on 05/20/2012 3:26:50 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: randita

Him falsely claiming to be born in Kenya, for whatever reason, doesn’t explain the actions to fake the birth announcements, nor of the Hawaii Department of Health. Please see my post at

Nor does it explain why his draft registration was forged - Obama’s registration being the only one from that post office at that time which left off the first 2 digits of a 4-digit year stamp.

Nor does it explain why he has used a SSN on his tax returns that fails e-verify and was issued from Connecticut when Obama never lived there.

Nor does it explain why his passport file was breached 3 times (to sanitize the file, according to sources close to the investigation).

Nor does it explain why he has posted a forged COLB and a forged long-form, both claiming a Hawaii birth.

Nor does it explain why the NARA is missing the records of people coming into the USA from foreign countries in just one week of microfilms - the week of Obama’s alleged Hawaii birth.

Nor does it explain why the Passport Office claims Obama’s mother’s passport applications from before 1967 were destroyed, when no documentation of their destruction apparently exists as required by law, when no retention schedule change authorizing their disposal as required by law exists, and other records supposedly also destroyed have actually been disclosed to requestors. It also doesn’t explain why the Passport Office has spent 2 years hiding permanently-retained, alphabetized index cards which list the passports issued to Obama’s mother - which are required to be disclosed upon request.

All those things make perfect sense if he really WAS born in Kenya as he claimed in 1991 and is just NOW trying to pretend he was born in Hawaii.

If you want your theory to fly here, where people are knowledgeable about a lot of facts, you’ll have to explain these anomalies first.

130 posted on 05/20/2012 3:28:57 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: Ladysforest

Thank you for posting the link; I was thinking of pinging you too but couldn’t remember your exact screen name.

131 posted on 05/20/2012 3:31:24 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: 9YearLurker

Mike Zullo of the Cold Case Posse is the one who responded to a question at the presser by saying that the birth announcements include foreign births and births that actually happened 2 years before the claimed date of birth in the announcements.

I’ve got a bunch of evidence that I haven’t yet posted, but an explanation of some of what I can support is at . It links to a post on my blog which is accurate about the Star-Bulletin but needs to be updated with the information about the Advertiser, which is in the post above. So combine what’s in the post above with the Star-Bulletin portion at .

A lot of my documentation is posted at my blog, at so it might be good to just look around and see what I’ve got there. The welcome page is sort of an index by main idea. I post summaries here, but the actual documentation in most instances is posted on my blog.

132 posted on 05/20/2012 3:37:13 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: ml/nj; Ladysforest

Last time I checked the holdings for the Bishop Library in Honolulu, they listed the PAPER COPIES for those newspapers. But they are not there.

Have you read what I’ve got posted at and at my blog at ?

We’re talking about scratches that disappeared over time.

Also there is no way that the microfilms at the HSL right now are the same ones that were there in 1961, even though they try to portray themselves as if they were. The actual microfilming is so poorly done that it could not have been done by the microfilming company named on the microfilm boxes - on both the Advertiser and the Star-Bulletin. The Star-Bulletin is too pristine (aside from the signs of substandard microfilming) to have lasted 50 years in the library in that condition.

This is a subject I sort of dropped because it takes so much detailed analysis in order to convince people, and there is so much other territory that is critical right now. But what I’ve got shows that we were lied to about where the images came from. And there is evidence of tampering - some of which I mentioned in the post above and some of which is on ladyforest’s blog. She’s done really detailed analysis and has blogged about it - anecdotal stuff as well as the images from the microfilms. I encourage you to look at her blog.

Ladysforest, maybe you could give some links to the best places for him to look?

133 posted on 05/20/2012 3:47:25 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: little jeremiah

Starfelt died the DAY BEFORE Trump started his whole thing about obama’s BC.

Here is what I posted on the blog:


There were/are now Bio’s of her that did not exist prior. Her son barely mentioned it on his Facebook page. weird. Supposedly they were close?

134 posted on 05/20/2012 3:59:43 PM PDT by Ladysforest
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To: little jeremiah

I actually should be putting newspaper inserts together right now but it’s hard for me to break away from this because the interest is there now, and I have to talk when people are willing and ready to listen. Seems like people are always ready and willing to listen Sunday through Wednesday, which is when I have to get newspaper stuff done.

It’s been a very emotionally-exhausting week also. My daughter graduated a week from yesterday so I was already drained from preparing for that, and within the past week we’ve had a 40-something church member find out he has 3-4 stage 4 brain tumors, the mid-40’s son of one of our members dropped dead of either a heart attack or aneurysm in Kansas, a mid-50’s mother/grandmother in our congregation passed out at the wheel, drove into a pond, and after several days on a ventilator passed away, and my daughter’s speech coach who I am also friends with lost her son to stillbirth on the due date - in circumstances very, very similar to how we lost our first child, so it’s brought back a lot of painful memories as well as sorrow for my friend. Today we had a baptism celebration for a little 6-week-old baby boy that was a joy but also bittersweet because it reminded me of how much Angie lost when her baby died.

It’s also been a very, very active week for eligibility issues, and I’ve tried to keep up and point people to important information before the disinformation makes it around the globe a couple times. Even at best we are a small band of people who actually process facts, and the media - including the threatened “conservative media” - has a loud megaphone which spews constant disinformation. But we’ll stand together and be as big loudmouths as we can.

Who knows which one of us will give the “yop” that lets Horton know there is a “Who-Ville”. If we all just keep plugging away, one by one we can add voices and increase the volume to a non-avoidable level. =)

135 posted on 05/20/2012 4:04:15 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: randita
Sorry, I just don’t believe anyone threatens the Clintons and gets away with it

They haven't gotten away with it... yet. The other shoe is ready to fall. Besides, it was too soon for the Clintons to run again. Let the memories and anger fade and she'll be baaaack now that she has more big name offices for her resume. This is just breathing room for them. There's plenty of time for revenge.

136 posted on 05/20/2012 4:07:24 PM PDT by bgill
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To: randita

It’s an eyewitness report. Bettina Viviano heard Bill Clinton say he knows Obama is ineligible.

Do you believe that JFK was assassinated? Do you have any idea of the military and special ops tools that a President has at his disposal if he wanted to assassinate somebody? Bill Clinton knows exactly what tools were available in his day, and advances have been made since then.

Bill Gwatney actually died, though - a couple weeks before the Convention. Google it. Somebody came into his office and shot him, ran, and was shot down by police. Nobody left to question, no reason for an autopsy.

Kam Kuwata also documentably died. Very powerful, well-connected dem, and yet he rotted in his apartment for 2 weeks before somebody found his body. No autopsy done. Kuwata had organized the 2008 Dem Convention and seen a strange encounter where Obama had been practically unresponsive, was taken into a back room where only a few people were allowed and there was chanting, and then came back out perky, blinking constantly, and unable to remember who Kuwata even was. He had quietly told others about that episode and also had run a campaign against Obama’s preferred AG for California. A couple months after Obama’s AG won, Kuwata showed up dead. No autopsy done, but it was claimed that maybe he had jetlag...

Let me put it this way: What WOULD convince you that Bill and Hillary were threatened into silence about Obama’s ineligibility? How is your current belief falsifiable (i.e. able to be proven wrong)?

137 posted on 05/20/2012 4:15:41 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion

My goodness, you are in the middle of everything.

Thank you for keeping at it - there are many heroes and heroines struggling to find truth and publicize it.

Thanks to all of you, and you know who you are.

138 posted on 05/20/2012 4:20:43 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: Ladysforest

That is all very, very strange. Maybe she didn’t even die, just made herself disappear?

139 posted on 05/20/2012 4:27:26 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: Ladysforest

One of the things her husband, Brad Mays, posted on the memorial page (IIRC) was that there had been tensions between him and Lori - and between Lori and the others who wanted to expose the shenanigans against Hillary - because Mays ended up going very mild on Obama’s people in the film they actually finished with. I’m suspecting that Lori and Brad knew Bettina Viviano and Michele Thomas - who helped produce a documentary (were there 2 different documentaries, or were they all working on the same one?) and are now reportedly working with the Cold Case Posse regarding the threats and violence within the 2008 democratic primary.

Last I knew there was no death announcement for her in the LA newspapers. Somebody checked for me for the first week after her death and couldn’t find anything.

I suspect there is a lot more there than meets the eye.

I also contacted Pamela Geller, on whose blog “Granny Infidel” posted her Advertiser image from the HSL librarian - who said she had just copied it for Starfelt a week earlier and so she had kept it in a drawer in case anybody else asked for it. Pamela said the way this image got shoved onto her seemed strange to her at the time. I think there’s probably more behind the atlasshrugs and texasdarlin blogs going dark around then also, and given the other stuff that was going on and Obama’s LITERAL “war on women” at that time, I’m glad both these blog owners seem to be safe. If there is more, I hope their stories can eventually come out.

We’ve been put through a wringer, but I think the Hillary people have probably been through even worse. I hope they will feel safe enough (and be kept safe enough) to step forward and reveal their stories so everybody who supports it can unite behind the rule of law. ‘Cause that’s what’s really at stake here. I think most people who have their eyes open realize that by now.

140 posted on 05/20/2012 4:28:26 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: butterdezillion
I have no problem believing that for all the billions and even trillions of dollars that have been thrown around by this administration, an elaborate effort could have been made to protect those billions/trillions.

The only thing that really boggles my mind is how bad the BC was that Obama released.

If I was running an operation like this, I would have found some really good forgers, sequestered them in a secluded place where they couldn't make extra copies of their work and then had them make a really good BC forgery. I would have also put one or two little embarrassing "facts" on the BC to justify having stalled on releasing it (list Obama as white at birth, or father as Muslim, or no father, or even list Obama as a girl or hermaphrodite).

Not having anything at all embarrassing on that document Obama released, makes me mad and suspicious. Why put the country through so much, if there was no reason for it? Why allow LTC. Lakin's career to be ruined and have him jailed? IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!

141 posted on 05/20/2012 4:40:37 PM PDT by FreeAtlanta (Liberty and Justice for ALL)
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To: FreeAtlanta

One thing - just because people are Evil and have vast resources at their disposal doesn’t mean they are always in agreement - imagine a room full of crazed egomaniacs - nor does it mean that they are geniuses. They can make very, very stupid decisions.

142 posted on 05/20/2012 4:43:45 PM PDT by little jeremiah
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To: butterdezillion; little jeremiah

Thanks, butterdezillion—that’s some serious digging!

143 posted on 05/20/2012 4:53:18 PM PDT by 9YearLurker
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To: butterdezillion

Sorry, my conspiracy gene just doesn’t go that far. First its “a birth announcement in a paper doesn’t mean anything!! Anyone could have put it in!”. Then its “its been manipulated!! The Russians (or whoever) doctored the microfilm!”. Which is it? Does it matter or not? I think this skullduggery and analysis of a fifty year old birth record in a newspaper (which wouldn’t prove anything one way or the other) is just silly.

I believe Obama is a liar. I believe he manipulated his background to make for a more favorable story, and I think there is a whole lot about his background that is shady and suspect. But when it comes to the birth announcement, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. And I believe he was born in Hawaii.

144 posted on 05/20/2012 5:09:42 PM PDT by bigdaddy45
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To: 9YearLurker; Ladysforest; epicurious; rolling_stone; Greenperson; edge919; Red Steel; Fred Nerks; ..

There’s a lot more that I spared people from having to wade through. Most people wouldn’t believe the level of analysis and research done by some people on this issue. To those who have dedicated hundreds or thousands of hours to this I say (and pinging just a few interested persons):

You know who you are. I hope and pray that someday the whole world will know who you are and how much you have done, when we’ve finally gotten our country back. Lord willing... =)

145 posted on 05/20/2012 5:15:10 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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To: bigdaddy45
And I believe he was born in Hawaii.

And I believe there should be no doubt whether any candidate for political office especially to be President is eligible or not. There should be no guessing, taking something on faith or such media and candidate deception. Candidates must prove their eligibility or we don't have free and fair elections. PERIOD. The USSC must rule on what is a natural born citizen or we will have doubts until they do. Heck of a way to run a country...

146 posted on 05/20/2012 5:19:12 PM PDT by rolling_stone
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To: rolling_stone
"The USSC must rule on what is a natural born citizen or we will have doubts until they do. Heck of a way to run a country... "

They already have defined natural born Citizen, FOUR TIMES!

Minor v. Happersett , 88 U.S. 162 (1875):

"The Constitution does not in words say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first."

Article II SuperPac

147 posted on 05/20/2012 5:36:26 PM PDT by Godebert (NO PERSON EXCEPT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!)
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To: bigdaddy45
...and I believe he was born in Hawaii...

Which means you can add your two cents worth here without taking part in any research, 'I BELIEVE' is all it takes, right? Give us a break. Make a list, tell us - who are his parents, where was he born, what was his date of birth, what was he named when he was born?

And before you reply, think about what you have that verifies anything you are about to say. Because the answer is NOTHING!

'Dreams From My Father' is a novel. It's not an autobiography. The book has no chronology, and the characters are either disguised, totally fictional, or composites.

148 posted on 05/20/2012 5:37:09 PM PDT by Fred Nerks (FAIR DINKUM!)
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To: bigdaddy45; LucyT; butterdezillion

Now Doug Ross is painting a good fiction story to whitewash the tru bio, “Born in Kenya” and Inspector Smith has the proof that he got long before anyone else were looking into these contradictions!

IIRC, Ross, there is NOT mentioned any place of birth in the paper annoncements!!

Somewhere down in this muddy mesh, a valid b.c. and SS card or numbers had to be presented, Ross. So your theory and whitewashing and damage control does not WASH with any of it all!!!

Maybe YOU Ross should have been his Lit. Agent, hmmm???

149 posted on 05/20/2012 5:37:32 PM PDT by danamco (-)
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To: bigdaddy45

How did prominent scratches on a roll of microfilm disappear a month later?

150 posted on 05/20/2012 5:42:06 PM PDT by butterdezillion
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